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Mukbang with Toni G Life Updates (Why she married Paul) | Rica Peralejo - Bonifacio


Mukbang with Toni G + Life Updates (Why she married Paul) | Rica Peralejo - Bonifacio

In this vlog you get: RPB’s GFBB or gluten-free banana bread recipe + cream cheese frosting made with coco sugar instead of white sugar; Toni Gonzaga’s rating of my GFBB; Toni’s pandemic, parenting, and Paul thoughts; Toni’s personal book list! ???? What a busog episode this is. Happy mukbang to all my subbies!!!

GFBB recipe is originally from this website: although I sometimes substitute the 1/2 almond flour for coconut flour, which is more affordable, hehe. It works!!! ????????????????????????

Classic Cream Cheese frosting also from them: but I substitute the powdered sugar for simple coco sugar or muscovado, which makes it brown and a bit different in sweetness. Makes it a bit deep than too sweet! ????

Music by Epidemic Sound

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Why Rica Walked Away From Showbiz | Toni Talks

It was very nice to do this catch up with Rica. From reminiscing the good old days to sharing realizations from the hardest decision she made in her entire career, this has just been a fun and enlightening talk.

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WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Celebrating 11 years of marriage (What We Learned) | Rica Peralejo

We turned eleven years this year and we want to share eleven thoughts with you that we have so far learned about keeping the marriage together. I often say falling in love is easy but staying in love is not. And it isn’t even because we cannot stay lovable for each other, but because we are so self-centered. Sometimes it is so hard to love another above the self, isn’t it?

So through the years, God has helped us both to be more other-seeking than self-seeking and we find that while it is so painful to let go of our desires when they clash with the other, the outcome is that it makes for a sweeter, stronger marriage. And in the end, this makes us happier than if we had chosen to please our individual selves.

Marriage is fun, yes, but above all we think it is good for a person’s heart and character. It has changed me for the better. Reminds me of a line from a song from WICKED, which is something I’d also want to say to my husband of 11 years: It hasn’t been easy, Sweetheart, “But because I knew you I have been changed for good.” ❤️

I hope you’ll enjoy the stories we share in this vlog! And I hope you will find time to exchange thoughts with your spouse about these things, too! Advanced happy V Day to you all!
#TheBonis #marriage #anniversary


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Overcoming insecurities: the ugly truth about our beauty standards (GRWM) | Rica Peralejo

I do the makeup I most often do in this vlog, while I talk about my own beauty journey. Napasarap ng kwento so this was originally one hour long that we trimmed down to 30minutes ???? Advice: gawin niyong podcast. Pakinggan niyo nalang ako habang naghuhugas kayo ng pinggan or nagtutupi ng damit. ???? OH BUT ANYWAY HAPPY TO SHARE! And the last part is for you: pls pls download my gift to you. Here is the link:

Also, here is Helen Mirren’s article. Quite powerful. Read it!


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Toni Gonzaga on working with husband Paul Soriano | I Feel U Ep. 48

When Paul Soriano directed a project with Toni Gonzaga as the star, they experienced a different world than what they have at home as husband and wife. Toni also talks about her acting styles.

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How we celebrated my second-born's quarantine birthday in the U.S! | Rica Peralejo - Bonifacio

This boy comes with a whole bunch of stories.

First, he comes after three siblings, one who is almost half a decade when he arrived, and two others who never made it seeing the light of this world. There were tears and fears before his coming which I thought would take longer to cure.

Second, his first ultrasound was done because I bled while walking around. I honestly thought I was losing again, but when his heartbeat came on the speakers in the hospital, tears gushed out of his mother who couldn’t help but be touched by the sweet sound of life.

Third, he came to us in our home. Not in the hospital, but in our home.

Fourth, we celebrated his very first birthday in America, with half of my family who live there. It was like a sweet gift for family who live halfway around the world because since we’ve lived this far off from each other they have never had the chance to witness the development of my firstborn and my sister’s child firsthand. Such is the reality of being far and apart. But God orchestrated this boy’s life to be a gift in that he learned to stand on his own, walk, and even run, all the while that we were stranded in the U.S. He has fallen in love with my own siblings and nieces and nephew in a way like no other. His first few favorite dishes are that of my Kuya’s tinola, my sister in law’s shrimp and sayotebg ginasa sa bawang at kamatis. He waited for Tita Belle to take him out to the pool area when he came home, or always looked at the door to see if Dedeng is back from work. He ate pies and cakes off from their plates, played with their cats and dogs! I can go on and on, but you get the picture, he is a gift. He is special in his own way.

Fifth, little after he turned one he cut his fingers so bad we had to bring him and wait nine hours before we were dismissed, his wounds all glued up, from the E.R. in the U.S.

There are more to add to this list and he is only on his first year of life. What a adventure he is! And so I would also like to share with you this video — a very personal one. It includes prophetic dreams, journal entries, the meaning of his names, the definition of a brother, and how he healed our longing.

I will steal no more from the rest of what you will watch, but please, I ask you, finish it. The last clip is actually the best part. Because Manu wasn’t only born so he could be a son to us, but also, a brother to Philip. ❤️????


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Metro Talks With Ellen Adarna

The newly engaged actress talked about what she learned from last year, how motherhood changed her life, and how she met The One.

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My Realizations After Getting Married | Alex Gonzaga


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I turned 40 (40 things I've learned that can change your life) | Rica Peralejo - Bonifacio

How do you compress 40 years of life? Well, we tried. Here are 40 things...from the best and worst parts of who I truly am.

