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London to Paris, from Victoria coach station to Paris Bercy 4K


London to Paris, from Victoria coach station to Paris Bercy 4K

Eurostar train takes 2h30min check it here :

-Bus from Paris to London (opposite way):
-Train from Paris to Germany :
-London to Scotland: h
-Rome to Florence:
-London to Amsterdam
-Paris to Switzerland:
-Madrid to Malaga:
-Milan to Paris:

Ticket price was around $12 which is 10 times cheaper than the average Eurostar train ticket.
London to Paris by bus via the underwater tunnel. Eurotunnel.

Music: Dirt Rhodes by Kevin McLeod

London to Paris by bus. Is it worth it?

This video is just to show a bit of what it's like to travel via a Luxury bus across the border, especially if catching the 'early bird'. Thanks for watching, kindly subscribe.

Eurotunnel-Loading double decker coach onto shuttle train.Calais to Folkestone cross the channel.ktx

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How is bus travel in Europe: Entire journey from Paris bercy to London Victoria with FlixBus

-Eurostar train Paris to London:
-London to Paris by bus:
-Paris to Frankfurt:

Flixbus ticket was booked on internet one month in advance for 10 euros.

No toilet in this bus.

Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

London to Paris by Bus

Victoria Coach Station to Bercy by bus and Eurotunnel

London to Paris with FlixBus - Review

Taking the Flixbus from Victoria Coach Station, London to Bercy Bus Station, Paris via Le Shuttle Tunnel.

Victoria Coach Station, London, January 2020 walk in 4K

In this video we take a walk-through of Victoria Coach Station, London, giving an orientation of the building and the gates as well as some useful tips and information.

With Flixbus from Lille to London through Eurotunnel // Crossing the channel by bus // Le Shuttle

We crossed the channel with Flixbus.

Sadly we had a spare bus without wifi or the green design.

But it was quite an adventure and a great experience.

Get FlixDEAL Tickets here:

Coach to London for £7.50

Me and Kel starting our trip to paris with a cheap little bus ride from somerset to london for just £7.50 each. Not bad if you ask me!

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Gear used
- Gopro hero7 Black

Editing & Music
- Finalcut proX
- Epidemic Sound

Loves ya

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London Victoria coach station(3)

London Victoria coach station arriving buses and coaches

Cheapest way to go by bus from Paris(Bercy seine bus station) to various central European countries

Very convenient,comfertable and economical way to travel in central European countries by bus

Why you should travel by bus from London to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam (& other nearby EU cities)

10 reasons why you should travel abroad by bus (coach) from London to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam (& other nearby EU cities)

Recently a lot of people have asked me about my travelling experience by bus (coach), especially from London to nearby cities in the EU like Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam. That’s why today I’m making this video to talk about 10 advantages of travelling by bus that you may have never known before!

There are a lot of companies having frequent buses running to and from London like Flixbus, Eurolines, Ouibus, Regio Jet, National Express and so on. I hope that you found the video useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Special thanks for the help of Steven O'Coach!

Short trip to Paris by bus:

Stay tuned for more videos! #LikeAndSubscribe #NoTonyNoParty #TonyTTNguyen

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London Victoria coach station(2)

London Victoria coach station coaches

Half an hour at London Victoria bus station

Filmed between 1430 and 1500, these are the buses seen leaving and moving around the London Victoria bus station area.

Features Arriva London, Go-Ahead London Central/Go-Ahead London General, Tower Transit, Metroline and London United RATP Group

Also, used a different camera to film this one so thoughts and opinions are required as if you like it being filmed on this camera, I'll be doing that going forward

London Victoria coach station(1)

London Victoria coach station coaches


A video edit of our time spent in Europe. A big thanks to all our friends that made it more fun!

London Victoria coach station(4)

London Victoria coach station arriving buses and coaches

London to Paris by Bus

London Victoria Station Walk Through England 4K

Explore with us one of the nicest train stations in London, the famous London Victoria Station.

Victoria station better known as just London Victoria, is a central London railway and Underground station in Victoria, in the hears of the City of Westminster.

Named after the nearby Victoria Street (not the Queen), the main line station is a terminus of the Brighton main line to Gatwick Airport and Brighton and the Chatham main line to Ramsgate and Dover via Chatham. From the main lines, trains can connect to the Catford Loop Line, Dartford Loop Line, and the Oxted line to East Grinstead and Uckfield. Southern operates most commuter and regional services to south London, Sussex and parts of east Surrey, while Southeastern operates trains to south east London and Kent. Gatwick Express trains run direct to Gatwick. The Underground station is on the Circle and District lines between Sloane Square and St. James's Park, and the Victoria line between Pimlico and Green Park. The area around the station is an important interchange for other forms of transport: a local bus station is in the forecourt and Victoria Coach Station is nearby.

Victoria was built to serve both the Brighton and Chatham main lines, and has always had a split feel of being two separate stations. The Brighton station opened in 1860 with the Chatham station following two years later. It replaced a temporary terminus at Pimlico and construction involved building the Grosvenor Bridge over the River Thames. It became immediately popular as a London terminus, causing delays and requiring upgrades and rebuilding. It was well known for luxury Pullman train services and continental boat train trips and became a focal point for soldiers during World War I.

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Flixbus de Paris a Londres en Bus Eurotunnel / how to get from Paris to London by bus

¿Sabías que puedes ir de Francia a Inglaterra en autobús?

El autobús viaja dentro de un vagón de tren submarino.

Es una experiencia demasiado genial!

En mi blog lo explico más detallado



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