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KATE recycling outfits over the years will inspire you to take a second look at your own closet


Kate's best and worst looks on the Royal tour

Fashion experts critic the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe choices for her tour of New Zealand.

Royal - 40 Times Kate Middleton Dressed Like Princess Diana

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Though they never met, Princess Diana and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have more in common than simply marrying into the Windsor family.

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Duchess mirrors Diana: Kate opts for yet another Catherine Walker design as she stuns in a 1940s

Duchess mirrors Diana: Kate opts for yet another Catherine Walker design as she stuns in a 1940s-style burgundy coat from one of the Princess of Wales' favourite designers.
The Duchess of Cambridge stunned crowds gathered outside the royal Christmas church service again today as she showcased yet another classic 1940s look.
Prince William's wife Kate, 36, has been bringing back A-line skirts and coats, large collars and tiny waistlines once more, inspiring the fashion world.

Kate Middleton Makes These 12 Royal Updates to Her Wardrobe Every Fall

There's a reason Kate Middleton's Falls outfits always look familiar. First of all, she repeats plenty of pieces at the same time each year. There's nothing wrong with that — she knows what feels comfortable and, of course, what actually looks good. But of course, there are little tricks and tips she picked up at Kensington Palace that she'll never forget.

The duchess knows just when to pull out her tights and what season it's appropriate to work tweed and plaid into her look. Of course, there's always room for a little experimentation. Kate always debuts new prints for special occasions, and we can't wait to see what she's got planned for 2017. In the meantime, read on for the 12 style updates Kate's making right now.

Kate Middleton often repeats outfits and THIS is the reason why

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton often repeats outfits she has worn in the past and there is a reason why.
The Duchess, Kate, 35, has no qualms about recycling looks.
At the weekend, Kate was spotted leaving Crathie Kirk, a church near Balmoral, after attending a service with the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince William, and she was spotted wearing a jacket she has worn in the past.
The Duchess was wrapped up warm in a burgundy colour Hobbs jacket which was on the rails for £369.

Royal fan copies Kate Middleton's style by trawling second-hand stores

What a repli-Kate! A Royal superfan has revealed how to dress like fashion icon Kate Middleton for a fraction of the glamorous Duchess' budget.
Mallory Bowling, 29, from Washington has copied Kate's style for five years.
For the past few years, Mallory Bowling, 29, has been aping the Duchess of Cambridge's coveted style - uploading pictures of her copycat looks to Instagram, where she's part of a community called 'replikates.'

Supercycling Second-Hand Dress Into Vintage Couture | CONVERTED CLOSET | Sustainable Fashion

Rosie has a voracious love of vintage clothes. She can’t help herself, she sees fabrics she loves and buys whatever it is, whether it fits her or not!

We rummaged through her rails and out came this epic 1960s blue metallic dress with enormous faux fur cuffs, fly-away collars and a triangular shaped skirt. Rosie had bought it years ago because she loved the fabric but she’d never worn it. There was so much potential to turn it into wearable vintage couture and make it fit and flatter Rosie perfectly.

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Kate Middleton recently recycled a coat she wore a few years ago.

This is why it’s a big deal that Kate Middleton “recycled” her coat.
Did you hear? Kate Middleton recently recycled a coat she wore a few years ago. While we thought it was great news that a royal re-wore a coat from her first pregnancy (or at the very least, news in general), some people weren’t so impressed.
There’s no denying the heavy focus on Middleton’s fashion choices. We personally like learning about the nail polish she’s allowed to wear, but many are not here for the constant surveillance of her physical appearance. Maybe it was the choice of word, that she “recycled” a garment, or the focus on clocking how many times she wears something. Or perhaps it was pointing out something everyone does — i.e. remixing their wardrobe. Most human beings in the world wear an item more than once. It’s simply called getting dressed, not recycling.
Also, how many times do we talk or write about Prince William’s wardrobe or the wardrobe of any male celeb? That convo is pretty nonexistent in the media. But most women on the red carpet are asked, “Who are you wearing?” before the interview about their work can even begin.
But, for the sake of argument, here’s why Kate re-wearing a piece is a valid topic of conversation.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Best Casual Looks

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Royal Fashion: Duchess of Cambridge in Canada

During her second state visit to Canada, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) impressed with an array of outfits which showed off her eye for fashion.

