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Measurement Song to Roar Oakwood Elementary


Customary Unity of Measurement

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Customary Unity of Measurement · Gigi Baba Shadid

Middle School Math Music

℗ 2008 Gigi Baba Shadid

Released on: 2008-10-05

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The Measurement Song


YouTube - We Know the Measurement Song.flv


Measurement Song to Roar Oakwood Elementary

4th graders sing a song about Measurement to the tune of Katy Perry's Roar

Original Lyrics by Dorothy Dalton

I used to try this chart inside my head
I figured out this crazy song instead
To learn my measurements
To learn my measurements

Length, weight, and capacity
Conversions are now easy
Now I know measurement
Now I know measurement

1,000 grams, a Kilogram
100 centimeters in an m
1,000 m, a Kilometer
Get ready 'cause I've learned my stuff

I know it now, I'll show you how

And we know:

There's 12 inches in a foot;
36 in a yard;
3 feet in a yard;
And that's how you measure length
That's how long something is (repeat 3x's)
And that's how you measure length

16 ounces in a pound;
2,000 pounds in a Ton;
1,000 grams in a kilogram;
And that's how you measure weight
How heavy something is (repeat 3x's)

2 cups in a pint;
2 pints in a quart;
4 quarts in a gallon;
And that is capacity
That's liquid and volume (repeat 3x's)
And that is capacity!

Review: basic measurement

Here’s my contribution to the TouchCast Dropbox collaborative channel. #o
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Measurement Song Roar

Measurement song to roar by Katy Perry

Converting measurement song 4th

measurement song

TeacherTube User: Duncanchristina

TeacherTube URL:

This is a math video lesson to help you with new math, math tricks, and or simple math questions you may have.

standard measurement song

Rozy and Ginger's measurement song

If you need to measure but have no tools, just follows this song and you can't go wrong

Measuring Song

This song helps students in identifying where to start measuring on a ruler.

Created by Alexandra Murphy - s0242996.


Converting Measurement

How to convert units of measure using an input/output table.

Measurement songs 1

Measurement song

Songbook project

In May/June 2018 we teamed up with Brian Irvine and young musicians at Oakwood Primary School (Easterhouse, Glasgow). Every class in the school from P1 – P7 made their own song from scratch: choosing their topic, making the words and developing the tune, before composing whizz Brian took away their material to arrange it for Red Note musicians Ruth Morley (flute), Tony Moffat (violin) and Robert Irvine (cello).
The result was a rollicking, exuberant premiere of The Oakwood Songbook by all the creative artists involved, featuring unstoppable earworms such as ‘Fifty Thousand Tiny Dogs Called Beckett’, and ‘I’m So Hungry (I Could Eat A Tank Of Ten Small Jellyfish)’.

The Measurement Song

For grade four math, to the tune of You are my Sunshine.

The other night dear,
I lay not sleepin,
An' I wondered how big my room is,
I found that, with a
personal referent,
I could measure it, man Im a whiz.

I like to measure,
I like to measure,
Things like area or time,
when you can measure
It gives you pleasure,
Yes it makes you feel so fine.

My older brother,
Is in the army,
At 18 hundred hours he eats,
I know what that means,
At 6 oclock pm
My brother has a plate full of beets.

Measurement Song

Measurement song

Measurement Song!

Measurement Song

Oakwood Video

This is a video of Oakwood Elementary School.

Happy - Pharrel Willams

2016 Measurement Song!

Measurement conversions to the tune of Roar by Katy Perry
Oakwood Elementary



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