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Moringa Documentary - the 'miracle' tree


Moringa Documentary - the 'miracle' tree

The Moringa Documentary from the Discovery Channel shared here for educational purposes. Visit for the health benefits of moringa. This tree is possibly the most nutrient-rich plant-based food in the world. This documentary looks at the incredible benefits of this fascinating tree.

Discovery Channel Documentary of Moringa Oleifera The Miracle Tree

Today, there is an epidemic of cancer, chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. This is because we do not eat what we are supposed to eat. Many people today are also deficient in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body cells and help prevent cancer according to the National Institutes of Health (

The miracle tree, Moringa Oleifera, is now available to you and will change your life as you know it (90+ verifiable health benefits found in this plant). For more information visit:


Moringa - The Miracle Tree - Discovery Channel documentary

Discovery Channel documentary about the Miracle Tree known and used for millenarian cultures around the world.

Discovery Channel Documentary: Moringa Tree Of Life

This chronicles the way the Moringa plant helps the residents of Africa. This amazing plant gives life in this documentary and is truly a miracle plant. Judge for yourself.

Miracle Moringa: The Documentary

Kevin Harrington, original Shark on Shark Tank endorses and interviews owners of Miracle Moringa!

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Moringa - "The Miracle Tree" & "The Elixir of Long Life"

Moringa – The “Miracle Tree”

The powerful benefits of this tree mostly come from its tiny leaves (leaf powder supplement). But you can also benefit from moringa pods, roots, bark, or seeds.

Moringa leaves are loaded with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and more. One hundred grams of dry moringa leaf contains:

• 9 times the protein of yogurt
• 10 times the vitamin A of carrots
• 15 times the potassium of bananas
• 17 times the calcium of milk without the lactose
• 1/2 the vitamin C of oranges
• 25 times the iron of spinach
• 12 times the vitamin E of almonds

Now science has confirmed the many benefits of this herb. Here are the benefits of using this superfood.

Fight inflammation This herb was traditionally used to treat ulcers due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. And now research shows it can prevent inflammation in the liver. These anti-inflammatory properties can prevent other diseases like arthritis, leaky gut, and cardiovascular disease.
Fight cancer naturally Two compounds in moringa, have been found to have anti-cancer properties. Moringa antioxidant properties fight free radicals in the body and prevents growth of tumors. This study found that taking one and half teaspoons of moringa powder a day greatly increased antioxidant levels in the blood.
Anti-aging properties Moringa has high amounts of vitamin A which naturally slows aging. It also prevents age-related problems like loss of vision and weak immune system.
Protect the liver Other than protecting the liver from chronic inflammation, moringa protects the liver against toxicity and damage due to its high levels of polyphenols. And folks with liver damage can benefit from it. As you may know, liver affects toxicity in the body, metabolism, and helps digestion.
Treat diabetes This herb helps regulate glucose and lipid levels in the body this consequently lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, and protect cells from damage. Researchers found that women who took 7 grams of moringa powder per day, for 90 days, reduced blood sugar levels by 14 percent.
Improve brain health Moringa is rich in antioxidants which improve brain function. It can also improve mood and relieve stress. Folks with diseases that affect brain function should use it regularly.
Reduce asthma symptoms Moringa can reduce symptoms of asthma and fight respiratory inflammation.
Enhance wound healing Moringa helps blood clot faster and this prevents loss of blood after a cut, it also helps heal wounds faster. These benefits can be experienced from moringa seeds, leaves, bark, or roots.

How to Use Moringa
If you have access to a moringa tree, you can use the fresh leaves in your meals; they have a flavor similar to a radish. Toss them like a salad, blend them into smoothies, or steam them like spinach. Another option is to use moringa powder, either in supplement form or added to smoothies, soups, and other foods for extra nutrition. Moringa powder has a distinctive green flavor, so you may want to start out slowly when adding it to your meals.
You can also use organic, cold-pressed moringa oil, also known as Ben Oil, although it's expensive (about 15 times more than olive oil). Moringa oil, can be extracted from moringa seeds. It is rare because it takes so many seeds to produce a high quantity of oil. The cosmetic industry has long used ben oil in high end beauty creams and moisturizers. Ben oil has a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants and its continued use promotes beautiful and healthy skin.

