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Mom is jealous of me because I am too smart


Mom is jealous of me because I am too smart

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My Mom Is Jealous Of Me Because I'm Very Pretty

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My Jealous Mom Feeds Me Fatty Foods to Look Prettier, I Revenge By Becoming a +Size Model

I will start by giving you a bit of info about my family. I am a single child. My mom is a supermodel and my dad is a regular office worker. I don’t know how they met but, they seem to love each other a lot. That’s a good thing, I guess. The only problem is me. I feel like I am an unwanted child. My dad treats me as if I am invisible.

My Parents Love My Sister More Than Me

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Hi, everybody. My name is Jacob, and I'm 15 years old. You have probably realized already that I have a younger sister. Her name is Ariana, and our parents love her more than they love me. I’ve noticed that the youngest siblings are always the parents’ favorites. You probably have as well. But what can one do about it? Well, I have an answer to that question. Subscribe to the channel, and I will tell you the story of how I fought for the attention of my parents and what came out of it.

I Became A Millionaire And My Evil Stepdad Begged Me To Help Him

My name is Isabel. A few years ago my dad had a heart attack at work and passed away. His sudden death changed our lives forever. My mom had no job and no marketable skills either. We had some money saved up from when my dad had been working. At first, we were getting by on that. But soon that money ran out, and things got bad. We weren’t able to pay our bills. One day, my mom said to me, “Isabel, I want to talk to you about something important. Our landlord Ted wants to marry me.

My Hair is 2 Meters Long | Animated Story

But I will begin with a short story about myself. I am the most popular girl in school, and I was able to achieve popularity due to my hair. My classmates and friends have often said that this makes them jealous of me.
At school, everyone called me Rapunzel, and such a nickname even flattered me, because this heroine has always been my favorite Disney princess, and since childhood I wanted to be like her. So at an early age, I told my mother that I would never cut my hair again.
Since then, I have never really cut it. And for so many years I was able to grow a length of 2 meters, which gave me a lot of problems. For example, every day I had to do some kind of hairstyle for several hours so that my hair wouldn't drag on the ground. But despite this, I got a lot of advantages.
I am known all over the state, I have several awards from city beauty contests, a prize for the most luxurious and long hair, as well as photos in fashion magazines, where I was repeatedly invited.
Of course, there were cases when envious people tried to do something terrible with my hair. For example, at another beauty contest, a girl threw gum at me while I was sleeping in my hotel room. When I woke up, I was terrified because I thought that I would have to cut my hair down to my shoulders. It's good that my mother was with me. She knew how to remove the gum with oil.
As you can imagine, I really valued my hair and never imagined myself with a short hairstyle. It was my image that meant a lot to me. However, my life was soon turned upside down, because I learned the terrible news.
Recently, I have been feeling severe headaches, malaise and constant fatigue. At first, I put all my symptoms down to stress, because I was carefully preparing for my annual exams and college matriculation every day. But when I started to see double, I got scared and decided to consult a doctor.
I expected to hear that this is the result of prolonged stress, but it turned out to be much worse than I thought. They found a tumor in my brain, and when I heard about it, I fainted right in the doctor's office.
When I came to my senses, I hoped that the diagnosis was just a work of my imagination, but, unfortunately, my hopes did not come true. The doctor explained to me that my life was not in danger, and the tumor could be removed, which of course made me happy. However, what I heard next shocked me.
For successful treatment, I had to go through chemotherapy and surgery. When I realized that I would have to say goodbye to my hair, I couldn't gulp down my tears. The doctor immediately gave me a sedative, and also set a date for chemotherapy.
I walked home in a haze. I had so many thoughts, which only made my headaches worse. I didn't know how to tell my parents this news, and I didn't know how to go through all this hell. I already imagined myself as a bald freak that everyone would laugh at.
When I got home, I immediately told my parents that I had a brain tumor. At first, there was a long silence, and then, barely gulping down tears, they hugged me and told me that everything would be fine.
I understood that they wanted to support me and encourage me, but their words did not make me feel better. Besides, I noticed how the atmosphere in our house changed in a few days: it became hard for me to be in it. Mom often cried, and dad often locked himself in his office and stayed there for several hours.
I could stay in my room for a long time, just looking out the window and thinking that my life would never be the same again. I was really scared, even despite the optimistic forecasts of doctors. I was afraid something would go wrong.
A few days later, I went to my first chemo session. When I noticed that my hair did not start to fall out, I was very happy, but my joy did not last long.
While I was sitting in the cafeteria, my classmate Greg came up to me and pulled my hair slightly. He always did that, and I was used to that kind of attention, so I didn't get mad. But on that day, I could not hold back my emotions, because with one light movement he tore off a large clump of my hair.
I yelled at him and insulted him, then ran away from the school. Though, I could not avoid the terrible consequences of chemotherapy, because a few days after this procedure, my hair quickly began to fall out.
At home, I told my parents that I would not go to school again until I was completely cured. They were sympathetic to my problem and arranged with the principal to transfer me to distance learning...

