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Mastering the Craft of Archery: John Dudley


Mastering the Craft of Archery: John Dudley

It is incredible to see what one person can accomplish when they dedicate their life to mastering a craft.

Meet John Dudley - 3x Archery National Champion, 13x World Medalist, APA Rookie of the Year, Bow Hunter, Wild Game Cook and Coffee Lover

Check out the BRCC Archery Competition with John:

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Joe Rogan Calls Archer John Dudley Phenomenal

This Telly Award-winning documentary features the world's most influential bow hunter, John Dudley, and tells his story through Joe Rogan, Andy Stumpf and other people that he influences.

Take a look at @NockonTV's road to success on episode 3 of our Kill Cliff AMERICAN SPIRIT mini-doc series. @joerogan and @andystumpf explain how Dudley gained so much respect and became a master of his craft.
John Dudley:
- Professional Archer
- 13 World Medals
- 3 National Titles
- 45 career top three professional finishes
AMERICAN SPIRIT is a Telly Award-winning docuseries showcasing gritty athletes that represent the hardworking, strong, and independent heart and soul of this great country. Watch as our Kill Cliff athletes put in the endless hours of training and preparation in order to dominate their competition because they know failure isn't an option.

Navy Seal Andy Stumpf Trains Archery with John Dudley at 100yds.

This video is from a LIVE feed with John Dudley and Andy Stumpf shooting archery after spending a day at Johns School of Nock. They talk through several important aspects of proper technique and shooting form and Andy and John show what proper coaching can do for you at 100yds.
Andy served with Seals teams 3,5,6 and throughout his 17-year career, Andy executed hundreds of combat operations throughout the world in support of the Global War on Terror. He was medically retired in June of 2013. His awards and decorations include 5 Bronze Star Medals (Four with Valor), the Purple Heart, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, The Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal with Valor, Three Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals, Two Combat Action Ribbons, and the presidential Unit Citation. God Bless America and all those who have served!

Making the Shot: 109 Yard Elk Long Bomb

How to make the long bombs with your adjustable sight! This 109 yard elk target was one of the crowd favorites at the Texas Total Archery Challenge. In this video, Professional Archer, John Dudley, will teach you how to utilize a smaller reticle and the bottom pin to achieve a perfectly placed arrow at long distances. This shows the benefits to not only the dual pin sight but also the smaller reticle and an extended sight tape.

Mastering the Release Aid- John Dudley shows you some important tips

This is a video to go along with the Petersen's Bowhunting Article Mastering the Release Aid. Professional Archer- John Dudley shows you some important tips for proper shooting.

How to Sight In Mover Style Archery Sights

Total Archery Challenges and local outdoor shoots are firing up all across the country and it's time to get your sight marks dialed! Doing this now at home, and in good weather, is critical so you are not scrambling to try and get this done at an archery event. In this video, John Dudley will teach you how to properly sight in mover style sights using a Nock On Fast Eddie NE Sight and the sight tapes it comes with. Utilizing sight tapes will allow you to get your full range of sight marks in no time giving you confidence in your setup regardless of the target distances you step up to shoot.

Behind the Scenes with the Golden Trident Bow Winner!

Check out these highlights from the Nock On Experience that Aaron Brendible, the winner of the Golden Trident Bow, got to have with Nock On's John Dudley. @KILL CLIFF set out on a mission to raise 1 MILLION DOLLARS to donate to the @Navy SEAL Foundation and help them further their incredible mission to help veterans and their families in need. As they closed in on this inspiring million dollar mark, the Nock On Nation came through to help push them over the top by donating and entering to win a once-in-a-lifetime, Nock On experience with John Dudley. This experience included a custom built gold medal flake Nock On NTN @PSE Archery bow, private lessons, shooting, grilling and training with Dudley as well as a year supply of Kill Cliff. Congratulations Aaron and thank you to Kill Cliff for helping advance the mission of the Navy Seal Foundation. To learn how you can help further this great cause visit


Pro Archer John Dudley shares a secret tip on how to use your sight to know how to avoid hitting branches when hunting!

Shooting Uphill Explained by John Dudley Nock On TV

This is a detailed video explaining all the variables for an uphill shot in archery. Often times archers miss the mark on angled shots and this talks specifically about many of the reasons why. On this BC hunt I'm using the midday lull to practice tough shots and walk through the fundamentals of shooting uphill.

Archery Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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The Nock On Nation showed up in full force to tackle the 2021 Texas Total Archery Challenge! It is always incredibly inspiring to see people from all walks of life come together in the name of archery. The camaraderie felt, and the friendships forged, are second to none! Thank you, Texas! We are the Nock On Nation!

