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Kingdom of Satan


The Satanic Hiearchy and how it operates through Society and High levels of Government.Part 1

These secret worshipers of Satan are desperate to please their god of evil,and they do it by any means necessary,Satan is systematically destoying the earth through his wicked empire,It is vitally important for us to understand how this empire works and what it intends to do to us.See then that you walk...not as fools but as wise,redeeming the time,because the days are evil Ephesians.5:15-16. The Satanic plot lead by Satan himself has throughout history organized Evil powerful groups of men in the form of various Secret Society's and front organizations,whose goal is to unite the world by any means,and bring it unde Satanic rule.The Brotherhood,and its network of organizations began working again soon after the Flood,of Noah's day and throughout history to bring about this Satanic dictatorship.

Exposing the Kingdom of Satan

As it was in the days of Noah, fallen angels (aliens) are secretly crossbreeding with humans and genetically engineering a new hybrid species in deep underground cloning facilities. Man's DNA structure is being modified through the implantable “666” Microchip Mark of the Beast. Through “Transhumanism” man will be totally controlled by artificial intelligence. No one can buy or sell in the cashless global economy without the 666 Mark.
This video is based on the book: “The Church, the Antichrist and the Tribulation: Exposing the Kingdom of Satan.”
Have you ever wondered if the world will come to an end? Do you want to know the truth about end time events based on the Word of God and not the speculations of man? In this book Doris Bouyer provides penetrating discernment into the Biblical chronology of prophecies that will happen during the next 25 years that could culminate in the end of time as we know it.
The advance in technology makes it possible to preach the Gospel to all nations by the end of this quarter century. The successful completion of the “Great Commission” means that this age could draw to a close around the year 2038. This time frame coincides with the generation that witnessed the rebirth of Israel as a nation in 1948–the “generation of the fig tree.” This is the generation that will not pass away until the prophetic Scriptures are fulfilled. This is the generation that will witness the return of Jesus in the Rapture.
The author exposes the covert satanic schemes that are operating in the world today on a global scale. Satan's end time game is to destroy the Earth and all of humanity before the return of Jesus to set up His Millennium Kingdom:
• The nations of the world are being transformed into a One-world Government (NWO): Ten World Unions and Ten World Union Kings.
• The pre-tribulation Rapture will be a counterfeit Rapture event cleverly crafted by Satan that will result in the death of millions of deceived Christians.
• The headquarters of the Antichrist, a European leader, will be located in the rebuilt ancient city of Babylon–BABYLON THE GREAT–where he will reign as dictator of the world.
• An American President will emerge as the end time False Prophet. As a political and religious figure, he will deceive many and lead the world to worship the Antichrist as God, the false Messiah. All who refuse to worship the Antichrist and take the 666 Mark in their right hand or forehead will be executed by guillotine.
• A Pope will achieve world-wide unity of all religions through the “ecumenical movement.” He will be the head of the One-world Apostate Church–the “Great Whore” of BABYLON–who will be drunk with the blood of the saints.
• Millions of People Abducted Every Year:
Harvested by Fallen Angels in Underground Facilities
• Sun, Moon and Stars are within the Firmament Dome of the
Earth not Outer Space
• Hollow Earth: Inter-dimensional Portals to Garden of Eden Deception
These are only a few of many deceptions expounded upon in this book. Readers will gain significant insight into what is really going on in the world today and will be better able to plan for the cataclysmic events that will happen in the very near future.
Copyright © 2016 by Doris Bouyer

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How Demons Operate and What You Should Know About Satan's Kingdom

Howard Pittman's, How Demons Operate.. Revisited. What you Should Know about Satan's Kingdom, to Prepare the Saints.

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Galatians 3:28-29King James Version (KJV)

28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.


Derek Prince: The Structure of Satan's Kingdom

For more information see

Beware of Satan’s kingdoms

Most people in the world don’t know about the marine kingdoms are everywhere in the ocean.

Satan's Kingdom

Kingdom of Satan on Earth: The New Age Movement

This is an interview of author and lecturer, Corniela Ferreira, by Fr. Nicholas Gruner on the Radio Show, Heaven's Peace Plan. This and other similar shows can be downloaded for free at (click on the resources link and then go to radio shows):

The Marine Kingdom of Satan (Documentary 2018)


Satan s Underwater Kingdom

Satan has an underwater kingdom. I caught some photos of some of his demons in a river.