I Was Jealous Of My Twin Sister

By Gray | Ready to wear it out loud?” Merch store open, SHOP NOW: | Subscribe: | Record your story @ or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story.

Growing up, Gray loved being a twin. Her twin sister Hope was her best friend. They were always together, always, and had each other's backs - they truly had each other. Their parents didn't even worry the way other parents did because the twins kept each other out of trouble, kept each other playing by the rules. They didn't fight, didn't get jealous or competitive.

They were twins AND best friends. They had everything in common, dressed the same way, liked the same things, had the same room, same school, same classes and even shared the same friends. Everything they did, they did as twins, together.

And everyone around them was always so interested to know what it was like to be a twin, even said they wished they had a twin and looked at Gray and Hope as if they were the luckiest sisters alive. And for a while, Gray thought that too.

But as they got older Gray started to realize that being a twin wasn't going to continue the way it had when they were younger, that it might not be as fun as she had thought it would be because as they got older, they got different, they went on different paths - started to have their own personalities and started liking and choosing different things for their lives.

Hope became one of the popular girls. She started wearing the latest and coolest teen fashion trends, had tons of friends, even joined the theater club. Hope got super involved with the school and helping with all the causes and she started going out every night, partying with her friends and dancing.

But Gray didn't become one of the popular girls, at least not right away, and instead, she just felt alone. And after awhile, she didn't just feel alone, but she started to feel like she was living in her sister's shadow, maybe started feeling a little bit jealous too. She was just a student in her school that everyone compared to her sister. Jealousy is a powerful thing.

Gray felt this pressure, that twins were expected to like and do and be the same things. If Hope got a car, Gray felt like she had to get a car, but hers didn't seem quite as nice as her sister's. If she came home with straight A's on her report card everyone seemed to expect that Gray would get the same grades.

She started to feel really bad about herself, felt like her parents were always bragging about her sister and never having anything to say about her. She felt so awful, and so much pressure to be like her twin sister, that she fell into a real depression, felt isolated and anxious. And then, she grew jealous, really jealous of her twin sister. She envied her. And that envy hurt her self-esteem. Now the person who she had felt was always just by her side, now she felt like Hope was above her.

So, Gray started trying to be more like her sister, trying to wear fashionable clothes and hang out with all the other popular kids - but it didn't work - it just wasn't who Gray was.There were so much resentment and depression. And so finally, after so many years, Gray looked in the mirror and realized she was her own person, and she was fine with that. Fine with the differences between her and her twin - happy to be herself.

And now, even though they are in very different places in their lives, and Gray is still working on herself and her self-esteem and recovering from her fight against depression, and Hope is off at college, Gray knows they both still love each other. She had the realization that she is who she is and loves herself. She knows that no matter what, she will always have someone to talk to, because no matter what, she will always be her twin sister.