Get a lot of energy by drinking a tea with moringa, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. Drinking this tea everyday can help you have energy and maintain good health.

Special Precautions & Warnings:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: It’s LIKELY UNSAFE to use the root, bark or flowers of moringa if you are pregnant. Chemicals in the root, bark, and flowers can make the uterus contract, and this might cause a miscarriage.

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Moringa Oleifera Miracle Tree.wmv

Moringa oleifera is a miracle tree with amazing benefits for health and nutrition. The leaves can be made into healthy podwer, the seeds and oil are rich with nutrients.

Moringa oleifera is grown across the world in Asia, Africa, and South America. The young moringa leaves are harvested at and early stage of growth when they are at peak nutritional value. The moringa leaves are sterilized, shredded, and turned into a fine moringa powder that can be used in cooking, taken as a nutritional supplement in capsules or in bulk loose powder.

Moringa oleifera trees produce large seed pods every year. The seeds can be extracted and eaten like other bean seeds, or toasted for a snack. Moringa seeds are also harvested for their rich, delicate moringa oil, which they yield in high quantities when fresh pressed after harvest. Moringa oil is valued because it has high levels of oleic acid, absorbing easily into the skin to deliver powerful anti-aging and rejuvenating nutrients to skin tissue.

Visit Moringa Source today for more detailed information about he amazing moringa oleifera tree and buy organic moringa products for your personal needs.

Video GT cay TrungNgay 201410 The Miracle Tree Moringa Documentary with VI VN Voice Over

Amazing Health Benefits of Moringa Miracle Tree Benefits Of Moringa Seeds, Leaves, Oil, Roots & Tea

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Awesome Health Benefits of Moringa Miracle Tree Benefits Of Moringa Seeds, Leaves, Oil, Roots & Tea

See What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Moringa Everyday,
The Shocking Truth About Moringa -- Moringa: Health Benefits, Side Effects and Dangers!

Moringa oleifera plant is like a super food and almost every part is very beneficial -- leaf, bark, seed, flower, and root -- as tea, in soup, in powder, as snuff, as oil, as capsule, etc. In this video, we take a look at health benefits, side effects, dangers, lies and exaggerations concerning moringa.

Although, moringa has become popular as a leaf powder supplement, the roots, pods, bark, seeds, flower and fruits are also edible.
Moringa is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. It’s a source of vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6,
folate and vitamin C. It’s also a source of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.
Moringa is not in vain called the miracle tree. Here are some of its amazing benefits.
Health benefits Of Moringa

1. Cures Stomach Disorders
Moringa contains isothiocyanates, which are very effective in the treatment of abdominal disorders like ulcerative colitis, gastritis
and constipation. There are studies which have shown that moringa can be used as an effective herbal substitute for a range of
commercially available antacids.
According to a research, it can effectively cure ulcerative colitis. Moringa also contains antibacterial and antibiotic properties which
prevent the growth of various pathogens, including helicobacter pylori bacteria and coliform bacteria which trigger conditions like

2. Protects the Liver
Moringa consists of phytochemicals like epicatechin, ferulic acid, catechin, and vitamin C. These nutrients are very helpful in
protecting the liver. They help to restore the levels of glutathione content in the body and also prevent radiation –induced hepatic
lipid peroxidation. According to a research, moringa leaves are effective against liver damage caused by anti­tubercular drugs, as well
as in speeding up the recovery process.

3. Prevents Neurodegenerative Diseases
According to a recent study, moringa extracts are effective in altering brain monoamines like norepinephrine, dopamine
and serotonin.

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MORINGA - THE MIRACLE TREE! --- Part 03 in Elgin Texas

MORINGA - THE MIRACLE TREE! --- Part 03 in Elgin Texas

Moringa A Miracle Tree || Sohanjana Ke Fayday || Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

Moringa A Miracle Tree || Sohanjana Ke Fayday || Health Benefits of Moringa Powder
Moringa Oleifera, also known as the moringa tree, the drumstick tree, or the horseradish tree, is a small tree that is native to the foothills of the mighty Himalayan mountains in the northern part of India. For thousands of years, this small tree has been cultivated by different cultures throughout India and Africa because of its health benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of the moringa tree is that it can be grown in extremely arid regions where rainfall is in limited supply. It also tolerates a wide range of soils and can be grown in regions ranging from old, depleted pasture land to lands bordering desertification.
The moringa tree has been planted by peasant communities around the world, from arid regions in India and Africa to dry regions throughout Central America and Mexico. As it has gained popularity as a superfood, many people in the global north have also begun to add small moringa trees to their greenhouses.

