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Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds


Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

We asked three centenarians what their most valuable life lessons were, and also their regrets. Click here to subscribe to LifeHunters:

Top 5 Life Lessons And Pieces of Advice From 100 Year Olds For A Mindful Life

Life Lesson From 100 Year Olds For Mindfulness - Advice From Centenarians For A Mindful Life

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Top 5 Life Lessons from 100-Year-Olds For A Mindful Life

1.Practice Mindfulness

People over 100 tend to live in the moment as it comes, rather than worrying about plans, regrets, and getting caught up in pressure and worry.
They cherish special time with family and friends, the colors and smell of a new flower in spring, or the feel of the grass on their feet.
When life is enjoyed in the moment, it's just better...
...And people who live in the moment more tend to live longer, happier lives!

2. Always learn!

Older people will advise to get a good education to help you go far in life, and science has shown that people with a Bachelor's degree actually do live about a decade longer than people who don't have one. (From the U.S. Centers for Disease an Control Prevention)
Older people will tell you to keep learning all through life, both in and out of school.
Be curious-it makes life more interesting and fun. And it helps you stay engaged with life and the changing technology and times. That helps you adapt too.

3. Eat Natural Food To feel Good And Live Long

Many people who are 100 say they feel strong and like they're 69 or 79. These are the people who stay active physically and mentally, and have a lot to share with other people.
Many people over 90 talk about eating fresh food that they grew themselves.
And older people will tell you over and over: eat in moderation!

4. Happiness comes from living in the NOW

Age is only a number. You live for the day and keep going.
This is wisdom from someone with a very long past-but they enjoy the present.
The past is the past; we can't change it. But we can rob ourselves of our present happiness and good emotional health by hanging onto old regrets, grudges, and pain.

5.Learn to adapt for a better and longer life

Life goes on regardless is a common theme. People who live well into old age understand that there is a hardship in life but they know life goes on and they must too.
If you live 7, 8, 9, 10 or more decades, you're going to see a lot of change.
People who adapt and change with the times do better. It's part of having a positive attitude-they're excited for new opportunities instead of fearing change.
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Live Life Like You Are 100-Years Old | Matthew Dicks | TEDxNatick

We make a mistake when we trust ourselves to make decisions based upon what we want today. The person who knows what is best for us is not the current version of ourselves but the version of ourselves far into the future. That version - presumably near the end of life - understands the consequences of a life lived unwisely and the devastating power of regret.
In this talk, Matthew Dicks, a 20-MOTHstory slam winner, talks about how a near-death experience changed the way he makes decisions - both large and small - and how a simple, easily applied strategy has changed the way we live our lives for the better.

Matt, is an 18-time MOTH Story Slam Champion and a three-time Grand Slam Champion. He is also the co-founder and creative director of Speak UP, a Hartford based story telling organization. Matt created and co-hosted the Boy Vs. Girl podcast about gender and gender stereotypes. In between all this, he finds time to be an elementary school teacher, a blogger, a wedding DJ, a minister, and a life coach.

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What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Robert Waldinger

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.

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57 Years Apart - A Boy And a Man Talk About Life

Act normal, don’t be silly, don’t bully lots of people
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Behind the video :
We brought together two people with a very large gap of 57 years between them and got them to ask each other questions about life and growing up. Our aim was to see if people from opposing stages of their lives could learn from each other.
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10 Lessons in Life People Learn TOO LATE

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Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO), HowlingCreations for helping to create this video!

45 Life Lessons Written By A 90 Year Old

45 Life Lessons Written By A 90 Year Old by Dare to do. Motivation
Beautiful Life Quotes And Lessons written by Regina Brett and read by Dare to do.
Listen and Enjoy when You feel Sad or Depressed

Listen to your happy...don't give up and always believe!

Hi everybody i write and speak most of the speeches myself, so if you need some material or want to do some sort of collaboration,
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6 Life Lessons of a Man Who’s Seen 12000 Deaths

What can the dying teach us about life? Both rich and poor reflect on their lives in an Indian guesthouse. This is the knowledge they passed on.

How to Be Loved, According to 100-Year-Olds | Allure

We asked centenarians how to be loved.

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How to Be Loved, According to 100-Year-Olds | Allure

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49 Life Lessons, Written by a 90 year old. (Lessons especially for younger generation .)

49 Life Lessons, Written by a 90 year old. (Lessons especially for younger generation .)

This video will give you 49 Life lessons written by a 90 year old. Take a look below and let us know your favorite in the comment section.

I hope you will like this video and it will helpful for you.

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Top 9 Life Lessons from 100 Year Olds

7 Minute Mindfulness ▶

That might be shocking to younger people, especially anyone who fears old age. Maybe we fear missing out on opportunities in life, and worry that we'll find ourselves too old to do things.

But we have many interviews of people 100 and older, and they love to share about their lives and offer advice to the rest of us.

Dr. Mercola (of the Mercola Video Library) interviewed three centurions for this very information, and many other people have as well.

Quite a few of us (more now than ever) have relatives or know someone who is 100 or over.

One lady I know who is 104 is full of sassy attitude and enjoys talking to people.

From this wealth of information, we can form the following ten lessons.

1. Happiness comes from what we do
2. Happiness comes from a positive attitude and optimism
3. Happiness comes from living in the NOW
4. Love and Partnership is critical for long life
5. Eat natural, real food to feel good and live long
6. Learn to adapt for a better and longer life
7. Help others
8. Always learn!
9. Practice Mindfulness

Tips for a longer life

Life Lessons From a 100-Year-Old Runner

If you give up on yourself, shame on you.

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Life Lessons From a 100-Year-Old Runner

100 Year-Olds' Guide to Living Your Best Life | Allure

We asked these 100-Year-Old women for their advice on how to get the most out of life, and they shared their best tips for living as long and happy a life as possible.

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100 Year-Olds' Guide to Living Your Best Life | Allure

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

We asked three centenarians what their most valuable life lessons were, and also their regrets.

The conversations that followed were remarkable. They talked about the importance of family, people, relationships and love. Their view on life, as an elderly citizen with a lot of experience is truly an inspiration and motivation. Enjoy the video!

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