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Measurement Song to Roar Oakwood Elementary


Measurement Song to "Roar" Oakwood Elementary

4th graders sing a song about Measurement to the tune of Katy Perry's Roar

Lyrics by Dorothy Dalton

I used to try this chart inside my head
I figured out this crazy song instead
To learn my measurements
To learn my measurements

Length, weight, and capacity
Conversions are now easy
Now I know measurement
Now I know measurement

1,000 grams, a Kilogram
100 centimeters in an m
1,000 m, a Kilometer
Get ready 'cause I've learned my stuff

I know it now, I'll show you how

And we know:

There's 12 inches in a foot;
36 in a yard;
3 feet in a yard;
And that's how you measure length
That's how long something is (repeat 3x's)
And that's how you measure length

16 ounces in a pound;
2,000 pounds in a Ton;
1,000 grams in a kilogram;
And that's how you measure weight
How heavy something is (repeat 3x's)

2 cups in a pint;
2 pints in a quart;
4 quarts in a gallon;
And that is capacity
That's liquid and volume (repeat 3x's)
And that is capacity!

"Soar" (to the tune of "Roar") by 2nd Graders at Trice Elementary in Texarkana, Arkansas

What a great way to teach Arkansas history! Hats off to these students and their teacher, Anna Moore!

With a little help from their teacher, these 2nd grade students wrote their own lyrics to the tune of one of their favorite songs, Roar by Katy Perry.

They incorporated state symbols, famous Arkansans, landmarks and much more into their song. This video played during an Open House at Trice Elementary. The video gave the audience goosebumps. They will remember this forever, because they created it, and it was FUN at the same time!

The Rock Cycle Song Oakwood Elementary

The Rock Cycle (by Dorothy Dalton) to the tune of Iggy Azalea's Fancy

I'm pressed in layers: Sedimentary
It's the rock cycle; rocks change now can't you see
I'm hot and pressured; Metamorphic
It's the rock cycle; changes all around us
I'm hot and melted; I am Igneous
It's the rock cycle; changes all around us
I-G-G-Y, I-G-G-Y-Igneous-Igneous!

Oakwood Elementary Talent Show: Tumbling Twins

Tumbling Twins

Oakwood Elementary A Drama of NC History 1600's-1800's

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

AACPS Digest - Quarterfield & Oakwood Elementary School Digital Classroom Donation

With an understanding of how essential technology is to a classroom, the Rotary Club of Glen Burnie has helped to local schools in a big way, presenting Google Chromebook devices to Quarterfield and Oakwood elementary schools. In partnership with the Rotary Club of West Anne Arundel County and the Helping Teachers Teach Foundation, dozens of the devices will help our youngest learners to be even more successful. County rotary clubs have been making these generous donations to our schools for several years.

Kindness reigns at Oakwood Elementary School

Oakwood Elementary students practice kind acts and reinforce kindness, respect and acceptance during a full-school assembly.

We all scream for ice cream at Oakwood Elementary School

Oakwood Principal Joy Jones surprised her students and staff with a summertime treat at school by hosting an ice cream delivery service.

Measurement Songs with Mrs. Rice

Measurement Songs with Mrs. Rice gives a good summary of all the units of measure used in a 3rd grade/4th grade curriculum.

National Walk to School Day at Oakwood Elementary

On October 8th, hundreds of students and parents from Oakwood braved the weather to participate in Walk to School Day.

2014 ADVANCE Graduation Oakwood Elementary

2014 ADVANCE Graduation Oakwood Elementary
Song: Marks of a Mission
Artist: Charles Billingsley

Cindy Cordts Oakwood 3rd grade

Cindy Cordts, 3rd grade teacher at Oakwood Elementary in the Peoria (AZ) Unified School District, is the October 2013 winner of the Excellence in Education award from Taylor Morrison and 99.9 KEZ For info or to nominate an excellent teacher, go to keyword Excellence

The Measurement Song

Official band website.

MP3s available for download at the following links

iTunes 99 cents per song:

Amazon 89 cents per song:

Join the thousands of parents, teachers, and kids who are Rockin the Standards across the nation! Rockin the Standards makes 2nd 6th grade academic standards easy to remember.

Rockin the Standards performs live shows for screaming tweens and their parents and teachers. Book a live show for your school event at

Download the lyrics for FREE at the band website

Listen to song samples of The Place Value Rap, Quadrilateral Dance, Mean Mode Median, Triangle, The Angles Song, Parallel or Perpendicular, The Measurement Song, Perimeter Area, The 3s Song, The 4s Song, The 6s Song, The 7s Song, The 8s Song, The 9s Song at

Oakwood Elementary Spring Music Concert 2017

The students from Oakwood Elementary School invite you to join them for their spring concert, directed by music teacher Donna Johnston.

2014 2015 Oakwood Elementary ADVANCE Graduates

2014 2015 Oakwood Elementary
ADVANCE Graduates
Song: Christmas, Like a Child
Artist: Third Day, Sony Music Entertainment
All Rights Reserved

2016 2017 Oakwood Elementary ADVANCE Graduates

2016 2017 Oakwood Elementary ADVANCE Graduates
Oakwood Elementary 5th Graders
Song: Jesus, Light Up the World. COPYRIGHT: Third Day. 2006 Essential Records. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Song: I SMILE. COPYRIGHT: Russ Lee 2000. Sparrow Records. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

B Ball Comes to Oakwood Elementary School

A new afterschool basketball program at Oakwood Elementary School is reinforcing life skills like teamwork, cooperation, listening, communicating and following directions. Oh, and the kids are having fun!

Ezra turns 3 (Roar Cover Song)

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A little compilation I made for my daughter who also happens to be my favorite person.

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This is a math video lesson to help you with new math, math tricks, and or simple math questions you may have.

standard measurement song

Year 1 Math, Lesson 63 , Measurement- Words for Measuring Length

Teaching Math to the first grade students, lesson 63, by Peace And Happiness Foundation



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