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LIVE REPLAY – Lahore Qalandars vs Peshawar Zalmi | Match 2 | HBL PSL 6



2oc Production.
This is one of 20 Web videos for the My Futures Education web site. It is part of a number of tools that students can use to understand and learn about various occupations and tips for applying for jobs.

Wednesday 8th April Global Update

Australia information

African Americans more effected

Variations in ACE 2 receptor

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COVID-19 Wednesday 8th April

Do not go out for Easter

1,441,128 82,992

Cases now over 10,000

PM stable, on standard oxygen treatment
+ 3,634 = 55,957 confirmed
PM stable, on standard oxygen treatment
Deaths + 786 hospital = 6,159
Doubled in the last 4 days
Doubled in the 3 days before this
Therefore curve not as steep
Potential 10,000 deaths by weekend
Peak in deaths should be within a week at 700 – 900 deaths per day

Porton Down, 800 randomised antibody tests

146,690 confirmed cases
Deaths + 757 = 14,555
Second day of increase

Spain and Italy now seeing decrease in daily death rates

Village closed off
Spread from care home
All to be tested
How virus spreads
Number symptomatic

+ 62 new cases mostly back flow
Wuhan travel restrictions partly lifted
After 11 weeks of lockdown
Must have a green code on phone
Hubei, limited going out, must wear a mask
Patients still in hospital

2,795 cases
Deaths 41
10,000 – 200, 000 infections expected
Drones taking body temperature
Mecca and Medina closed off

110,070 confirmed
Deaths 10,328
Paris, no exercise outside
Aircraft carrier

399,929 confirmed

Deaths + 1,800

NY and NJ severely effected
Rate of hospital admissions slowing down

WHO funding may be restricted, ‘they called it wrong’ ‘Chinacentric”, “they should have known’
WHO hit back saying this is not the time to cut funding

Surgeon General; African Americans are more effected
Up to 4 times
Michigan, Chicago, New Orleans, East Boston

About 68% of death, about 30% of Chicago’s total population,

As of Monday 6th April, 1,969 black Chicagoans, 891 white Chicagoans, 523 Latino Chicagoans and 134 Asian Chicagoans diagnosed

Sociological or physiological explanation
Health inequalities
Prevalence of chronic illness
Wisconsin had an election

1,066 confirmed
13 deaths
Football in Minsk
Teams shaking hands
Sauna or vodka may help
Kissing crosses

Controlled reopening of the country
Borders closed to 10 May
No large events or festivals to end of August

State of emergency

? lockdown extension

South Korea
Exporting test kits

17,897 cases

6,010 cases
Deaths 39
302, 663 tests (1.9%+)
Most cases overseas acquired

NSW 240
VIC 35
QLD 43
WA 58
NT 24

WHO, 60 teams

Genetic variations in the ACE-2 receptor

Professor Ferrari resigns

More contagious than sessional flu

Virus may live on hard surfaces for 3 days

Person to person mostly droplet, but also in the air, surfaces, faeces



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