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Cómo hacer una Dieta Alcalina de modo sencillo, por el Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch

Cómo hacer una Dieta Alcalina de modo sencillo, por el Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch, en la X Feria Alimentación y Salud, que tuvo lugar en Balaguer (Lleida) los días 21 y 22 de Octubre 2017.

Licenciado en Cirugía y Medicina por la Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. Trabajó muchos años con niños como oncólogo pediátrico hasta que dados los escasos resultados que obtenía con los tratamientos convencionales y, sobre todo, viendo día a día el enorme sufrimiento que con ellos les causaba abandonó definitivamente su práctica.

Hoy, veinte años después y tras formarse ampliamente en disciplinas que no se enseñan en las facultades de medicina, aborda el cáncer de una forma holística teniendo en cuenta ante todo el principio hipocrático de “Lo primero, no hacer daño”. Tratamiento que tiene en cuenta los aspectos psicológicos y emocionales además del físico, ámbito éste en el que desintoxicar, resolver posibles carencias vitamínicas, minerales, ortomoleculares, enzimáticas y hormonales potenciando así el sistema inmune y equilibrare el organismo bioenergéticamente son pasos siempre útiles y necesarios.

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Slow Food terres de Lleida

Dolça Revolució

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Historia de los Fenicios 《Documental》


अर्थशास्त्र एवं अर्थव्यवस्था को समझे आसान भाषा में​ || Economics

अर्थशास्त्र एवं अर्थव्यवस्था को समझे आसान भाषा में economics and economy

10 Secrets Hidden Inside Famous Locations

See more at
We all recognize these World Famous emblematic landmarks, but you'll be surprised to discover the secret places hidden inside each of them. From secret rooms to hidden bathrooms, discover them all as we look at 10 Secret Places Hidden Inside Famous Landmarks.

10. The Eiffel Tower, Paris
Gustav Eiffel, the man who's company built the Eiffel Tower was no fool, as he built in a secret apartment for himself right at the top. This is where Monsieur Eiffel would greet esteemed guests, including Thomas Edison. Today the secret room is open to the public.

9. One Times Square, New York
We all recognize the famous building caked in video screens. But what's inside? Surprisingly nothing! Well, not nothing, but the building is full of abandoned offices as the company that owned it went bankrupt in 1992 and sold it to an advertising firm.

8. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Within this historical landmark is a secret room sculpted into the rock. Hidden inside behind a 1200 hundred pound granite capstone, are the USA’s most important documents, including the Declaration of Independence.

7. City Hall subway station, New York
The City Hall subway station has been abandoned since 1945 as the new trains were too long for making such a sharp turn in the tunnel. You can see City Hall now however, if you stay on train No. 6 until the end of the line when it turns back using that station.

6. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas
There is a wide system of hidden tunnels beneath the main entertainment street of Las Vegas which are currently home to several hundred homeless people. The tunnels run for miles passing under iconic places like Caesar's Palace, and despite the occupants, can flood with over a foot of water with very little warning.

5. The Empire State Building, New York
Everyone knows there’s a lookout platform on floor 102, sure. However, if you work there or are a VIP, you can enjoy the view from the 103rd floor too, where there’s a secret room with a low balcony.

4. The Papal Apartments, Vatican
Within the Vatican, the Pope conducts meetings with world leaders in Cardinal Bibbiena’s former bedroom. Hidden inside this meeting place is an entrance to a secret bathroom decorated by Raphael Santi in 1516 with anything but Holy paintings.

3. Cinderella Castle, Disney World
Inside the magical Disney Castle there is actually a luxury apartment suite. However even the world's richest millionaire's can't reserve it. The only way to stay there is by being lucky enough to win Disney World's suite lottery every January.

2. Statue of Liberty’s torch, New York
There used to be a staircase leading up to the balcony inside the torch that Lady Liberty holds. But in 1916, the torch was damaged by an explosion, and tourists were banned from it forever. The torch was replaced in 1986, however it still remains closed to the public.

