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Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the copper golem!


Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the copper golem!

The copper golem is built out of copper. But by whom? By you! Just like all other copper structures, it oxidizes over time and it also enjoys randomly pushing copper buttons. Vote for the copper golem during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the next new mob!

Who will get your vote this year? The darkness seeking glare, the player-built copper golem, or the dancing collector allay? Tune in to Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT to cast your vote and change Minecraft forever!

Copper Golem, Allay, and Glare! Which Mob Should Be in Minecraft? Minecraft Live 2021

What mob should you vote for during Minecraft Live 2021? The Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem are all very unique and fun. I go through each of the mobs in the mob vote. Then I tell you what you need to know, and what I think of each.

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- Origin Realms has two great animations of the mobs they made
- Glare
- Allay
- Cobber Golem

- VelVoxel Raptor has made addons
- Glare
- Alley

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Minecraft Live 2021: The Mob Vote

Vu, Tiny Jens, and Jens take us through the exciting vote where the glare, allay, and copper golem face off for a chance to join Minecraft. Even though the polls have closed, you can still relive the action over and over again!

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote For This Shiny Robot

Minecraft has published a video about the Copper Golem, the third (and apparently final) mob we can vote on at Minecraft Live 2021!

Watch the reveal of the Copper Golem here:

This mob would be constructed by players, in similar fashion to Iron Golems and Snow Golems. Copper Golems would also introduce copper buttons, which they would love to press, and eventually they would become statues as their copper plates aged. But would the different ages of golems behave differently? How about the different ages of buttons? Let's consider the possibilities!

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COPPER GOLEM With GAMEPLAY | Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote 1.19

Will the Copper Golem be the new mob added to Minecraft?

Chapters :
00:00 - Intro - Copper Golem Addon
00:30 - Minecraft Live Event
01:01 - Copper Golem Trailer
02:06 - Copper Golem features
03:04 - Crafting options
06:06 - Copper Golem behavior
10:25 - New copper button
11:26 - Copper Golem oxidation
12:46 - Gameplay ideas
16:18 - Questions
17:09 - Outro

The third new mob that we will be able to vote on is here, The Copper Golem! This little robotic new mob loves to randomly walk around pushing buttons, which we show in the add-on created by Velvoxel Raptor (video linked below). The copper golem may serve as an excellent aesthetic part of your worlds, adding life and purpose to it, being a decoration of sorts, or can even be used as a redstone randomizer!

Velvoxel's Copper Golem Addon:

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Ruining Minecraft Live's Copper Golem [Minecraft 1.19]

Mojang just announced the new Copper Golem Minecraft mob for the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote! So... I ruined it.

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#MinecraftCopperGolem #MinecraftLive2021 #CopperGolemMob
The Copper Golem is an interesting new Minecraft mob which may be in the Minecraft 1.19 new update. This new Minecraft mob which will likely be released in Minecraft 1.19 [if it wins the Minecon Live Mob Vote] randomly presses copper buttons and can oxidize. Copper Golem randomizer, anyone? Its fate will be decided at Minecon 2021 during the Minecraft Mob Vote, where it will go up against the Minecraft Glare and the Minecraft Allay. This is how we got Minecraft phantoms and Minecraft glow squids. Will Dream rig the Minecraft Mob Vote this time?

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the glare!

The glare warns you when you’re in an area that is dark enough for monsters to spawn! How does it let you know? By getting super grumpy, of course! Vote for the glare during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021: ALLAY, COPPER GOLEM, GLARE | Everything to Know!

This year at Minecraft Live we will vote between the Allay, the Copper Golem, and the Glare! The winning mob will make it into Minecraft in the next update! In this video we take a look at all of the confirmed info on the three mob vote mobs!



