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Minecraft Fort..


Minecraft Fort...

Minecraft Fort...

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Dream finds a fort out in the middle of nowhere. There's a dumb kid (sapnap) in the fort, what could possibly go wrong...

Minecraft Fort...Animatic

Minecraft Fort...Animatic
Audio from @Dream Shorts



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Building A Minecraft Castle The Right Way (According To Mojang)

Building A Minecraft Castle The Right Way (According To Mojang)

People have been making castles in Minecraft for years but is there are right to make them? In this video we take a look at how Mojang would make a castle using the book Minecaft Medieval Fortress as our guide. I fully recreate the example castle to see how well it holds up to modern Minecraft building styles!

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#MinecraftCastle #Guide #Building

Minecraft: How to make a working Castle Gate (easy)

This tutorial shows you how to make a working Castle Gate In Minecraft 1.16. With the tricks in this tutorial it should be easy to build this castle gate in survival minecraft. :)
If you are building a medieval city in Minecraft or a huge base, like MumboJumbo AND Iskall85 AND Grian on the Hermitcraft Minecraft Server. This castle gate is a cool thing to add and a Minecraft Trick you should know. :)

A Minecraft Tutorial on how to build a working castle gate in Minecraft. If you want to make a medieval gate or entrance in Minecraft this is the right video!

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The materials to make an easy elevator in Minecraft:
Redstone Dust - 26
Piston - 9
Sticky Piston - 3
Button - 4
Repeater - 9

Redstone Torch - 4
Fences - 12
Gravel - 12

White Concrete - (optional)
Any building Block - (optional)

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Epic Siege in Minecraft - part 1/2

Epic Siege in Minecraft - part 1/2
Map by Roi_Louis - Holycube Castle

Game version 1.7.10
- Custom NPCs
- LOTR Mod
- Archimedes Ships
- Total War: Rome - Death Approaches
- Dawn of War II - Vindication (Ambient)
- Total War: Medieval II - Darker Skies Ahead
- Total War: Napoleon - The Battle of At Arcole
- Total War: Empire - Armada
- Total War: Medieval II - Brothers Together
- Mount & Blade II Bannerlord - Age of War
- Mount & Blade II Bannerlord - Steppe Battle
- ?Mount & Blade Warband: 1257 AD - Rus1?
- Total War: Medieval II - Secret Sandals
- Total War: Medieval II - Going Home
- Sounds of combat and speech: Stronghold, Total War and Mount&Blade games
- Duende Sounds

Defending my Minecraft Fortress from a Pillager Raid | Minecraft Timelapse [Download]

I built a medieval fortress in Minecraft 1.14, to bravely defend my villagers! Just kidding I hid behind the walls... But! It was still a fun build. It has several towers, some potion defenses, some berry bush spikes, some cannons on the walls! I had a lot of fun playing on it, and I hope you do too. Thanks for watching.

Here's the download, and some notes:
- Interior is incomplete
- Java edition 1.14
- It looks like vanilla terrain... its a flatworld.
- The original world seed: -1503605856070253594

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[Finale part 1 and 2] by Alexander Nakarada
[Wanderer] and [Norour] by Alexander Nakarada
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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Recorded with Replaymod and OBS
#Minecraft version 1.14
Optifine version 1.12.2
Shaders: Chocapics!


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Hi! My name is Noobas!
I am doing funny Minecraft Battle Noob vs Pro vs Hacker vs God challenge for kids =)
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#minecraft #noobvsprovshackervsgod #noobvsprovshacker #noobvsprovshacker #noobvspro

Noobas ~ present a funny minecraft machinima. It's Family Friendly video animation For Kids.

Music: Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution

Minecraft: How to build a Blackstone Castle | Tutorial

Hi guys! In this tutorial, I show you how to easily build a large Blackstone Castle in Minecraft. This fortress is perfect for you as the main base of your clan or something similar. This Blackstone Castle looks monumental and majestic. If you want to be respected by other players on your Minecraft server, then you definitely need to build such a Blackstone Castle. I will be glad to new subscribers! [Tutorial 1.16]

I hope you like it :)

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0:06 | Overview of the house
0:46 | Material
0:52 | Construction

Minecraft 1.16.1 version
Shader: BSL

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Castle in the sky by ROFEU
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Lights by Roa
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Galaxy Voices by Cauzmonote
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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✔ How to Make a Castle Gate in Minecraft

A castle gate with a cool new feature using the chain item/block-thingy. Enjoy! :D

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Music by C418.