3 archery practice exercises to try while shooting arrows

Shooting arrows without purpose won’t help you get better. World Archery Excellence Centre Director and Olympic gold medallist Juan-Carlos Holgado breaks down three practice exercises that will improve your archery. More archery at and

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TAC Highlights: Sunlight Mountain, Colorado

Enjoy some highlights from the first couple of days on the mountain at the Colorado Total Archery Challenge. Nock On Nation, you are INCREDIBLE!

How To DRAW A BOW | Save your shoulders!

AJA Decals and Tuning Cards:
Bowhunter Box Club:

Gear I Use!

Bows: Elite Energy 35, Elite Answer, 30 draw, 50-60 pounds
Optics: Maven C.1 10x42 Vortex Diamondback 10x42
Arrows: Easton Axis 300 Easton Camo Hunter XX75 2315/2415 Gold Tip XT Hunter 300
Releases: TruBall Stinger TruBall BT Gold 4 Finger
Rests: QAD HDX Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Trophy Ridge Tack Driver NAP Nighthawk Hamskea Hybrid or Trinity Hunter: Rip Cord Rest:
Broadheads: Magnus Stinger/Buzzcut Black Hornet/Ser-Razor
Vanes: Blazer, Fusion X Qii, Bohning X Vanes, Bohning Heat Vanes
Sights: Trophy Ridge Peak V5 GWS AR-19 Single Pin
Quiver: Bohning Lynx 4 Arrow
Stabilizer: Hi-Tek
Bow Press: Last Chance Archery EZ Green
Targets: Morrell Targets High Roller 21 YJ 450
Treestands: Gorilla Climbing Treestand XOP Vanish Treestand API Outdoors Huntin' Sticks with Lone Wolf Versa Button rope modification
Camera: Canon Rebel t6i 18mm-55mm kit lens
Mic: Movo VXR10
Full Saddle Hunting Setup:
11mm Static Line:
8mm Accessory Cord:
Carabiners: Black Diamond, Mad Rock,
EZ Hunter Sit Drag:
Ropeman MK Ascender:
Foam Pad:
Primal V Step:
Black Diamond BOD Harness:
Tethrd Phantom and Predator Platform:
Packs: Badlands Monster Fanny Pack: 3V Outlaw II Sling Pack:

Making the Shot: 79 Yards, High Winds, Tough Lighting

Making the Shot- Small target, long yardage with high winds, variable lighting & poor footing. The bottom line is shooting in the wind can be downright stressful. Add an element of tough lighting conditions and you've got Mother Nature's 1, 2 punch to any archer. In this video pro archer, John Dudley, walks you through one of his favorite technical shots from the tough Nock On Course at the Total Archery Challenge in TX, a 79 yard ram across a creek with high winds and tough lighting conditions. Here’s how to do it perfectly!

Critical Archery Tips for Success in the Hills

Shooting in hills or mountains can create a lot of challenges for archers and bowhunters. For many, these challenges are unknown or misunderstood. Every target placed on the Nock On Courses at the Total Archery Challenge events serve a purpose for learning and developing archery skills. They are technically challenging and you must think them through in order to be on point. It’s not just about making the shot, it’s taking the opportunity to think through the shot, then make it happen successfully. It’s a chess board with pieces set to bait you into a mistake. Here’s a video from John Dudley of Nock On Archery providing tips to making the perfect shot on the slopes. Make no mistake about it, these details separate the successful archers and bowhunters from the unsuccessful. If you’re watching this video and haven’t watched the video series “ARC FLAWS” be sure to check them out. In the meantime, here is how to make the perfect shot on the slopes.

Making the Shot: High Winds & Long Distance

Shooting archery in high winds can be some of the most stressful shooting conditions to shoot in. Combine a long distance target with the high winds, and you've got one of the most difficult archery scenarios. In this segment of Making the Shot, John Dudley of Nock On Archery demonstrates the perfect execution of managing this particular shot scenario while shooting a 101 yard bedded ram with a serious crosswind. Not only does the ram blend into the rocky backdrop, you also have to manage your pin covering the entire target at that long of a distance. Dudley will teach you the importance of properly managing your front sight/rear sight and what it means to check your 6 and 3 when looking through your peep. He will also teach you how to compensate for arrow drift in the wind and how to stay committed to your shot sequence through the gusty wind. These are all valuable lessons when it comes time for you to make your shot in similar conditions.

NRTR 3 - How to Time a Bow

Nocked and Ready to Rock - episode 3: John Dudley offers maintenance tips for compound bows in a 13 video series from Nock On TV.

John Dudley's Transition from 3D Archery to Target Archery - Jocko Willink & John Dudley

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John Dudley gets schooled by a wolf

Here's me getting my butt handed to me by a wolf imposter! Truth hurts, but i keep it real and take the good with the bad.I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!



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