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Introduction To Microbiology

Microbiology seems tough? Here we simplify this subject and make it an enjoyable one! Start with us in microbiology, and hopefully you will enjoy and learn at the same time.

0:11 - Definition of microbiology
0:21 - Benefits of microorganisms
0:49 - How do we categorize microrganisms
1:12 - Hierarchy of biological classification
1:55 - Differences between Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
2:23 - Eukaryotes kingdoms
2:42 - Bacterial Nomenclature
3:13 - Different shapes of Bacteria
3:52 - Bacterial architecture
5:11 - Gram staining
5:43 - Difference in plasma membrane of Gram +ve and Gram -ve Bacteria

Introduction to Microbiology in Hindi - Microbiology with Sumi

Here in this video, I have given Information on Introduction of Microbiology in Hindi.

CAREERS IN B.Sc MICROBIOLOGY - M.Sc,DEGREE,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

B.Sc MICROBIOLOGY CAREERS. Go through the career opportunities of B.Sc MICROBIOLOGY, Govt Jobs and Employment News channel from – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit for detailed Career information, Job Opportunities, Career growth, Salary Package ,Higher education details of B.Sc MICROBIOLOGY.
Just like how one professes and involves deeply in any niche of science, there is Microbiology. In this three year undergraduate course, you learn everything about Micro organisms and their importance in your life. It is detailed niche field of Science and students get to learn a lot about another variety of science.
A BSc in Microbiology is a detailed field of science where one gets to learn everything about the life and use of micro organisms. It is a very micro leveled study of science.
A student who has completed his study in Microbiology will have enormous openings in the Public sector firms and also get jobs in Private sector organizations. Various undertakings have opened up abroad that offer employment opportunities for Bachelor of Science in Microbiology graduates.
Private sector also provides a lot of job chances for Bachelor of Science in Microbiology pass outs. However, the most common field of work for Microbiology aspirants in this sector will be research organizations. They can also opt for taking up teaching profession as well. The salary packages of students doing BSc in Microbiology will depend on the job profile and also the area in which these graduates are working. They will not only work in the fields of Microbiology but also in some other allied fields if possible. Thus, you must look for that perfect opening and root for that:-
The most common job profiles for students of BSc in Microbiology in the Private sector units include:
• Medical Microbiologists
• Agricultural Microbiologists
• Industrial Microbiologists
• Marine Microbiologists
Apart from taking Bank Jobs or civil service exams, BSc in Microbiology will offer various options in proper Government jobs also. However, these graduates need to attend several tests that are conducted by Government boards to get well placed in these Public sector firms. Research fields however is a good option for these graduates. You will be mostly called a Microbiologist if having passed from this field. You can also make your job in teaching with Microbiology. Even that is yet another lucrative choice.
The salary packages are not so good at the start but it will gradually increase. A beginner in this field can earn in the range of Rs.10000/- to Rs.15000/- per month. With good experience and higher studies, one can attempt and even look forward to a higher remuneration as well.
The common areas of employment for students of BSc in Microbiology at the Government sector include:
• Development laboratories
• Food Industry
• Beverage Units
• Chemical Industries
• Hospitals
• Pharmaceutical Sector

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introduction to microbiology lecture 1 urdu /hindi

This is the lecture 1 of micro biology that explain the classification of microbiology and give you the basic idea of microbiology.

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A tour of the Microbiology Lab - Section one

BSC Microbiology ll Details ll Career Options ll Jobs ll Msc ll govt jObs

The video will give you detail information about microbiology admission, govt jobs , private jobs, msc options , research institutes.

Microbiology , CULTURE MEDIA , PART 1

Easy exam tricks in microbiology for sterilization disinfection kya hai? 100% exam.hin

Easy exam tricks in microbiology for sterilization disinfection kya hai? 100% exam.hindi.for Mbbs BDS MDS bpt nursing students

Aiims pg Microbiology Part 1 mcq

Microbiology - Bacteria (Structure)

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Microbiology - Overview

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Biotechnology vs microbiology vs zoology - Which career to choose from Life science field?

Biotechnology vs microbiology vs zoology - Which career option to choose from Life science field - This lecture explains about which career option to choose between applied biology like biotechnology and microbiology vs classical biology like zoology, botany and physiology. If you are confused about choosing career option after Bsc in life sciences. It is better to chose applied biology like microbiology and biotechnology to do further studies like Msc. and phd in life sciences.This video also guides you to know the better job opportunity after graduation in Bsc and Bsc in biotechnology, microbiology zoology etc.
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Microbiology-1(Important concept): GPAT-2019

It gives clearcut information about microbiology and helps you to understand a question in gpat exam.

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Ch3 Kya hai Microbiology? PathogenCommensal Hindi

Hindi mein samjhei ... microbiology .MBBS nursing bpt bmlt 12th 10th lab technician s

Microbiology - Viruses (Structure, Types and Bacteriophage Replication)

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Lecture 18 Introduction to Microbiology

Lectures Series on Water & Waste Water Engineering by Prof C.Venkobachar, Prof. Ligy Philip, Prof. B. S. Murty
Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras.
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Crash Course Microbiology

#microbiology #crashcourse

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Microbiology, along with mathematics, chemistry, and physics, is one of the fundamental branches of basic sciences. The knowledge and detailed study of microorganisms and their functions can establish its use in a variety of applications, from medical, food and environmental, agricultural and industrial field.

Streak Plate Technique Microbiology 2016

How to Make a Streak Plate

This video will dive into the art of making a good streak plate.

Please note: At the end of the video, TJ is explaining what a good or bad streak plate technique looks like.
Most of the streak plates in the video show isolated colonies, which is the main point of a streak plate; however, the technique used was not always the best on the example plates.

What is Microbiology?

What Is Microbiology?

What is microbiology?

Microbiology is a branch of biology in which we study microscopic organisms, which can be unicellular, multicellular or acellular.



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