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I Made Millions On TikTok And My Toxic Parents Tried To Take All Of My Money

Hi friends, my name is Ava. I'm 17. Unfortunately, I don’t see my family anymore. I don’t pick up the phone when they call. I’ll tell you why in a little while. All I ask is that you let me know what you think after hearing my story. Who do you think is right? Them or me? My parents began dating during their freshman year of college. My mom got pregnant unexpectedly. They were really young but their parents made them get married. I was born soon after the wedding. Because they were still students, they had neither the time nor the money to take care of me. My mom’s parents said they could take me in and look after me. But back then, they lived in another city, really far away. My parents used that as an excuse to never come visit me.

[Part 1] Played Pranks On Couples- But It Bit Me Right Back

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Played Pranks On Couples- But It Bit Me Right Back

Hey, Milo here and let me tell you something about love. Well, love totally sucks. At least that's how I felt after my cheating ex Deana broke my heart…ouch!
Deana's 16 months, and 15 days older than me…not that I was counting or anything. I first met her in the park one morning, the heel on her shoe had broken, and being a sucker for a damsel in distress, I ran to the nearest store and bought her an emergency pair of flip flops.

She offered to take me out to lunch to say thank you, then we hit it off. And that’s how we started dating, we quickly fell madly in love despite the age difference. But then she had to go off to college, but it would just take a year being apart from each other because she'd made me promise to apply to the same school as her so we could be together. The future sounded amazing, I couldn’t wait till graduation and start a new life with her in a new city.

It was our 10th month anniversary, so I tried to be romantic and showed up at her place with a surprise bunch of flowers - but that’s when I caught her in bed with some college guy! Talk about a bummer! I actually think I felt my heart snapped in two! I was so angry I threw the bouquet to the ground and didn’t forget to stomp on them a few times on my way out.

So, I took the train home and turned into that miserable guy who HATES love. To make it even worse, Valentine’s Day was approaching and loved-up couples were everywhere!!! What a disgusting sight!!!

If I couldn't have a happy Valentine's Day, then neither could anyone else! So, I decided to mess with them.

My friends were the money-making kind, so naturally, they wanted to cash in on the day of 'lurve.'
If your heart is still intact then you have no idea how much it sucks feeling heartbroken and being surrounded by chocolates, flowers and fluffy teddy bears holding hearts!

But I’d already agreed to help them as I figured I could spend the extra money on a gift for Deana, but obviously, this was pointless now!

