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Life Without Internet


Life Without Internet

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24 Hour Mom vs Daughter Body Switch Up!:
It is difficult for modern people to imagine what it is like to live without the Internet. But let's assume that it did happen!

Tobu & Jordan Kelvin James - Summer Breeze

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Life without Internet | Funcho

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Ever imagined your life without internet? Kya karoge jindagi mei fir? All those Instagram scrolls, surfing on the internet, watching your favorite web series, videos, everything would only be a dream. Koi khush ho na ho, apne Maa Baap toh bohot khush honge ???? Let’s see how much Internet infleunces us on a daily basis and if you relate to this video even for a small bit, fatafat LIKE karna and sabko yeh video dikhana jo Internet ke shikaar ho chuke hai.

Funcho -
Shyam Sharma -
Dhruv Shah -
Nishit Shah -
DOP & Edited by: Prathamesh Vyas -

Cast:- Dhruv Shah, Shyam Sharma, Nishit Shah, Gazal Saini, Mansi Ugale.
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Life without Internet Challenge: I Quit Internet for 48 Hours

Our society has spent decades of efforts developing technologies to get the world connected with smartphone, laptops, social media platforms, but people are starting to look backward to a simpler and minimalist life.

It is difficult to imagine what it is like to live without the Internet. I quit internet for a weekend. Let’s find out.

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A year offline, what I have learned | Paul Miller | TEDxEutropolis

Paul Miller is an American Technology Journalist from Springfield, Missouri and senior editor for The Verge. During the past year he decided to disconnect from the hyperconnected world in an attempt to 'find himself' and become more productive. He abandoned the internet and disconnected from all Social Media, returning to a life before the net, apps and smartphones.

His experiment gained worldwide media attention when he published his article 'I'm still here' at The Verge. After a year of living 'disconnected' he published his findings and caused quite a discussion on hyperconnectivity and the influence of the internet on our daily lives.

At TEDxEutropolis Paul Miller will speak on his experiment 'Without the Internet' and his view on the intertwined worlds of living both online and offline. If you want to read his article entitled 'I'm still here' for The Verge, just follow the links. In the article Miller explains how the internet (and leaving it) influenced his life, which eventually also inspired a video documentary.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Life Without Smartphones / How It Was?

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Just imagine that some 10 years ago, people lived without smartphones. Want to know what they've been doing all day?

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These days we are so addicted to our smartphones so that it's even difficult to believe that a few years ago there were none. They have changed our lives so much. Today, we offer you to see what it meant to live without smartphones.

Nowadays, if we go for a walk, we stare into our phones. We don't admire nature or look at the sky - aa smartphone has a lot to offer. Try not to take a phone out for a walk and spend some lovely family time together without staring into your gadgets.

Do you remember these good old times, when you read air freshener instruction while sitting on a toilet? Nowadays, we stare into our phones, texting and messaging. It can be even harmful to your health!

Even going out for a workout is not that simple anymore! Wireless headphones, a smartwatch, a few selfies for your Instagram. Otherwise, it doesn't even count, does it?))))

Watch this video up to the end and remember that smartphones are really useful, they help us every day and make our lives easier. However, don't overuse them!


0:48 - Jogging then vs. now
1:25 - Meeting people then vs. now
1:54 - Navigating then vs. now
6:34 - Hanging out with friends in 2019

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What If the Internet Stopped Working

Pretend for a moment that you wake up one morning to discover the Internet has disappeared. Would this be doomsday for us all?

What if you woke up to an unexpected Internet breakdown? With no Google Maps to find your way in a strange city? With a credit card unable to pay for your lunch? You could argue that this kind of “digital detox” would be beneficial.

Transcript & sources:

About What If:
Presented by INSH and Hashem al Ghaili

What If asks some of the most provocative hypothetical questions in science — and then tries to answer them with the help of established scientific theory and the latest research.