Furthermore, the moringa tree has no known major pests meaning that it can quickly be established as a perennial tree crop that can be added to different agroforestry systems. The tender leaves and drumsticks are a favorite part of many eastern cuisines and a unique “green” flavor. The root of the moringa tree can also be consumed and has a flavor resembling horseradish. The seeds themselves can also be eaten for a wide range of health benefits that we will explore below.

All of the parts of the tree mentioned above are not only edible for humans, but also can be used as a fodder or forage crop for animals. The high protein content of the leaves make it an excellent supplement to homemade chicken feed and will help produce healthier eggs with bright orange yolks. If you have several moringa trees, you can also harvest the seed pods and feed them fresh to your cows, goats, sheep or other large animals.

In summary, then, the moringa tree is a multi-use tree that thrives in otherwise difficult growing conditions where arid conditions and nutrient depleted soils are prevalent. Almost every part of the tree (except the bark and wood) is edible and offers excellent nutrition to both humans and domestic animals.
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Africa's Miracle Tree: Moringa Oleifera

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😘 What Diseases Can Moringa Cure ⇐ Just Moringa Tree Of Life Drink

what diseases can moringa cure - the indian ayurveda lists 300 diseases that moringa can prevent and cure ...

moringa leaves benefits and diseases they can cure..

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Discovery Channel Documentary - Moringa Oleifera "The Miracle Tree"

If you could only consume one thing daily for your overall health and well being, Moringa Oleifera is the best choice for meeting your daily nutritional needs.

Historically, and scientifically this plant has been proven to offer more health benefits than any other plant.

Moringa Oleifera is recorded in hieroglyphics on the wall of an Egyptian pyramid as the ‘NEVER DIE TREE’ and the ‘TREE OF IMMORTALITY’ it was one of the first daily supplements. Due to its phyto-nutrient density and profile, greater than any other plant, it has stood the test of time.

People seeking to improve their daily nutrient profile no longer have to gamble with their limited resources by playing roulette with their pill juggling of fragmented nutrients.

If you’re interested in the opportunity to learn more and start including this incredible plant in your daily diet, please get back to the person that referred you to this video.

Zija Philippines - Introduction to Moringa Oleifera

Website -

The Miracle Story of Moringa and Zija

The story begins with one man viewing a Discovery Channel documentary on a plant grown in far away lands. As he watched, his interest piqued when he observed people literally being sustained by consuming small amounts of this miracle plant. So he began asking the right questions and the answers arrived from the likes of scientists, biochemists, and pharmacologists the world over. The man asking the questions was Ken Brailsford, a super achiever in the nutritional supplement industry, the founder of Zija and the father of herbal encapsulation.

With two other hugely successful nutrition companies to his credit, he knew this plant was a true nutritional miracle. Mr. Brailsford immediately recognized the potential of the practically unknown Moringa plant. Fueled by the desire to share this miracle plant with the world, he dug deeper. He enlisted the research skills of medical professionals and found stacks of supporting research. The findings were overwhelming. And, with decades of research and studies, the Zija team knew that it was time for the world to learn about Moringa - the Miracle Tree.

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MORINGA TREE (The Miracle Tree)

Introducing the Moringa Tree (The Miracle Tree).

Moringa Oleifera is also known as muringa, the tree of life, the miracle tree, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, and benzoil tree

The Moringa tree is the most widely cultivated species in the genus Moringa, the only genus in the plant family Moringaceae.

Moringa oleifera is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree, native to tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia.

It is cultivated for its young seed pods and leaves used as vegetables and for traditional herbal medicine. It is also used for water purification.

Moringa trees are considered to be an aggressive invasive species.

The tree of life is a fast-growing, deciduous tree that can reach a height of 2m and a trunk diameter of 45cm.

The bark has a whitish-grey color and is surrounded by thick cork. Young shoots have purplish or greenish-white, hairy bark. The tree has an open crown of drooping, fragile branches. The moringa leaves build up a feathery foliage of tripinnate leaves.

Moringa flowers are fragrant and hermaphroditic, surrounded by five unequal, thinly veined, yellowish-white petals.