My Mom is 80 and I'm 15 Years Old | Animated Story about Old Mother

My mom was very busy building a career when she was young, and was sincerely persuaded of the fact that she was a child free. Mom says she was greatly annoyed by the children and didn’t understand how one, being of sound mind, could voluntarily give birth to a child.
Even when relatives and friends tried to reach out to her that sooner or later she would regret her decision and would want to become a mother, she laughed and said that when retired she would go to a nursing home, hire a personal waitress there and slowly sip mojito, looking at evening sunset.
After all, the people around her were right, and at the age of 60 my mother became very sad from the fact that she didn’t have a child or a kitten and she decided to get toddlered at all costs. But the doctors said that at her age it was almost impossible and advised to get a pet.
But my mother is not one of those who give up, and therefore, by the age of 65, she proved to everyone that one can become a mother at any age, if there’s a will… That’s how I was born.
Mom says that my father was a sailor, and while she was pregnant with me, he drowned during one of the voyages. I don't know if that’s a truth, because we don't even have a single photo of him. I only know that his name was Joseph, he was as handsome as a god and 15 years younger than my mother.
In short, my mother became a single mother, but this didn’t bother her at all. She hired a babysitter for me almost from the first days of my life and continued to carry on her business, which she started 40 years ago. The babysitter, on the other hand, was my closest person until the age of 10, and everyone usually considered her to be my mother, which I was incredibly happy about.
Yes, I cannot deny it, I was very sorry that the babysitter wasn’t my real mother, because I began to be ashamed of my real mother already in the kindergarten. And when someone found out who this elderly woman was to me, they started laughing at me and asking a bunch of stupid questions.
Moreover, one might understand when those were children who did it, but sometimes adults, seemingly presentable people, couldn’t help commenting. Oh, girl, you said ‘mother’ to this old lady, is she really your mother? Has she adopted you? or Poor baby, how unlucky you are to have such a mother ...
That’s just creepy how all these words hurt me. I was already ashamed of my mother, and at such moments I even hated her. Once I even told my mother that she was my shame and it would be better if she didn't give birth to me at all, because she needed me only to stroke her ego.
And as a result, by adolescence, I had a huge insecurity about my mother, I hated her, hated myself and started lying to everyone that she was my grandmother, and my real mother had died. For some reason, I decided that it would be easier in such a way.
Once my mother and I came to a vegetable store, the seller of which I told a fictional story about my grandmother the day before. And who knew that these two would decide to talk and... And that the seller would sympathize with our family about the fact that I was an orphan child.
At first my mother didn’t understand what she was talking about and proudly said that she was actually a mother, not a grandmother... And then the seller said: “How? After all, Amanda herself told me a sad story from her life and called you a grandmother. When an awkward silence hung in the air and everyone was waiting for my answer, I turned to my mother and said that she had problems with memory again and that in fact I was her granddaughter, so it was time for us to go home to take medicine.
My words cut my mother to the heart; she cried for a long time and didn’t talk to me for about a week. I wasn’t sorry for her at all; on the contrary, I was angry with her that she proudly calls herself my mother, thereby shaming us.
A week later, my mother still decided to have a dialogue with me. She said it hurt her that I was ashamed of her and that I was her long-awaited and beloved girl. She asked me to be more tolerant toward her and try to accept her. But her words didn’t move me to pity at all, but, on the contrary, drove me wild. I said that she should have thought earlier, when, at the age of 65, she decided to have a child and that she was a real egoist, because she gave birth to me in her old age, without thinking what my life would be like with such a parent...

I Marry Billionaires With This One Trick

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Story Time Animated 2

I grew up poor. And when I say poor, I mean poor. I was homeless. My parents had abandoned me when I was just a toddler. My uncle had managed to raise me himself, but eventually he died when I was just 13 years old. I didn't want to move into a foster home, and definitely not an orphanage, so I decided to run away. I learned to live on my own, and I managed to get by. But it was hard. Very hard. Let me tell you my story.

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It was hard learning how to survive on my own. I only had a few belongings, and no money at all. It was also pretty dangerous for a young girl like me to live out on the streets. But I taught how to defend myself, and pretty soon I was part of a gang of homeless people, and we all looked out for each other. I was smart - I knew how to manipulate people, and how to talk to them in order to get what I wanted.

But life was really tough. I barely got enough food to keep me from starving. I lived under a bridge, and sometimes I could hear the rats crawling around me. When I was young, many kind people offered me food and water, and gave me money, but as I grew older, people became less and less generous. I guess it was because they thought I was old enough now, so I could earn myself some money.

I did try to get a job. I really did. But no one wants to hire someone who's wearing raggy clothing that has holes in them, or who smells like a dumpster. So, I had to try to earn money in different ways.

Okay. Now, I don't like talking about this part. You see, I had to sort of… break the law. I stole. I'm not proud of it. But sometimes I would go to a grocery store, or a supermarket, and I would steal some food. But I couldn't help it! I was starving, and if I didn't steal that food, then I would die. But then again, stealing isn't always the answer.

Anyway, I managed to steal myself some nice clothes and some soap, and I prepared myself for my first job interview. It was at this huge company, and I was going to be working as a low-paid assistant. But I was fine with that. As long as I could earn myself enough money to get by, I was happy.