Satan's Counterfeit Kingdom (R$E)

Some ways the anti-christ kingdom is manifesting before our very eyes.

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Truth Talk News report on the history of Satan's Kingdom and Dudleyville, Connecticut.

LINK TO MY 2012 INTERVIEW with Fritz Springmieir:

A full PDF of Fritz Springmieir's BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI and others can be found @


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a former satanist pastor martin essomba expose many secrets of the kingdom of darkness

The Kingdom, Session 2: The Kingdom of Satan (David Pawson)

A speaker cum author with uncompromising faithfulness to the Holy Scriptures, David brings clarity and a message of urgency to Christians to uncover hidden treasures in God’s Word.

Born in England in 1930, David began his career with a degree in Agriculture from Durham University. When God intervened and called him to become a Minister, he completed an MA in Theology at Cambridge University and served as a Chaplain in the Royal Air Force for 3 years. He moved on to pastor several churches including the Millmead Centre in Guildford which became a model for many UK church leaders. In 1979, the Lord led him into an international ministry. His current itinerant ministry is predominantly to church leaders. Over the years, he has written a large number of books, booklets, and daily reading notes. His extensive and very accessible overviews of the books of the Bible have been published and recorded in ‘Unlocking the Bible’. Millions of copies of his teachings have been distributed in more than 120 countries, providing a solid biblical foundation.

David & his wife Enid currently reside in the county of Hampshire in the UK.
Compiled and reproduced by T. W. 2016


MATTHEW 2313 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

14 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.

15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

Animals & Insects That Work 4 Satan's Kingdom Revealed

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Prince Was Used By Satan's Kingdom

Prince seems to have been into really dark stuff. Prince also reportedly had a sex dungeon in his home, was hooked on bizarre bondage sex, and believed that he was the “Messiah”, according to ex-love Charlene Friend (Source: Yahoo News). Surely, he had evil spirits inside of him. If the enemy can use Prince to be idolized by many how easy will it be for the Antichrist to have many worship him when comes onto the scene all lying signs and wonders?

Jesus repeatedly warned ....Take heed that no man deceive you. - Matt. 24:4

Kingdom of Satan on Earth: The New Age Movement

Kingdom of Satan on Earth: The New Age Movement

Satan's Rebuilt Kingdom - Marduk Returns

Lucifer is the temporary 'god' of this age with his New World Order on the brink of full realization...his newest kingdom, however, is about to be destroyed completely by Jesus Christ. In Daniel's time, Marduk was worshipped by the ancient Babylonians, and it was this false-god worship that brought about God's Handwriting on the wall: MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN- this message was a mystery to the King Belshazzar.

After Daniel interpreted the supernatural writing, God levied a severe and instant punishment upon Belshazzar for worshipping and praising Marduk the ancient Satanic fallen entity instead of Yahweh, the one true God. Daniel was also shown the major world empires, how they would rise and fall over time.

The last kingdom he was shown was one mixed with different bloodlines, and the mixing of angel and human DNA. Jesus shows up at the End of the Age of Grace, to put a stop to this genetic malfeasance. He is The Rock that smashes the rebuilt New World Order.
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The Hidden World Part I - DNA Infection (Updated)

For The $keptics: False Flag Terror Events on US Currency

One World Freedom Tower Exposed: Crowning The Tyrant

DVD - Breath of Life: Setting The Captives Free (1 of 3)

Read all materials with a grain of salt and discernment:

91 World Leaders Meet Marduk

Marduk and his 'Energy Vampires' are back

Nimrod, Mars, Marduk & Satan

Mandela Dead June 2013- Not December

Mandela, Marduk and the 10 Kings

Scrawny2Brawny's Video on Marduk and Mandela:

Dahboo7 Video on Marduk & ISON:

Iron Kingdom of Satan - intro

The Iron Kingdom of the Beast (Satan) is the last and final Kingdom of the earth
prior to the return of Jesus who is Christ.
The Book of Daniel correlates closely with the book of Revelation and others.
The seedline of the fallen angels (Canaanites and the giants) figures prominently into this equation.
Churches want to hide this information from the true body of Christ, and I mean the King James Bible using churches hide this or are ignorant.

Zephaniah 2:5 - Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites!
the word of the LORD is against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.

Zechariah 14:21 - Yea, every pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall be holiness unto the LORD of hosts:
and all they that sacrifice shall come and take of them, and seethe therein: and in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the LORD of hosts.



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