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Just flour, sugar and 3 eggs! VERY TASTY! # 41


If you have 1 egg,flour & sugar make this delicious breakfast! Easy & yummy

If you have 1 egg flour and sugar make this breakfast Very easy and delicious breakfast

Ingredient :
all purpose flour
Warm milk
egg yolk Or milk

Mango Bread Recipe.

43 Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes

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Oil free Sponge cake recipe (3 Ingredients) - how to make sponge cake - Easy & Fluffy Tea time Cake

Oil free Sponge cake recipe (3 Ingredients) - how to make sponge cake - Easy & Fluffy Tea time Cake. To make this oil free sponge cake, you only need flour sugar and eggs. This fluffy cake is also known as Italian pan di spagna which is always awesome in tea time with milk and tea. To make the cake super fluffy and airy at first separate egg yolks from egg white then whisk egg white and yolk separately. Add 80 gram sugar gradually (Do not mix all the sugar at a time). After few minutes you will get stiff peak. Stiff peak is important to make your cake fluffy and airy. Then add egg yolk gradually. At the same way add 80 gram all-purpose flour gradually (Do not mix all flour at a time). Mix bottom to top until all flour mix evenly as shown in video. follow each and every step shown in video to get perfect sponge cake.
Hope you will get same result like me !!!!!!

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New Year's Dessert in 5 Minutes, No Oven, No Condensed Milk, No Gelatin, No Flour !

An excellent New Year's dessert in 5 minutes, No oven, No condensed milk, No gelatin, No flour ! This 5-ingredient chocolate cake recipe is egg-free and no-bake. This low-sugar dessert should cook in just 5 minutes. This cake tastes amazing. If you're looking for a lighter cake, give this cake a try.

Biscuits ( 200 g )
Walnuts ( 100 g )
Butter ( 80 g )
Cream cheese ( 400 g )
Nutella ( 200 g )
Heavy cream ( 200 ml )
Icing sugar ( 50 g )

Walnuts and melted chocolate

( 20 CM )

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No-Bake Yogurt Cakes :

Soft Chocolate Cake Without Eggs, Without Oven and Mixer :


If you are busy and looking for some easy breakfast to start your day you can try this easy and super fluffy souffle omelette recipe. After watching this video you will know how to make souffle omelette and how easy to make it.

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7 DIY Tiny Foods For Barbie That You Can Actually Eat / Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts

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Love Is Weirder Than You Think! 11 Weird Ways To Say I Love You. Valentines Day Special!
Do you like to visit a cafe and restaurant? Your favorite dolls would also like to go with you. On the other hand, why go somewhere with dolls, if you can make for them a toy restaurant with real food just at home! Watch our new video with 7 ideas of real miniature food for Barbie!

Supplies and materials
• Chips
• Water
• Spray bottle
• Cocktail straw
• Printed-out mini food label
• Tinfoil
• Glue
• Egg
• Sausage
• Vegetable oil
• Frying pan
• Dropper
• Salt
• Ketchup
• Oreo cookies
• Ziploc bag
• Rolling pin
• Fondue set
• Milk
• Semolina flour
• Sugar
• Tea light
• Chocolate
• Sprinkles
• Butter
• Flour
• Leavening agent
• Vanilla sugar
• Brush
• Colorful chocolate candy drops
• Gelatin
• Food coloring
• Pre-made pizza crust
• Cup
• Ham
• Cherry tomato
• Bell pepper
• Cheese
• Parchment paper
• Template of a mini pizza box

Tobu - Dreams

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Just flour, sugar and 3 eggs! VERY TASTY! # 41

Just flour, sugar and 3 eggs! VERY TASTY! # 41

Just flour, sugar and 3 eggs!
Today we will make delicious homemade cookies with you. I am sure you will like them very much!
If you have eggs, prepare this recipe! HEALTHY and cheap food! Just cook and taste. LIVE AND LEARN! VERY TASTY!
Ready in a few minutes! SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS.
Cooking together a delicious mood and making sweet recipes!)

Cooking recipe and ingredients:
3 eggs.
Which country and
What city are you looking from
please write
It's important for me.
250 grams of sugar.
Beat for 10-15 minutes.
280 g flour.
+ 1 tablespoon sugar - adds shine to the dough.
It turns out 12 biscuits.
Bake in oven at 190 ° C for 12 minutes.
Mmmmmm, what a scent !!!
Perfect cookies !!!
The recipe is simple and delicious - be sure to try it!

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#fast_tasty #recipe #cookies
#delicious mood #sweet recipes

Only flour, sugar and 3 eggs!

Only flour, sugar and 3 eggs!


