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Make a 2L Coke Bottle Air Tank (Upgraded Version)


Make a 2L Coke Bottle Air Tank Upgraded Version

3D Printed Soda Bottle Thread Adapters for Air Tank Making and Water Rockets

You can download and print our free Soda Bottle Thread Adapter files to create compressed air storage tanks, or for pressure testing Water Rockets.

Using these adapters, you can no join any soft drink bottle with a standard 22mm neck to a 3/8 NPT Male Pipe Thread. This design uses our innovative #213 O-ring sealing system for handling high pressures, and also works with regular flat rubber washers as well.

These adapters are ideal for pressure testing water rockets, especially the type made using spliced bottles, and are also useful for anyone wishing to make a 2 Liter Bottle air storage tank.

Download the file needed to print this adapter from here:

Also check out our Tornado Tubes for joining bottles:

You may also like our Water Rocket Gardena Nozzles:

Caution: You use this part at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the safety of this part due to the differences between printers and filaments. Always safety test parts like this and follow proper safety measures when dealing with Water Rockets. Use with adult supervision.

How to make air compressor (airtank) using plastic bottle

Using 2L pop coke bottles is a lightweight and easy way of storing compressed air! Use it instead of canned air. It's easy with nine 2L pop soda bottles joined together. Assembly is simple using nine 2L soda bottles and rubber valve inserts from a tubeless tire. No special fittings needed. Just use adhesive to stack the bottles together, then use hose to connect the 2L coke pop bottles together. Great for hobbyists and I.T. techs for dust removal and debris blow off from projects. Perfect canned air alternative. Is refillable and rechargeable canned air. Dust off electronics or makes a great computer cleaner. My upcoming project will be a mega 2L coke pop soda bottle air tank where I take 36 2L coke soda pop bottles and make an even simpler air tank.

A lightweight and easy way of storing compressed air. Can be used instead of canned air. It's easy with four 2L pop bottles joined end to end. Assembly is simple using 2L bottles and rubber valve inserts from a tubeless tire. No special fittings needed. Use hose to connect the 2L bottles together. Great for hobbyists and I.T. techs for dust removal and debris blow off from projects and whatever else your mind can dream of. Perfect canned air alternative. Is refillable and rechargeable canned air. Dust off electronics or makes a great computer cleaner.

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How to fix clogged toilet (Soda Bottle Air Tank)

This is clogged toilet fixing tool.

1. 1/2 Female x 1/4 Male Thread Reducer
2. 1/4 Brass Socket
3. 12mm(inner) * 16mm(outer) * 2mm rubber washer
4. Ball Valve (1/2)
5. RO feed water adapter (for water purifier)
6. Check Valve(for water purifier filter)

*Check Valve - This Valve allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction.

Revised Soda Bottle Air Tank With 3D Printed caps

DIY Airsoft BB Machine Gun - 5,000 + Rounds Per Minute - NightHawkInLight

In this video I demonstrate my soda bottle airsoft machine gun made in a previous video with an upgraded compressed air power supply. Here is my first video showing how to build this particular model for use with hand power:

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Check out my latest video: How To View Invisible Air Currents With Lasers


Bottle water 2 upgrade


How to make compressed air tank simple

DIY - compressed air tank mini at home
Materials to include
- small electric air compressor 12v
- Pressure Gauges, screws, Rubber Tubing
- 8 x valve bike, handles, iron 14x14mm
- 4 x water bottle, Wood
- Accu 12v, wire, jack DC 12v
- iron wire, rubber

Pressurizing bottle for shooting

How to make a Coke Bottle Air Tank Tutorial


How to Make an Automatic Airsoft Gun

This vid shows how to make an automatic airsoft gun that runs on compressed air. You can use an air tank (plastic bottle with valve) or an air compressor.
This is an updated version of my old video:
Improvements include:
- Better bottle + orientation
- Stronger seals using latex and ho

Originally made as a response to nighthawkinlight's video

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Air Compressor vs 2 Liter Pop Bottle

A quick test of my setup to see if the bottle top would hold with no leaks. The two o-ring seal did not leak and the bottle burst at around 150 psi. This was a test so I wasn't running the slow motion camera this time.

Homemade portable air tank

this is homemade portable air tank,i have always drag my big homemade compressor around so now it is easy to refill this tank with air and carry around,it is made off thick steal pipe,it can stand around 20 bar of pressure and you can put it anywhere,it is like car battery you charged,refill the tank after you use it and that`s it,simple and portable

Air Compressor Popping More Pop Bottles

This time three plastic pop bottles get burst. Two orange crush 2-liter and a small green ginger ale bottle were used. One of the crush bottles was reinforced with duct tape wrapping. The plain crush bottle burst at about 130 psi and the tape wrapped one only made it to 140 psi. The small ginger ale bottle burst at about 150 psi. Slow motion clips were recorded at 480 frames/sec.

Ram update and homemade air tank

Disclaimer !!!! Disclaimer!!! If you follow the procedures, techniques and methods shown on this website, be aware that you follow them at your own risk.
I am not a certified mechanic this video is for your entertainment just to show how I do things

2 Litre Plastic Coke Bottle Pressurized to blow

This 2L plastic bottle was pressurised by a big powerful compressor to see how much pressure it'll take. It took 100 PSI and started to deform, 110 PSI it was really bulbous, and it blew at about 120PSI. The video is in real-time, not sped up or slowed down.

How To Fill Your Portable Air Tank In 10 Seconds (Super Fast)

This tutorial will show you a super fast way to fill your portable air tank.

450-500PSI AIR SUPPLY Made "Mostly" From Trash

This video shows a high pressure air supply that I made from a small 65 BAR aluminum cylinder I found floating in the ocean close to shore, along with some junked pneumatic speargun parts. The only parts I purchased are the pressure gauge, ball valve, and some yellow brass pipe fittings. I am able to pump up the cylinder to a maximum pressure of 450-500psi using the speargun hand pump. An air valve(solenoid), which is rated for high pressure, can also be added to allow momentary blasts of air into a tube or hose. Great idea for individuals into air rifles, airsoft, and other high pressure uses. Need a regulated pressure output? Add on a regulator!

**DISCLAIMER: Use EXTREME caution when working with High Pressure Air Supplies/Cylinders. Poor construction, or materials with flaws can result in severe bodily injury or even death! Make this at your own risk.**

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Portable air tank (aka 'air pig')

Simple portable air tank for inflating tires etc. built from an old fire extinguisher.



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