Here are some of the Duchesses best looks from her week-long tour in 2016.

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Kate Middleton Style Analysis


I take a look at HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's style. Everything from her body shape analysis, style personality and her colour analysis.

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Proof that Kate Middleton sticks to just six staple wardrobe essentials

The belted coat , lace dress and THOSE nude court shoes: The proof that the Duchess of Cambridge sticks to just six staple wardrobe essentials
From Alexander McQueen to Dolce & Gabbana, the Duchess of Cambridge has a wardrobe to boot, with designers bending over backwards to dress the sartorially clued-up royal in their creations.
But despite having the most esteemed designers on speed dial, the well-dressed mother-of-two sticks to a tried-and-tested formula when it comes to styling herself.

She is the queen of thrift! How Kate's love of recycling means her favourite designer clothes cost

She IS the queen of thrift! How Kate's love of recycling means her favourite designer clothes cost her as little as £16-per-wear.
She's often described as thrifty, but when you have Prince Charles bankrolling your wardrobe and a fondness for designer labels it might seem a little odd to describe the Duchess of Cambridge as frugal.
However, even though many of her pieces may be beyond the average budget her love of recycling means that the pregnant royal is the perfect advertisement for the 'cost-per-wear shopping model', according to Who What Wear.
If you buy an expensive coat costing £500, for instance, and wear it 100 times over a long period it works out at £5 a wear making it more of a bargain than purchasing a cheap £30 jacket and wearing it a handful of times before binning it.
The pregnant Duchess has recently been showcasing her thrifty side by recycling her maternity wear from her previous two pregnancies with a £65 floral dress from Serpahine proving to be a particular favourite.

Royal Fashion: Duchess of Cambridge Top Five Fashion Must-Haves

Want to get the Duchess of Cambridge's signature style?
We chart five wardrobe staples for that classic Kate look, from country girl style to polished elegance.

This is the ultimate guide to all of the Duchess of Cambridge's favourite designers and style secrets!

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Duchess Kate Middleton's Christmas Day outfits: Every single look so far

Ever since she joined the royal family in 2011, Kate Middleton has been delighting us with outfit after outfit goals on December 25; scroll through our gallery to see all of Kate Middleton's Christmas day outfits since she joined the royal family.

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's Coat Dresses Collection

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's Coat Dresses, Kate Middleton Coat Dresses, Duchess Catherine Coat Dresses, Duchess of Cambridge Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's best looks through the years, The Duchess of Cambridge classic dress-coat, Kate Middleton in a powder blue Emilia Wickstead coat dress, nude pumps and a nude clutch, Imágenes de Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's Coat.
The Duchess of Cambridge's best looks through the years. ... In a powder blue Emilia Wickstead coat dress, nude pumps and a nude clutch, Kate Middleton Style and Fashion, Kate Middleton's Most Memorable Outfits, Kate Middleton's best coats, Kate Middleton style, Erdem dresses & coats worn by Kate Middleton,

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BREAKING NEWS: Kate Middleton’s 10 Most Expensive Dresses.

Kate Middleton’s 10 Most Expensive Dresses.
It is not easy being Kate Middleton. With the cameras always on you, the royals looking on, and the style gurus simply waiting for you to slip up, the Duchess of Cambridge has to constantly walk the fashion tightrope. Kate Middleton fashion is all the rage among fashion-lovers in the United Kingdom. Don’t believe me? Just browse online. You will find several websites that are dedicated what is being termed as the “Kate Effect”. Being married to the second in line to the British throne comes with its own sartorial responsibilities, and Kate has been regularly putting her best dressed foot forward. It helps, of course, that she adds her own subtle glamor to the most expensive dresses that she wears.
Kate Middleton Fashion: The Duchess’ Most Expensive Looks

Why Meghan Markle Will Age Better Than Kate Middleton

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17 Times Meghan Markle Dressed Just Like Princess Diana

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Princess Diana was one of the most fashionable women of her time, and Meghan Markle is quickly becoming a royal style icon in her own right.

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Meghan Markle handbags choices show how she differs from her sister-in-law Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle handbags choices clearly show how the Duchess of Sussex differs from her sister-in-law Kate, as she follows “her own rules” despite having married into royalty, a fashion expert.

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