I got ready for my first job interview. I was wearing some long pants and a jacket. When I entered the room, I was so scared the employer would realize I was actually a homeless person in disguise, but they didn't seem to suspect anything. The interview went great.

They told me they would call me if I got the job, but I didn't have a phone! So instead I asked them to send it to my email, and after that, each night I would log onto a computer at a nearby internet cafe, who's owner was a good friend of mine. He didn't care that I was homeless, and let me use the computer to check my email.

Days passed and I didn't get any email. I was starting to think I would stay homeless forever, but then on the fifth day after the interview, I got an email from the company! It read:

I followed My Crush To The Closet, instantly regrets it

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I have always been a bit of a loner. I was the girl that no one ever wanted to be friends with, and quite frankly I didn’t care really. I wasn’t bothered about having lots of friends. I had something better than that. I had a secret crush.

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When I was at school, I was always the girl sitting in the corner on her own eating her lunch. It had always been that way. I was used to it. I had one friend, Lucy, but she went to a different school. I wished that Lucy went to the same school as me. Then I would have someone to hang out with. To eat my lunch with. To chat about boys with.

I wouldn’t say I was miserable at school, but I definitely wasn’t happy. Then one day that all changed. A new boy joined our class. His name was Simon. He was tall and had big brown eyes. I thought he was the most good looking boy I had ever seen. I didn’t tell him that of course. I was far too shy to do that.

He was good at everything. He soon became a member of every school sports team. I had never been interested in sports, but now I made sure I watched every game. I just loved watching him running around the field. My days were much better now.

I never actually plucked up the courage to speak to Simon. Until one day, I was sitting eating my lunch alone, when Simon walked by.

“Hi.” He said, smiling.

I nearly choked on my lunch.

“H-hi.” I stammered as I coughed and tried to swallow my sandwich.

He laughed in a nice way and carried on walking. I couldn’t believe it. My heart was soaring. I walked home from school that afternoon and felt that life couldn’t get any better.

When I got home Mom was just pulling in the drive way. She had been to the gym. My Mom was a gym freak. She literally went to the gym every day. She looked happy.

“I met a new friend at the gym today.” She said. “She has invited us over for dinner on Saturday night.”

“Do I have to go?” I asked.

“Yes.” Said Mom. “You need to make some new friends.”

Mom told me that her friend, Diane, had a son about my age. As they were new to the area her son was keen to make new friends.

I wasn’t really looking forward to spending a Saturday night with my parents and their friends. But as I didn’t have any other plans, I had no excuse to not go. Saturday came and we drove over to Mom’s friends house. Their house was just like ours, like all the houses in our town. Dad rang the doorbell.

Our Headmistress Steals Stuff From The School Lockers

Hi! I'm Susan. I would never believe this story if it didn't happen right in front of me. There are lots of people that still hesitate, but I have irrefutable proof now.
The point is that my phone conceals the horrible truth... about our headmistress. Can you imagine that she has been stealing from the kids for years? Nobody could.
I found out that accidentally by appearing in the right place but at the wrong time. We would still quarrel and panic if it wasn't for that tiny coincidence. Our school looked like a jail because one was suspecting another. The aggression level was increasing with every fight.
00:00 Susan story
05:23 Headmistress version

My mom is jealous of me

I Turned into a Different Person, After Blood Transfusion | Animated Story about Transforming