3 eggs
280 g flour (2 + 1/8 cups) (8.8 oz.))
250 g sugar + 1 tablespoon sugar (1 + 1/8 cup) (9.8 oz.))
Bake for 15 minutes at 190 ° C / (375 ° F)
- Bon appetit ❤️

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# cookies # recipes # simple_ delicious # cookies_ for_ tea

POOR MAN'S COOKIES - Only Flour, Sugar and 3 Eggs! HARD TIMES

Only Flour,Eggs and sugar‼Makes You This Delicious Cookies.


3 eggs
250g sugar
280g flour
1 tsp vanilla

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flour, sugar and 3 eggs, delicious cookies #161

Only flour, sugar and 3 eggs. It is a recipe of cookies. Delicious cookies.Try to make them and then write your review.
3 eggs
200 g sugar
200-250 g flour
Bake for 15 minutes 190C. The time of baking depends on your oven.
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#recipe #cookies

Just flour, sugar and 3 eggs! Delicious cookie recipe. 216

Delicious cookie recipe just from flour, sugar and 3 eggs! So easy and quick to make and won't break the bank. The main thing is to cook with love!
Cooking recipe and ingredients:
1. Mix 3 eggs with 250g of sugar, beat for 10-12 minutes.
2. Add 280g of sifted flour.
3. Mix thoroughly from bottom to top.
4. Add 1 tbsp of sugar, gives the dough shine.
5. Bake for 12-14 minutes 190° C.
6. Bon Appetit!

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3 ingredients :Flour, Sugar, Eggs and Delicious Cookies are ready

Sugar, flour, and 3 eggs and very delicious homemade cookies in few minutes are ready.
It will take you 15 minutes to cook and 15 minutes to bake. This is a very quick and delicious dessert that your whole family will love! Cook at home with love for your family and children such desserts that do not contain any fat and additives.
These are very beautiful cookies ideas. Homemade dessert is better than shop.

250g of flour,
250g of sugar,
3 eggs.

Beat the eggs well with sugar for about -/+ 10 minutes.
Add flour in parts.
Mix well from bottom to top.
Put on a baking sheet.
And bake 180-190 ° Celsius for 12-15 minutes.
No more.
If overexposed they will be very hard.

Bon appetite!

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If something is wrong or not clear - write comments, I will correct that everything would be clear.

#wymeal #3 ingredients #cookies

Only Flour, Sugar And 2 Eggs | Top Food Eli

This Top Food Eli recipe can be made with only flour, sugar and 2 eggs ! Simple as that!

Flatbread Recipe 3 Ingredient Only

Homemade Whole Wheat Bagels

Olive Bread | Italian Recipe | Healthy & Easy

Focaccia Bread | Easy Home Recipe

Wool Roll Bread Easy Recipe Top Food

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Only Flour, Sugar And 2 Eggs | Top Food Eli
2 eggs
100 gr sugar
140 gr all purpose flour


Only Flour, Sugar And 2 Eggs | Top Food Eli

Only flour, sugar and 3 eggs! #40

Only flour, sugar and 3 eggs! #40
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3 huevos
250 g de azúcar
280 g de harina
1 cucharada de azúcar

Just 3 ingredients flour, eggs, and sugar|| How to make Simple Cookies|| Easy Recipe

Only 3 ingredients :

3 Eggs
250g Sugar
280g Flour

#only3ingredients #cookies #easyrecipe #simplecookies #cookiesrecipe

Lockdown Chocolate Cake 3 Ingredients Only | [No Flour, Eggs, Cocoa]|LOCK DOWN CHOCOLATE CAKE!

#oreocake #chocolatecake #slicecake
3 ingredient Lockdown Chocolate Cake Recipe ! Lockdown Chocolate Cake 3 Ingredients Only. [No Flour, Eggs, Cocoa]

I just love chocolate cakes! When I stumbled on this recipe from Emma's Goodies channel, I totally had to try out this 3 Ingredient Lockdown Chocolate Cake! This Oreo lockdown chocolate Cake with only 3 Ingredients In Lock-down is what you need to mildly ease off anxiety!

I love Emma's Goodies as her recipes really work and I definitely intend to try out some of them!

