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Prehistoric Worlds | Earth Has Faced Apocalyptic Events Five Times | Documentary

Five times, the Earth has faced apocalyptic events. Cataclysms that have swept away all life forms, or almost. Each time, a handful of species has survived, establishing a new world.

What did these prehistoric worlds look like? What catastrophes led to their disappearance? How did our distant ancestors manage to survive the five mass extinctions that the Earth has suffered, finally giving rise to the world we know today?

Combining CGI of ancient animal and plant life, VFX, and filming, Prehistoric Worlds looks back at the five mass extinctions of life on Earth that allowed the advent of the human race. On the brink of a sixth mass extinction that the scientific community considers imminent. This time caused by mankind.

This film gives us an interesting and powerful look at Man's existence on the scale of the history of our planet.

All Credits goes out to the makers of this video !.

The Unspoken Reality Behind the Harvard Gates | Alex Chang | TEDxSHSID

【Updated】 New TEDx video on college admissions:

Back in high school, Alex was not exactly Ivy League material. He did not even finish top 5 in his public high school in New York, did not get a near-perfect SAT score, did not win national honors in math, was not a starter on his lacrosse team, and did not have rich and famous parents to get him into places. Therefore, his story of being accepted and completing his education at Harvard College and Harvard Graduate School of Education as an ordinary student served as the prime model for high school students who want to reach their dream schools. However, in addition to sharing his secrets to Ivy League admission, Alex feels the social responsibility to inform—and warn—students about the life behind those Ivy League gates. Things may not always be as pretty as they seem.

Speaker: Alex Chang
Date: April 1, 2017

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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