I look at the photos taken two years ago and I am horrified. In the pictures, there is a beautiful girl and I understand that she is actually me and I even remember how these photos were taken, but we have practically nothing in common now.
In this particular photo, I am with my friend Jess... with my ex-friend Jess. We have been friends since the first grade at school, used to have a lot in common, and did not quarrel at all. We were as if looking in the same direction all the time. In fact, I adored her, and she loved me too.
But now I do not understand how I actually could share with her the love for rock, black clothes and playing guitar. This doesn’t make any sense... Me and rock, this is funny! In fact, I have completely forgotten how to play the guitar, and I don't even know how to hold it in my hands now.
It all started when I went to the doctor. Horrible boils appeared on my body, they began to spoil my life because after them, pockmarks and scars remained on my skin. I tried everything possible to get treated, but nothing was effective, they attacked my face, neck, arms and even my back. And besides everything else, they were also very painful.
In short, the doctor suggested the last treatment option, which was supposed to surely help me, but this option was very... controversial. He offered me blood transfusion.
If you only knew how fed up I am with furunculosis, then you would understand why I agreed to it without hesitation. Okay, let it be transfusion. In short, it was done on that very day and I had to spend about a week in the hospital then.
Strange things started happening the day after the blood transfusion. I looked in the mirror, which was on my bedside table in the ward, and saw the brown-eyed Didi in the reflection. Just imagine how I felt after living my whole life with sky blue eyes.
On that day, I even asked doctors, nurses, and roommates if they saw that I had brown eyes. I guess that they did not pay attention to the fact that I came to the hospital with blue eyes, so they reacted to my questions in a weird manner. Okay, for strangers, it is forgivable.
But when relatives and friends began to come to me, they all were shocked, to put it mildly, because by that time, not only the color of my eyes had changed, but also my skin color. It was becoming darker and darker, as if I had just returned from a holiday resort.
Doctors said that the changed skin color could be a reaction to the blood transfusion and I just needed to wait for some time. And I almost believed them, but after a couple of days, while looking in the mirror, I noticed that red hair began to grow on my head instead of white hair, and, what’s more, my face was getting covered with freckles.
Oh no, what's happening to me? I was more frightened not by the changes themselves, but by the fact that the doctors really could not tell me anything, except that this was a personal response of my body to the blood that was transfused into it.
A few days later, I was discharged from the hospital and it looked like I started getting used to my new appearance. In fact, it seemed to me that I even became prettier than before. After all, there were no drastic changes, just slight tuning.
But later I was disappointed because my mother made a cheese soup, which I hated, but I was really hungry. Expressing my dissatisfaction, I told my mom that she actually could have cared about her daughter, who had not eaten homemade food for more than a week, and could have cooked something special for her instead of that horrible soup.
Mom rolled her eyes and asked since when cheese soup turned into a guck from my favorite dish. She also said that it was really unpleasant for her to hear such words because the soup had been cooked specially for me.
I thought it over and realized that my mom was right because every week, on Sundays, I asked her to cook cheese soup with croutons for me, like the one that she has made this time. Indeed, I used to eat it with great pleasure, how could I forget this? Damn, what an awkward situation it was.
I apologized to my mom and said that I was just tired. Then, with great difficulty, I began to eat that horrible cheese soup. I felt nauseous and ran to the bathroom. The thing is that the cheese taste in the soup seemed really disgusting to me, like the cheese itself...