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3 ingredient lockdown Chocolate Cake:
- 2 packs of Oreo Chocolate Cookies ( 3 cups, measure the cookies once crushed into a fine powder )
- 370 gr Milk (1 1/2 cup)
- 2 1/4 tsp Baking Powder
- Chocolate Ganache (Optional)

Other variations of this cake here:

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Title Trans:
लॉकडाउन चॉकलेट केक 3 सामग्री केवल। [नहीं ओवन, आटा, अंडे, कोको]
Bolo de chocolate de bloqueio 3 ingredientes apenas. [Sem forno, farinha, ovos, cacau]
كيك شوكولاته لوك داون 3 مكونات فقط. [بدون فرن ، دقيق ، بيض ، كاكاو]
Шоколадный торт Lockdown 3 ингредиента только. [Нет духовки, мука, яйца, какао]
Lockdown Chocolate Cake 3 Thành phần duy nhất. [Không có lò nướng, bột mì, trứng, ca cao]
Kek Chocolate Lockdown 3 Bahan-bahan Sahaja. [Tiada Ketuhar, Tepung, Telur, Kakao]
Lockdown Chocolate Cake 3 Hanya Bahan. [Tanpa Oven, Tepung, Telur, Kakao]
เค้กช็อคโกแลต Lockdown 3 ส่วนผสมเท่านั้น [ไม่มีเตาอบแป้งไข่โกโก
ロックダウンチョコレートケーキ3成分のみ。 [オーブン、小麦粉、卵、ココアなし]
잠금 초콜릿 케이크 3 성분 만. [오븐, 밀가루, 계란, 코코아 없음]
锁定巧克力蛋糕仅3种成分。 [无烤箱,面粉,鸡蛋,可可]
Lockdown Chocolate Cake 3 Ingredientes solamente. [Sin horno, harina, huevos, cacao]

How Make Chocolate Cake, 3 Ingredients Chocolate cake, Easy Chocolate Cake at Home, Quarantine recipes, Lockdown Cooking, Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipes, Cake Banane ka tarika, Eggless Cake, Chocolate Lava Cake, How to make chocolate cake , Molten Lava Cake Without Oven , Cake Recipe No oven, No Bake Cake recipe in hindi, Chocolate Cake Recipe in hindi, Chocolate Cake Without Oven, Cake Recipes, 3 ingredient easy cake, 3 Ingredient Recipes, 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake, Biscuit Cake, Steamed Chocolate Cake , Cake Without Oven, Super Moist Chocolate Cake.

How many mg of Calcium in 3 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, 2 glasses of milk

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Easiest Blueberry Yogurt Cake / No Sugar, No Oil, No Flour / Prepare it in 3 Minutes / Gluten Free

This most delicious and easiest Blueberry Yogurt Cake made without sugar, oil, or even flour! You only need 3 minutes and 4 ingredients to prepare it. It tastes creamy and fruity!

6-inch (15cm) Blueberry Yogurt Cake


2 cups (400g) sweetened yogurt
4 eggs
4Tbsp (40 g) cornstarch
1/2 cup (70g) blueberries

20 blueberries for toppings

(340F/170C) Bake 50-55minutes


* This cake tastes best when it is cold.
* Because I used sweetened yogurt, I didn't add sugar in this recipe. If you use unsweetened yogurt, you need to add some sugar in it.

Items I used in my videos:
6 inch Springform Cake Pan –
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#yogurtcake #easydessert #blueberrycake #glutenfree


#frenchmacarons #macarons​ #macaronsusingallpurposeflour​

1 cup Powdered sugar
1/2 cup All-purpose Flour
2 large egg white or 3 small
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
food color gel

Happy baking!

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You'll know how to cook stunning gratin meal with pancakes and cheese, how to make stuffed potato with bechamel sauce! Awesome kitchen life hacks will show you how to use a plastic bottle to make a salad or how to separate egg yolk from a white in a few seconds????:)
Do you know how to use cutting board correctly while you chop vegetables? Want to eat ice cream but your ice cream is too tough, frozen and you can't take it with a spoon? Put an ice cream under warm water and enjoy your yummy dessert????! If you don't know how to grab a toast from a toaster because it's too hot than you should take a clothespin - easy! The best advice for coffee lovers☕ - awesome light and airy milk foam for your cappuccino is so easy to make. Take a tea pot and use it to shake milk, and you'll see a stunning result???? There's some simple and tasty recipe for special occasion: take potato, meat balls, bechamel and cheese for a gratin meal. Delicious pancakes recipe with eggs, butter, eggs and flour with potato and bacon will delight your loved ones????

If you love chocolate ???? and cakes ???? than you should mix them and have a beautiful and tasty dessert. And if you have too much candies just make a colorful candy buffet for your sweets, it will be a great decor idea that will brighten up your place!
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00:10 Food decor with ice and a pan
00:21 Genius tip to use a cutting board
01:03 Use clothespin to hold a hot toast
01:30 Extremely fast and simple salad recipe in a plastic bag
02:04 Separate egg yolk from a white easy
02:41 Awesome milk foam made with a tea pot
03:18 Delicious dinner recipe with potato. meat balls and bechamel sauce
05:31 Yummy gratin recipe with pancakes, bacon and cheese will make you so hungry
06:33 Potato roses ????
08:34 How to grow vegetables from kitchen scraps
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