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Living abroad E4



Living abroad E4


Living abroad - E4

A Day in My Life | China & XJTLU | Study Abroad Edition

I enjoyed making this a day in my life videos as a study abroad in China. I hope you guys enjoy it as well!

Blog post about my abroad experience:

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I'm back in Japan | Tokyo Diaries Episode 1 | My first week back in Tokyo

I am back in Japan. This is my Tokyo Diaries episode 1 showing you my first week back in Tokyo.

Tokyo Diaries is a series of weekly vlogs showing you my daily life in Japan. I hope to share the excitement, the surprises, and the upsides and downsides of living abroad in Japan.

Japan is the most exciting and culturally different place I have ever been to. It has so much to offer! I hope you can follow my journey and we can explore this incredible place together!


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Erasmus+: KA1 - Youth Exchange - Programme Countries

Place: United Kingdom

Dates: 27/01/2016 - 04/02/2016

Many young people are able to travel either for studies or for work. In some cases young people have no choice but to travel to other countries in order to find employment. Sadly though most of our young people are not prepared for what they will find when moving to other countries. Our project will look at the advantages and disadvantages of living and working abroad. We will look at the various elements of living abroad and how this reflects on our lives in our home country. Will we have better conditions? We will also look at options that young people could consider in their own countries before they decide that there is no other option but to go abroad. We hope that our project will give the youth a better understanding of the risks and the advantages of going abroad so that they can make better life choices.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus + Programme).

This publication video reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

24 Hours In A&e Season 11E4 | Do No Harm

24 Hours In A&e Season 11E4 | Do No Harm

Fall Semester 2017 | China Abroad Semester in Review 🇨🇳

I spent last semester in China as an exchange student studying in XJTLU. It was amazing being in a new culture with new people. I learned so much and like they say I was truly living my best life. So here goes my semester abroad in a review. I love China!!

QUESTION!! Where have you studied abroad? or Where are you planning on studying abroad?

Blog post about my Abroad experience:

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The SuperVet Season 3 Episode 2 Full

Full episode of the supervet season 3 episode 2. If you enjoyed and want more leave a like sub and comment! As long as you guys want more I'll be dropping more episodes.

3 Men With Tourettes On A Holiday

For more info on Tourettes Syndrome please visit T.L.C.

I know your not supposed to laugh at this but it's just so damn funny when you watch it for the first time...

This is a clip from a program called Strange Behaviours which was shown on The National Geographic channel this week.

If you missed it and get the chance to watch it sometime then I recommend you do. Like I say on first viewing to most of us it really is quite funny but more importantly when you watch the full program you realise just what hell Tourettes sufferers must go through in their daily lives.

Just wanted to say how much I admire those who took part in this fascinating program for being so courageous to stand up and say, hey I'm not mentally Ill or crazy and if people who don't suffer from such a debilitating handicap can't deal with it then that's their problem and not that of those who suffer from this terrible syndrome...

For more info on Tourettes Syndrome please visit T.L.C.



we arrive in belgrade, serbia and i'm SO excited to be here!!

xx maddie


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I AM IN CHINA! | Study Abroad Vlog

I am in China, Studying abroad for the Fall Semester! Join me in the beginning of this new adventure.

Blog post about mt abroad experience:

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Life of a Med Student Vlog E4 || Testimony Edition

Hello Beautiful People 🌸
So this is an testimony that I filmed some time ago. It is crazy that I was trying so hard to do this in my own strength and I was condemning myself when I didn't BUT then the moment I surrendered to God and fixed my eyes in Him, my goal shifted to just living people... THEN boom healing flows and opportunities arise to just love people. I hope you enjoy this video 🙌🏾
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Difference between INDIA vs Abroad MBBS (which is better for you??)

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