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Q&A with my Husband! (PART 1)

Finally! My husband agreed to do a vlog with me! He is behind the camera as he requested. But, I'm just so happy he answered all the questions you guys sent in. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me as my husband has cracked the code to my heart. We are both so thrilled to share PART 1 of our conversation with you all. BTW, he edited this video so I just found out he has another skill up his sleeve.

Thank you so much my Mahal for being in this moment with me. I love you very much and I am so proud of you and our love.

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Ito pala ang Dahilan Bakit Pinagalitan ni Mariel Padilla si Ivana Alawi Noon sa Dressing Room!?

#IVANAALAWI #JhaViralStories



Hopefully, after watching the video, you’ll have huge smiles on your faces and only feel love because with everything that’s been happening in the world, that’s all we want, to share the love and spread some joy to everyone. ❤️

To the whole team, we are grateful for each and everyone of you. Thank you for making our wedding day extra special. ❤️



Videography: Bob Nicolas and team
Phototography: Caliber King and team (Pat Dy’s team)
Venue styling: Gideon Hermosa and team

Jessy Mendiola

Glam Team:
Makeup: Kusie Ho
Hair: Anton Papa
Stylist: Patty Yap

Wedding dress: Patricia Santos
Shoes: Jefferson Si
Nails: ExtraOrdinail
Eyelash Extensions: New Lounge

Luis Manzano:

Glam Team:
Grooming: Peps Selvestre
Stylist: Rex Atienza/ Jay Sarmiento
Suit by: Paulo Lazaro

Wedding planner and coordination:
“THE” Joanne Angeles, we LOVE you. Thank you for organizing everything.
Wedding bands and jewelry:
Manila Diamond Studio
Intimate dinner sponsored by Lyka and The Farm (special mention to Gibby, Ms. Jenny, Apple and Mr. Preet Singh)
Wedding cake: Celestially Baked
Special thanks to Ranvel Rufino for helping us out with the venue.
To my sister Meggy, thank you for being by my side the whole time. I love you.
And of course to Mayor Eric Africa for accommodating us despite his busy schedule.

Please do send me your comments after watching the video and don't forget to subscribe! ❤️❤️❤️

Welcome & enjoy!

Live life.
Love life.

Senorita Jessy ????????

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Alex Gonzaga’s Married Life Chika + ASMR Fail | Vicki Belo

When I see her she cannot stop babbling about how great her new life as a married woman is, so I asked her to share our chikahan to all of you too. Here it is plus our almost fail try to do an ASMR chikahan. Hindi talaga bagay coz Alex and I are both noisy people. Enjoy the vlog!

#VickiBelo #AlexGonzaga #ASMR


Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio Testimony

ToniTalks with Ms. Rica Peralejo

Rica Peralejo Bonifacio channel

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To GOD be the Glory
for the things He has done

Love lang bawal ang hate????


How I reflected on 2020 (You can do this too!) | Rica Peralejo - Bonifacio

When we don’t do the due diligence of stopping to look at the year that was, giving our best remembrance of all the good that’s been done, we might not have the proper eyes of faith and truth and hope to move forward to a new year. We really do need to count our blessings for our own good. I’ve been suffering from poor mental health for quite some time now and it always help me to put things into perspective. That while I am not ????, I am still, by far, blessed beyond what I deserve. And I am not even talking about material life. Not even just having that “perfect family.” Of course, comfortable living and good people around me help, but just the fact that I know I am both fully known and fully loved still by God is a reason to keep on. He is my keeper and that is one big blessing I include in this yearend vlog I made. Please watch with pen and journal in hand so you can answer prompts with me. Ready? ????

Two podcasts mentioned in video are linked here:

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown: Dr. Vivek Murthy and Brené on loneliness and connection

Introducing No Stupid Questions - Freakonomics Radio


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#yearendreflections #journaling2020 #newyear

TikTok Workout Challenge with Toni Gonzaga

Hi guys my training with Toni Gonzaga road to fitness muay thai boxing workout...

Rica Peralejo l My Personal Collection Vlog

# RicaPeralejo #TeamChopstick #TGIS

I do not own the back ground music.
For Fan made video only.

Credits to:
Lea Colina Personal Collection

MUSIC: I do not own this music.
•Exhale -Youtube Audio Library

Hello Friends!
We hope you enjoyed watching!
See you on our next one!!
God bless!!❤

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Toni Gonzaga And Alex Gonzaga latest video


Wala palang inuurungan ang mahinhing aktres na si Bea Alonzo.
Sa latest edition ng kanyang vlog, nakipaglaro siya ng isang game sa tatlong bading na kumedyante. Bale isang team ang mga bading at isang team din si Bea at ang non-showbiz friends n’ya.
Ang laro ay ‘pag ayaw sagutin ng nakatokang sumagot ang isang tanong, siya at ang team n’ya ay kakain ng inilutong “batuta” ng baka.
Ang tanong kay Bea ay: “Name the most famous person that has hit on you.”
Ayaw n’yang sagutin at mas pinili n’yang kumain ng “batuta” ng baka.
At nasarapan naman siya!
Pero tili n’ya nang ipakita sa kanya ang “batuta” ng baka: “Oh, my gosh! Ang laki!”
Hindi naman kailangang kainin nang buo ang “batuta.” Pwede na ang isang pirasong tikim lang.
At tinikman nga n’ya ang “batuta.”
Bulalas n’ya pagkatapos: “In fairness, lasa siyang kaldereta.
“Ang texture n’ya ang kadiri! Para siyang gelatin na tumigas!”
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Team Gonzaga Episode 3 | August 2, 2014 | Toni Gonzaga Videos



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