I Live in the Graveyard | Animated Story about Brave Girl

The major part of my life I lived with my parents in a small provincial town. We had a small but cozy apartment there; I went to my favorite school, went out with my childhood friends, and on weekends my mother and I baked apple pies. I liked my life and I was sure that it’ll always be the same and that nothing can destroy my traditional lifestyle.
I planned to graduate from school here, then study at the university in a neighboring city, become a beautician and open a beauty studio in my area. And then I would get married, give birth to a daughter and bake apple pies with her on weekends. But, as they say, if you want to make God laughing, tell him about your plans. And that’s exactly how it happened.
The beginning of the end came when my parents started quarreling often. Mom didn’t like that dad was staying late at work and didn’t spend any time with his family. Dad reproached mom for squandering and said that our expenses exceed income and that it’s simply impossible to live like that. I watched all this and understood that we were going straight down the drain and soon the parents would either divorce or... I won’t even voice the second option.
But there was also a third way. At some point, my dad decided to take a risk and go all in. He took a big loan to buy a car service center without my knowledge and my mother's and left documents for our house as guarantee. I won’t even try to understand what he was thinking at that moment, but the deed was done and there was no going back.
Soon, dad opened a car service center, but the cost of its maintaining was many times higher than income. In general, everything went somehow wrong and therefore, 6 months later, dad lost his business, and my mother and I lost our house. In fact, our whole family found ourselves on the street and we were filled with despair: no house, no money... We were completely at a loss and didn’t know what to do and where to go.
It was decided to stay at the small house of our family’s friends for some time. Oh, what a shame it was to set our feet on their neck and cause discomfort. And that's why the parents tried to come up with something as soon as possible.
But we didn't have to think for a long time, because we found out that my father’s elderly relative had died for a couple of years ago and she had a house, which would be inherited by my father, since that old woman had no other relatives. We were glad that the problem was solved by itself and we didn't care where our new house was and what it was like.
After claiming an inheritance and legalizing the necessary documents, we went there without hesitation. The fact is that the maps led us to the cemetery and we were sure that this was some kind of mistake, so we decided to ask a passer-by to show us direction to the address. The passer-by strangely looked at us, then at the address, then at us again and waved his hand into the depths of the cemetery, saying go there. Ummm ... Is this a joke?
In short, dad decided that we need to go through the cemetery and on the other side of it there will be a settlement. So we moved forward. A minute later, we saw a house among the monuments and graves. A real dwelling house... Mom laughed, saying that we must come here, but dad was in no laughing mood, because this was our new home. Damn... But there’s still no choice, so it’s worth trying to find some advantages in our new home.
It was an ordinary house inside, which wasn’t repaired for several decades and was overgrown with spider webs and a thick layer of dust. So, first of all, we started cleaning, and it was decided to postpone worries about the strange location of our new home for later.
In the evening, when we were going to bed, I felt so bad and scared that I wanted to run away anywhere, just not to spend the night here. Especially creepy it was when I looked out the window and saw graves there. How had it happened at all that this house was built right in the middle of the cemetery? I asked my dad to find out and he promised to go into this question the next day.
The first night was terrible. We slept in the light, which was turned off several times. Outside the windows we could hear the sound of the wind and some rustles, after each of which I jumped up from fear. Personally, I never closed my eyes all night, and in the early morning I heard a knock...
It was like a horror movie. My heart was beating at a speed of 300 beats per minute and I was completely at a loss because of fear. Parents also heard this sound and they also felt uneasy, and dad immediately went to the door. But there was no one there...

7 Signs Someone is Secretly Jealous of You

Today, we explore the signs someone is jealous of you! If you want to know the signs of envy, or whether someone is jealous if your relationship or something else with another person, this video is for you!


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Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing) and Maverick (animation) for helping to create this video!

They Tried To Sell Me For Millions

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00:00 I Was Sold To Rich Parents
10:38 My Brother Tried To Sell Me For $50,000
22:16 My Girlfriend Started Having Lots Of $$$
33:00 I Took Revenge On My Parents

I Have 10 Days To Live Unless I Become A Millionaire

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I’m Joseph and I’m only fourteen years old but I’ve had quite a rough life so far. When I was three years old, my parents died in a plane crash and nobody else in my family wanted to take care of me. So I was sent straight into foster care. I’ve been in and out of several foster homes and I’ve never been lucky enough to get adopted. But I’m okay though. For the past three years I’ve been sharing a home with 8 other kids. To be honest this has been my most comfortable foster home so far. My foster parents don’t really pay much attention to us so we do what we feel like doing most of the time. Everything was as normal as it could be for foster kids until one calm day in the summer.

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We lived near a forest and during our days off from school we’d often go exploring together. I mean, there was nothing to do in the house anyway so we had to find a way to occupy our time. Our foster parents weren’t rich enough to buy us all computers and other electronic devices so we had fun the old fashioned way.