Minecraft: How to Build a CASTLE | Minecraft Building Ideas

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Minecraft: How to Build a CASTLE | Minecraft Building Ideas

0:46- Building Frame
2:16 - Building Decorations for Wall
4:23- Building Wall
6:51-Building Floor
10:00- Buiding Lights

Hello Everyone! In this minecraft tutorial I gonna show you how to build a castle in Minecraft. With this build your base gonna be really good secured.

Shaders: BSL
Resource pack: Vanilla
Minecraft: 1.14.4

One Team Production


How to Build a FORTRESS in Minecraft!

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Today we take a look at an awesome FORTRESS filled with tonnes of redstone contraptions! From castle entrances through to mob turrets.


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Minecraft | How to Build a Small Fortified House [Easy 5x5 System]

Andyisyoda 5x5 building system tutorial to build a small fortified house in minecraft. Minecraft 1.16.1 Java Edition Build. Shout out to JJCake for design tips.
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Want to know more about Minecraft? Minecraft is an online virtual sandbox type game where people of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. Nearly everything on Minecraft is built and designed by the players. Each player starts by choosing a character and giving it a name. They can then explore Minecraft having fun by chatting and working with other players to survive in survival mode or even create huge structures with an unlimited lego like set of blocks. Each player has their own land and a virtual toolbox with which to make creations — be it a castle, mansion or a giant arcade machine for example. There are lots of multiplayer games and servers through which players learn to cooperate.

Minecraft Fort... Minecraft Animation

Minecraft Fort... Minecraft Animation

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Dream finds a fort out in the middle of nowhere. There's a dumb kid (sapnap) in the fort, what could possibly go wrong...

Minecraft Fort... (but it’s an animatic)



Oh, also, I might do the Reality TV Show short.. I don’t know, though. I’m working on a long video, at the moment, so who knows-

Minecraft Small Castle Tutorial [How To Build]

In today's video i'm going to show you how to build a small castle in Minecraft 1.14!!

This tiny castle is easy to make for Minecraft Survival!! Let me know if you want to see a larger version of this castle for an upcoming Minecraft 1.14 Tutorial!

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How to Build a Minecraft Castle Fort (EASY!)

Minecraft Fort Tutorial (Easy!):

This video will teach you how to build a medieval fort, barracks, castle in Minecraft 1.14. Hope you all enjoy this easy tutorial on how to build a minecraft castle fort!

Mods: Replay Mod, Cam Studio

Music by zomorocks26

Minecraft: How to Build a Small Castle | Small Survival Castle Tutorial

A great build for those who like medieval style builds, This build is a great addition to your survival world! this castle includes a barracks, horse stable, storage, armory, blacksmith area and much more! This build also includes a moat to keep out all enemies.

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Shaders in video: BSL Shaders
Texture Pack: No texture pack

C418 - Beginning 2
C418 - Haunt Muskie
C418 - Aria Math

#Minecraft #SmallCastle #SurvivalCastle #Howtobuild #Survival #Starterhouse #Castle #EasyMinecraftBuild

How to build an Awesome Wooden Castle for Minecraft 1.15 Survival

How to build an Awesome Wooden Castle for Minecraft 1.15 Survival

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How To Build Castle Walls in Minecraft

Ready to build a castle wall in Minecraft? This video will teach you how to design your own while showing off 5 simple castle wall designs!
I make very quick tutorials on everything in Minecraft you never knew you wanted! Hang out with me as we get better at Minecraft together!

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Celtic Impulse by Kevin MacLeod
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Minecraft: How to Build Castle Walls
by Mysticat / MysticatLive / Mysticat Live
#minecraft #minecraftcastle #minecraftbuild



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