They grow on slender, hairy stalks in spreading or drooping flower clusters.

Moringa flowering begins within the first six months after planting. In seasonally cool regions, flowering only occurs once a year between April and June. In more constant seasonal temperatures and with constant rainfall, flowering can happen twice or even all year-round.

The Moringa seed pod is a hanging, 3 sided brown capsule which holds dark brown, globular seeds with a diameter around 1cm. The seeds have three whitish papery wings and are dispersed by wind and water.

In Moringa cultivation, it is often cut back annually to 1m and allowed to regrow so the pods and leaves remain within arm's reach.

Moringa Cultivation
The moringa tree is grown mainly in semiarid, tropical, and subtropical areas.

It tolerates a wide range of soil conditions but prefers a neutral to slightly acidic, well-drained sandy or loamy soil.

In waterlogged soil, the roots have a tendency to rot.

The Moringa tree is a sun and heat-loving plant and doesn't tolerate freezing or frost. Moringa is particularly suitable for dry regions, as it can be grown using rainwater without expensive irrigation techniques.

Moringa Propagation
Moringa can be propagated from seed or cuttings. Direct seeding is possible because the germination rate of Moringa oleifera is high. Moringa seeds can be germinated year-round in well-draining soil. Cuttings of 1m length and at least 4cm diameter can be used for vegetative propagation.

Planting Moringa trees
For intensive leaf production, the spacing of plants should be 15 x 15cm or 20 x 10cm, with conveniently spaced alleys (for example every 4m) to facilitate plantation management and harvests.

Weeding and disease prevention is difficult because of the high density. In a semi-intensive production, the plants are spaced 50cm - 1m apart. This gives good results with less maintenance.

Moringa trees can also be cultivated in alleys and associated with other crops. The distance between moringa rows in agroforestry cultivation is about 3m.

Moringa Yield and harvest
Moringa oleifera can be cultivated for its leaves, pods, and kernels for oil extraction and water purification. The yields vary, depending on the season, variety, fertilization, and irrigation.

Moringa yields best under warm, dry conditions with some supplemental fertilizer and irrigation.

Harvest is done manually with knives.

Pollarding, coppicing, and lopping or pruning are recommended to promote branching, increase production, and facilitate harvesting.

Moringa seed pods
When the plant is grown from cuttings, the first harvest can take place 6 months after planting. Often, the moringa seeds are not produced in the first year, and the yield is generally low during the first few years.

By year 2, it produces around 300 pods, by year 3 around 500. A good tree can yield 1000 pods.

In India, a hectare can produce 31 tons of pods per year.

Moringa Leaves
Average yields of 6 tons/ha/year in fresh matter can be achieved. The harvest differs between the rainy and dry seasons, with 1120 kg/ha per harvest and 690 kg/ha per harvest, respectively.

The leaves and stems can be harvested from the young plants 60 days after seeding and then another seven times in the year. At every harvest, the plants are cut back to within 60 cm of the ground.

In some production systems, the leaves are harvested every 2 weeks.

Moringa cultivation can also be done intensively with irrigation and fertilization with suitable varieties.

Moringa Oil
One estimate for the yield of oil from kernels is 250 l/ha. The oil can be used as a food supplement, as a base for cosmetics, and for hair and skin.

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Documentary Discovery Channel documentary Moringa The Miracle Tree Documentary

This is one of the first videos that I saw when I first found out about the Moringa oleifera tree. You have to watch the whole video to see why I decided to spread the word about the miracle tree. Everyone that I've shared the video with and has consumed our products have had outstanding results.

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Miracle tree | moringa tree benefits | moringa tree powder benefits in urdu | sohanjna tree benefits

This video is about Miracle tree | moringa tree benefits | moringa tree powder benefits in urdu | sohanjna tree benefits in Urdu/ Hindi

#sohanjnaTree #MoringaTree
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Moringa Oleifera Tree - Miracle Tree - Growing in Arizona Garden!

Moringa Oleifera Tree - Miracle Tree - Growing in Arizona Garden! These are my 4 Moringa Oleifera Trees growing in my Tempe, Arizona Garden in 2015! Moringa Leaves are known as one of the healthiest foods on the planet! I have not watered my Moringa Trees since May 2015 and from now on they should survive well off native rain only! :)

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