1. Niagara Falls, Canada
Carved into the side of the Niagara Gorge is the small Cave of the Evil Spirit. According to Indian legend, many years ago an evil spirit became trapped in this cave. From then on, everyone who visits it will be cursed with a life of misfortune.

Which of these secret places surprised you the most?
Comment Below!

How to Learn Code (The 3 Main Ways)

Free Training To A Brand New High-End Career (limited time only 2018)

Should you go back to school for a 2nd bachelors in Computer Science? Are bootcamps worth it?

For Tutorials I recommend Derek Banas:

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Panama part 2/10 - One hour 4K footage of the wildlife in the Soberania jungle

One hour extended footage in 4K of some of the birds and other wildlife of the beautiful country of Panama, filmed in the Soberania National Park. Link to full 10 part series:

Footage in this compilation includes Boat Billed Heron, Central American Agouti, Blue Crowned Manakin, Red Crowned Manakin, Crimson Crested Woodpecker, Coati and Tiger Heron.

For licensing up to 4K: 1-800-208-3340 -

© The 4K Guy 2018

Using AdRotate in WordPress

Using AdRotate in WordPress

The Mathematical Mysteries Of The Universe [Documentary] 2016

Human beings have always looked at nature and searched for patterns. But what do patterns tell us? Why should the spiral shape of the Nautilus' shell be so similar to the spiral of a galaxy, or the spiral found in a sliced open head of cabbage? There are still many unanswered questions that keep physicists and mathematicians busy to this day.

What makes life complete? | Gaur Gopal Das | TEDxMITP

Gaur Gopal Prabhu explains how Life is like a jigsaw puzzle and we can only experience completeness when all pieces are in their right place. Explore the different dimensions of life and put them together to make it holistic and fulfilling.

For over 2 decades, Gaur Gopal Das has been guiding students, celebrities and corporate leaders all over the world.
Based on the timeless wisdom coming down from ages, his talks make the audience think deeper and find simple solutions to difficult problems.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning?

What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning?



Ask A Physicist:

Smart Learning for All:

Second Thought:

For questions:

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

It could be possible that one day, billions of years from now, the Earth will stand still. But chances are good that other events that will occur before that, such as the sun swallowing up the planet. With that being said, there isn’t a chance that the Earth will suddenly stop spinning anytime soon. But let’s just assume for a moment that the Earth did suddenly stop rotating, and take a look at what would happen to us, and the planet.

Our planet spins at its equator 1000 miles per hour as it orbits the sun. But, as you get closer to the poles, the rotation is slower. Without this rotation, life as we know it wouldn’t be possible. It is said that billions of years ago, our planet used to spin much faster than it does now. In the beginning of our young solar system, an unknown planet or large celestial body collided with the Earth, and in that collision, the Earths alignment and rotation were changed, and the moon was formed. Since then the Earth’s rotation has been slowing down. It is said that the moon used to also spin faster than it does now before it became tidally locked with the Earth.

Tidal locking is the name given to the situation when a moon or planetary object’s orbital period matches its rotational period. Coincidentally, it is the same fate that affects every single large moon orbiting a planet. A great example of this is our own Moon.
In our early Solar System, both the Earth and the Moon rotated independently of each other.

But the Earth’s gravity grabbed onto the tidal bulges and slowed down the rotation of the Moon. To compensate for the loss of momentum in the system, the Moon drifted away from the Earth to its current position, about 230,000 miles away.

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हमारा ब्रह्मांड कितना बडा है ? How Big is our Universe in Hindi?

The Universe is all of time and space and its contents.It includes planets, moons, minor planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, and all matter and energy. The size of the entire Universe is unknown.