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I quit my cellphone for 30 days & it changed my life

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In this video I quit my cellphone for 30 days & it changed my life due to an increased level of productivity and better time management. Just overall a good move for self improvement.

Have a great week guys! Cheers.

Life without Smartphones and Internet

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I Dare You Challenge 2020!
Apocalypse now: that’s what would happen if the internet vanished for a day! Can you imagine how your life would change if it got shut off?! Watch our new funny sketches about life without wi-fi!

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Life Without Internet (When the Whole World Has Gone Virtual)

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The digital divide in America has become a major problem during the pandemic for the millions of people living without internet access at home and especially impacts children and their education. Take a first-hand look at what life is like for a Utah Navajo family who lives offline, and hear why Khan Academy founder Sal Khan believes that internet access should be considered a basic right.

Self-Evident: A PBS American Portrait Miniseries seeks to answer the question: what does it really mean to be an American today? Join our hosts — Dr. Ali Mattu, a licensed therapist and clinical psychologist and YouTuber behind “The Psych Show,” as well as Danielle Bainbridge, Ph.D., historian and the writer/creator of PBS’s “The Origin of Everything” — as they explore the lives of real Americans, living during this unprecedented moment in time.

#AmericanPortraitPBS #DigitalDivide #NavajoNation

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Life without internet (pros & cons) ·· Learnings from my time offline ·· Digital Minimalism

This is my experience from ½ year of living without internet, doing a little radical digital detox experiment... I actually learned a lot about my internet habits, and it was my first step towards being more mindful when it comes to digital goods. Digital mindfulness is a very important part of practicing digital detox. I would even say, it is the first step to making a change, if you want to stop wasting time on the internet or if you want to understand how to stop binge watching. It helped me a lot, and I wouldn't want to miss this experience. However, living offline also had its downsides, and I am going to give a quick overview over the pros & cons of living without internet.

Have you ever tried to go completeley offline? For how long, and what was it like?

0:00 Short teaser
0:07 Intro / About
1:08 My decision to live without internet
4:09 The downsides of going offline
6:17 What I use the internet for now
7:49 Why I don't watch shows
9:19 My questions for you!
9:44 Conclusion / Thoughts


#digitaldetox #goingoffline #digitalminimalism

Life With vs Without Internet

Do you prefer the Online You or the Offline You?

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Produced and scripted by:
Lingyi Xiong & Jason Hau

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Life Without Internet

If you suddenly found yourself without internet, what critical information would you wish to have on hand?

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Life, Without Internet or Mobile Phone ll Inpirational Video

Can We Live Without The Internet? | Filipino | Rec•Create Unfiltered

In this episode, Einj, Jan, Maui, and Adea discuss if we can live without the internet, what life would be like without it, and how much we depend on the speed of our internet.

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DISCLAIMER: All Cast and Crew Tested Negative in Covid19 Ag Tests before being allowed on set. Necessary health protocols were in place throughout the duration of the shoot.

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Asbha life without internet(part 1)


No internet, no television.... This is life in the middle of the desert... Bored but enjoy playing the trap(sand)

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1 Week Without Internet

This past week I tried going one week without Internet...I don't think I'll be doing it again anytime soon. When was the last time you went without internet for any extended period of time?

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Have a great week guys! More videos coming soon :)

Living without internet for 6 months! // Our Cornish Adventure

In this episode we start to celebrate the coming of our WIFI and we head out on a local adventure to find a secret bouldering spot!

Hi we're Jim and Jordan. We've moved our entire life from Essex to Cornwall, UK. We are living in a tiny home which we plan to renovate as we build our dream house on site. We are located right by the sea and love adventure.

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Life without internet

TED 2009: Jim Stolze asks Can you live without the Internet?

A talk during the session called TED University. Other speakers of the session include Brian Cox, Philip Zimbardo and Aimee Mullins.

Stolze speaks about living without the Internet and about his research on virtual happiness. Listen to how he survived a remarkable experiment and benefit from his 5 crucial tips to live a happy -online- life.



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