One particular summer afternoon we decided to explore further than we ever did. My siblings were all there; there was Nina (the cutest one) who was only three years old, Nina’s brother Fred who was five and Josiah and Jacob who were twelve-year-old twins. Monique was fourteen like me and she was my foster parents’ biological daughter. Reggie and Harry were sixteen and Edward was already eighteen but our foster parents decided not to kick him out even though he refused to find a job after leaving high school. There were so many of us it was hard to keep track of everyone most of the time.

But that afternoon we were all together running through the forest like wild animals.

“Ooo Joseph what’s this flower called?” Nina asked while hopping with joy. She loved being out in nature.

“I don’t know but it’s pretty just like you!” I said and I put it in her hair.

She ran ahead to meet the others while I walked slowly collecting strange looking rocks for my rock collection. We had been walking for quite a while and I hadn’t realized we had gone further than we ever had. Suddenly, I heard some shouting ahead.

“Joseph! Come quickly! Look at this!” it sounded like Fred but everyone else was shouting.

I ran ahead to see what the fuss was about. I found everyone near the entrance of a little cave.

“Did everyone else see what I just saw?” asked Monique.

“I feel like I’m dreaming.” said Edward.

I pushed them aside and walked inside.

“All I see is darkness.” I said.

Edward handed me his cellphone and turned the light on. I flashed it around.

“’s just an ordinary cave Edward.” I said.

I Googled My teacher And Found Out His Disturbing Truth

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Mr. Anderson was my favourite teacher. He taught History class, and he always seemed to make the most boring subjects feel so interesting. He was by far the best teacher at my school - maybe even the country. But he was hiding a secret from all of us. A disturbing truth. But, more on that later.

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So, back to the story. I wasn't exactly a good student. I mean, sure, I wasn't one of the worst students, but I wasn't exactly always on time with my homework and assignments. My other teachers never liked me because of this, and that's why I never liked them. But not Mr. Anderson. He made me want to try my best in History class. I wanted to make him proud, and so did everyone else in the class. It wasn't a coincidence that History was my best subject.

I'm sure some of you watching this video know what I mean when I say there are many different types of teachers. There's the lazy one - the one who doesn't even care about teaching, they're just there for the income. Then there's the angry one - they're always yelling and shouting at the littlest things. For example, my maths teacher is an angry type. One time, I accidentally scraped back my chair a little too loudly, and my maths teacher gave me detention. Crazy, I know. And then there's the good one - the teacher who is actually passionate about teaching, who actually makes classes fun, and who isn't too strict either. That was Mr. Anderson.

I looked forward to History class everyday, and I always made sure to fill in my homework to the best of my potential. In class, instead of just reading textbooks and watching boring documentaries like other typical History teachers, Mr. Anderson would make us do fun games that helped us remember facts in an easier way. Like, we've all heard of the Civil War, right? Well, Mr. Anderson had us split into two teams for either side, and we'd take turns throwing fake grenades - in other words, balled up pieces of paper - with questions on them. If you were hit by a fake grenade, then you had to answer the question within 10 seconds otherwise you're out - or dead, in other words. It was so much fun!

Mr. Anderson also had so many interesting stories to share. He seemed to have lived everywhere. When he was young, he taught in Indonesia. Then he moved to France, then the U.S. He had so many fun stories to tell. Like his famous Alaska story.

I was backpacking in Alaska two years ago. Mr. Anderson would say. It was December, and the place was full of Christmas lights and Christmas trees. It was really beautiful. Anyway, I was staying there with a couple of friends and we were having a blast. Really great place, I recommend it to you kids to go visit someday - if you haven't already. Anyway, my friend, his name's Arnold, made a bet with me that he could earn the most money by doing some sort of street performance. You see, we were pretty broke, so we really needed the money. I accepted his bet, and we each started up our respective performances. Arnold started up juggling, and he actually got around to 4 items. He was a pretty good juggler. He earned like… a hundred bucks or something. It was pretty impressive.

What about you, Mr. Anderson? I asked. What was your performance?



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