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the allay is the best easily

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NEW Copper Golem Mob! 1.19 Minecraft Live 2021 Vote

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New mob to be voted for in minecraft live 2021 stream. Copper golem mob has special abilities for pushing copper buttons and might be coming out for 1.19. More News videos:

Allay mob review:
Glare mob review:
Minecraft live mob video:

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NEW Copper Golem Mob! 1.19 Minecraft Live 2021 Vote
When is minecraft 1.18 coming out- christmas
minecraft update today is for 1.19
minecraft 1.18 release date
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Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay!

Give an allay a collectible and it will come back with matching items or more of the same! It also loves to dance and will drop your items by a note block if there’s one nearby! Vote for the allay during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

Vote for Copper Golem in Minecraft Live 2021

do it
minecraft live is happening as this video is being posted. DO IT
Minecraft live 2021

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The Colonel Reacts to Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the Copper Golem!

The Colonel Reacts to Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the Copper Golem!

I react to the newest video from Minecraft today regarding the 2021 Minecraft Live event. I am so excited to watch this event LIVE with all of you again this year.
October 16th at 12 PM EST at

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Minecraft Live 2021: Introducing new mobs Reaction!
We have three new mobs for you to vote for during this year’s Minecraft Live! Join Tiny Vu, Tiny Agnes, and Tiny Jens for an introduction to the – wait, where did Tiny Agnes go?? Hopefully Tiny Jens will find her before the show starts on October 16 at noon EDT!

Minecraft LIVE Mob Vote Reaction 2021

#minecraft #minecraftlive2021 #minecraftlive

Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote - Glares, Allays, and Copper Golems!

Minecraft Live 2021 is just a day away now, and as they've done every year recently Mojang is giving us another vote to determine the future of the game. It is once again a mob vote, and there is plenty to be excited about with this one, but also plenty that people seem confused about, so let's fix that.

Will you pick the fiesty Glare with its ability to find dark areas in your base? The Allay that can help collect items? Perhaps the Copper Golem that will push buttons like nobodies business until he oxidizes and becomes a statue? Let's take a closer look at each and see what they really bring to the game!

Minecraft Live :
Livestream YouTube :
Livestream Twitch :

Event start time :

-- Timestamps --
00:00 - Intro
01:45 - Basic overview

05:50 - Mob opinions
10:50 - Outro

--- Music used ---

Lakey Inspired - Island
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Why You Should Vote for the Copper Golem - Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote

Remember that this is my personal opinion, and even though I am telling you that you should vote for the golem, you do not have to. I am also always welcome to hear your ideas and reasons for the other mobs. I hope you enjoyed the video about my thoughts on the Copper Golem. Have a great day!

Glare Article:

Allay Article:

Copper Golem Article:

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Produced By White Hot

Pushing Copper Buttons! | Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021: The Copper Golem!!!

Today in Minecraft, I Talk about the Final Mob up for voting in this years Minecraft Mob Vote, The Copper Golem! This one has so much promise! But does it beat out the Allay for me?

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ALL NEW COPPER GOLEM Information | Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote

ALL NEW COPPER GOLEM Information | Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote

In this video I am going to be talking about the new Minecraft Copper Golem Mob.

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NEW COPPER GOLEM MOB - Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote

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Everything You NEED To Know About Minecraft's New Mob Vote! Minecon 2021, Glare, Allay, Copper Golem

Minecon 2021 is nearly here! This year we get to vote on Minecrafts next newest mob! We have 3 totally new and unique mobs to choose from, each with their own set of features! The Glare, The Allay, And the Copper Golem! Today i tell you everything you need to know about all 3 of these mobs and their features! Voting happens during Minecon live on october 16th! If you liked this video, consider subscribing for more ????

Stay tuned for more minecon content!

Watch Minecon live, oct 16th!

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COPPER GOLEM + NEW STRUCTURES? - Minecraft Live Mob Vote!

One of the new mobs revealed this year by Mojang is the Copper Golem, a solitary mob that is waiting to be built. However, a lot was hinted at by Mojang about the new update...

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