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Kenneka Jenkins...I THINK WE DID IT Y'ALL!! 1.0


Kenneka Jenkins...I THINK WE DID IT Y'ALL!! 1.0 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

In this video is a complication of different tangible evidence as well as supported theories regarding the motive behind this young ladies demise. S/o 2 erry1 who has continued 2 spread da word n who work hard 2 expose the corruption within America. 2gether we can accomplish so much more here's proof.

Kenneka Jenkins..I THINK WE DID IT Y'ALL!! 2.0 🔥💣🔥💣🔥🔥🔥


Kenneka Jenkins-Back to the Beginning

Discussing the different theories to find the most logical one. (NO ONE IS WRONG)

Kenneka Jenkins In Between Dudes In Black


Kenneka Jenkins-Did you notice?

I'm only here to help...nothing else!

Kenneka Jenkins Mike Mike You’re Finished


Kenneka Jenkins This Makes Sense Part One

Monifah Led Them To Kenneka Then Her And Maya Turned Around

Kenneka Jenkins This Makes Sense Part Two

This Makes Sense Part Two

Kenneka Jenkins 1 Of My Theories

Kenneka Jenkins: Why lie about the hallway length



Kenneka Jenkins-Eliminating 1 of many theories!

If we start eliminating theories that we have supportings facts for, we can get rid of the things that confuse us all!

The Original Kenneka Jenkins Video 👀

Kenneka jenkins Monifah Shelton Statement

She should get locked up just for this statement.

Kenneka Jenkins Entry Level Blurred Out


Kenneka Jenkins-How can they not see what we see?

Corrupted country! J4K

The Mysterious death of Kenneka Jenkins (Conspiracy Theories) | True Crime

The death of Kenneka Jenkins (Conspiracy Theories) | True Crime

Hey guys, what's up? Today we look into the death of 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins. I will say that I'm giving you a summary of what happened. To go more into detail, check out the interview of Kenneka's mom.

Thanks for stopping by! XO

Radio interview of Kenneka's mom (Tereasa Martin):

This was a REQUESTED case from one of my viewers (since apparently some of you don't listen when I say that in the video, it's one of the first things I say). I like to listen to my viewers and make videos that they want to see and that's the reason I made this video. This is the way I do my true crime videos, I give a basic summary so people can get to know the case and spread awareness. I'm not a detective that's been a studying the case for years and years, I don't have all the answers. It's not my job to give every single detail and I chose to omit certain points on purpose (for example, if I'm not sure something is true, I'm just not going to mention it, even though it may or may not be true). I doubt someone on youtube would be the one to give you all the answers (because well it's youtube). Like I said, I did this video because a viewer wanted me to and I thought this case deserved people's time. Plus isn't it better to spread awareness and let this case reach people that might have not heard of this case before. I love ALL races and believe every case I do is important and the fact that I'm not black shouldn't even matter in me making this video (only mentioning this because I've received those types of comments). If you've seen my other true crime videos, you'd know that I've done videos on males, females, kids, people of all ages and different races because in my opinion everyone is equal. It's completely ignorant to be bothered that I made a video on this case just because I'm not black and If you come at me because of that I'll just block you; I don't have time for your nonsense. ***

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More Raw Original Footage From The Night Kenneka Jenkins Died

Teresa Martin & Lenore View the body..& Statements taken that raise questions.

Kenneka Jenkins 2019 - More Evidence Of People In LL Bathroom Hall

More evidence of people with and around Kenneka in the lower level bathroom hallway. This time I have a real good idea who is with her.
There's at least three people that I can see. But there are others there too.
Some may find it necessary to adjust the contrast and brightness of their displays to view this video.

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Kenneka Jenkins! This is not her this is Victoria

Trying to f****** fool us



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