The earliest scientific models of the Universe were developed by ancient Greek and Indian philosophers and were geocentric, placing Earth at the center of the Universe. Over the centuries, more precise astronomical observations led Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543) to develop the heliocentric model with the Sun at the center of the Solar System. In developing the law of universal gravitation, Sir Isaac Newton (NS: 1643–1727) built upon Copernicus's work as well as observations by Tycho Brahe (1546–1601) and Johannes Kepler's (1571–1630) laws of planetary motion.

Further observational improvements led to the realization that our Solar System is located in the Milky Way galaxy, which is one of many galaxies in the Universe. It is assumed that galaxies are distributed uniformly and the same in all directions, meaning that the Universe has neither an edge nor a center. Discoveries in the early 20th century have suggested that the Universe had a beginning and that it is expanding at an increasing rate.The majority of mass in the Universe appears to exist in an unknown form called dark matter.

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological description of the development of the Universe. Under this theory, space and time emerged together 13.799±0.021 billion years ago with a fixed amount of energy and matter that has become less dense as the Universe has expanded. After the initial expansion, the Universe cooled, allowing the first subatomic particles to form and then simple atoms. Giant clouds later merged through gravity to form galaxies, stars, and everything else seen today.

There are many competing hypotheses about the ultimate fate of the Universe and about what, if anything, preceded the Big Bang, while other physicists and philosophers refuse to speculate, doubting that information about prior states will ever be accessible. Some physicists have suggested various multiverse hypotheses, in which the Universe might be one among many universes that likewise exist.

Aakhir hamara Brahmand(Universe) kitna bada hai, Humara Universe aakhir kaise bana, iska ant kaha hai...aise hi kuch sawalo k jawab iss video main main leker aaya hu...
Universe itna amazing, itna huge, itna vichitra hai ki ise samjh pana bahut mushkil hai...
agar aapko Universe k baare me janna acha lagta hai to iss video ko pura zarur dekhe...

All about our universe :

In this video : We captured below points

1.Star size compare
2.Big bang
3.Galaxies in Universe
4.Speed of light
5.Deep Space
6.Super Cluster
7.The Cosmic Web
8.Observable Universe
9. the scale of universe
10. how was the universe created

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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism,
comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be
infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Osama Bin Laden Raid Documentary FULL

स्पेशल ऑपरेशन्स: इंडिया ‘म्यानमार’ हिंदी एपिसोड | Special Operations: India 'Myanmar' Hindi Ep

उत्तरपूर्वी भारत में हुऐ इस दशक के सबसे घातक आतंकी हमले में १८ जवान शहीद हुए थे। भारतीय सेना के लिऐ इस का जल्द और कड़ा जवाब देना ज़रूरी था। देखिये #स्पेशलऑप्सइंडियाम्यानमार की सच्ची कहानी |

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QAnon's Triangle of Puppet Masters: The House of Saud Part Three: Mohammad bin Salman and The Purge

Relevant Article
QAnon's Triangle of Puppet Masters: The House of Saud Part Three: Mohammad bin Salman and The Purge

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Developmental biology lecture | embryo development

Embryo development - This developmental biology lecture explains different stages of embryonic development in details. It includes the explanation for fertilization, morula, blastula and gastrula in step by step. It also explains the neurulation in frog and chick embryo. it explains the morphogenesis pattern in drosophila development.
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Alimentación Alcalina y Antiinflamatoria - Charla Online - Instituto NutreCELL

Nuestra experta te cuenta todos los beneficios de la alimentación alcalina y antiinflamatoria, con teoría, consejos prácticos y la sesión de preguntas y respuestas de los asistentes a la charla online. ¡Disfrútala gratis ahora!

Learn French with Alexa Polidoro Free french Lesson 1

You want to learn french quickly, easily, with a fantastic teacher ? Do you know Alexa from Learn French with Alexa is so fun ! Here is one of here Free lesson, only for you ! You want more ? Go and learn french at !

Jon Stewart on Osama Bin Laden killing in Pakistan

Jon Stewart on Osama Bin Laden killing in Pakistan in abbotabad



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