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My Computer Science degree - Not worth the cost


My Computer Science degree - Not worth the cost

There are so many things that I should have learned as a computer science major that I did not.



Is a Computer Science Degree Worth it in 2018?

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Is Getting A Computer Science Degree Worth It?

Do you need a computer science degree to become a programmer? What does everyone thing? Should be self-taught or is getting a degree worth it? Let's discuss!

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Why I Hated Computer Science at Stanford

Check out today's video to learn why I hated computer science at Stanford University (ranked by US news at the number one computer science school).

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for watching!

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Is grad school worth it? (for software engineers)

Ex-Google Tech Lead shares the pros & cons of a graduate degree for software engineers. Check out SkillShare ( an online learning community with thousands of classes in tech & business. The first 500 get a 2-month free trial.

Is it worth getting a Master's degree or a PhD degree, or will it just set you back and make you miserable? What's this piece of paper good for? For myself, after having graduated UC Berkeley EE/CS, I applied to and was accepted at UCLA and UC San Diego. I chose UC San Diego and emphasized computer science (computer graphics). Looking back, was it all worthwhile?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Should I go back to school to get CS degree? - Ask Preethi

I have been teaching myself to code for almost a year now. I initially started from and other tutorials, the more I learn about web technologies like javascript the more I want to learn lower level languages like c++. A part of me wants to go back to college and study computer science. I have done a little research and many seem to say that it is not necessary but I want be marketable for a career in software development. I have read that the industry is being flooded with junior developers that don't know enough to be productive so I suppose that is why I think I need to go back to school. I had been applying to companies that fit my skill set and I haven't received one response regarding an interview.
I would really appreciate your advice on whether I should bite the bullet and go back to college or keep getting better at javascript and web technologies ie react, angular...

[See video]

About Preethi:
Preethi Kasireddy is an engineer based in San Francisco. She's an avid learner who taught herself programming and machine learning, and is passionate about understanding things clearly and explaining them to others via blog posts.

She was previously a front-end & API engineer at Coinbase, a digital currency platform, where she helped architect and rebuild their front-end in React, Mobx and Redux. Prior to that, she was a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs. She studied Systems Engineering at USC.


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How Hard is Computer Science - My Computer Science Degree (First Year)

So how hard is computer science, how much math is in it and should I major in it? In this video I answer all of these questions and talk about the different aspects of my computer science degree and what I and others find the most difficult.

I am a computer science student and am just finishing my first year of my computer science degree and want to share with you the classes I had to take and how difficult each was. I also share my average as well as the class averages for each of these courses.

List of first year required courses:
- Calculus 1
- Calculus 2
- Discrete Math for Computing
- Linear Algebra
- Digital Systems 1
- Computing 1
- Computing 2
- Technical Report Writing

- Introduction to management
- Engineering Economics


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Should You Get a Computer Science Degree in 2018 | Ask a Dev

Should You Get a Computer Science Degree in 2018 | Ask a Dev

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Why I can't get a job with a computer science degree? | A Degree Don't Guarantee a Job

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Why You Should Major in Computer Science

Jenny talks about her experience applying to computer science internships, the pros and cons of working in tech, and why software engineer interns are paid so much... Later in the video, Anuva gives you an overview of her sophomore year at USC and discusses her study habits.


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Why a Computer Science Degree WON'T Get You a High Paying Job

In this video, we talk about why getting a computer science degree WON'T get you a high-paying job.

Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section down below!

Dave Talks About Useless Degrees

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My Regrets as a Computer Science Student

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Back when I was a computer science student, there are a few things I could've done differently to give myself a better experience - things I could've done to learn more and improve my skills - things I wish I knew. In this video, I refer to those things as regrets because I didn't do them.

I may be biased, but I'd say ignore these timestamps and just watch the video all the way through! But I leave these here for anyone stopping by the video.
New channel or...? (0:00), 5-sec Vlog (0:39) Official Intro (1:06), Treating College like High School (2:06), Thinking CS was Software Development (3:30), One Thing I DON'T Regret (4:12), Neglecting Office Hours (5:53), Procrastinating (7:32), Another Thing I DON'T Regret - Get Internships EARLY! (8:58), Do YOU have any regrets? (10:23)

Should I make a new channel or what?


I document and share my experiences on topics including computer science & software engineering. I'm a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber. My less nerdy activities include fishing, hunting, surfing, and snowboarding. I'm just here to have some fun.

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Computer Science a Good Major? 2

How to get a internship in Computer Science? How important is GPA for Computer Science majors? Is it possible to get a job without a degree? Is Computer Science still worth it?

Music by CMA (Thank you for giving me permission) (this website has the best insider career information for CS majors that I have ever seen)

Can I Get A Programming Job With A 2-Year Degree?

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Can I Get A Programming Job With A 2-Year Degree?

And it all comes down again to the old discussion about Do you need a degree to become a software developer?.

I've talked several times about that topic and, in the end, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Take me for example. I had no degree when I started as a software developer and I've managed to get a job at a huge corporation, like HP. However, due to this fact, my salary was lower than other programmers, due to the fact that I had no degree.

So, despite the fact that you don't need a degree to get a job, you might face some restrictions if you don't have one.

But, what about 2-Year Degree Programs? Are they worth it? Nowadays there are a lot of different programs out there that gets you able to code and program. But, what about their validation?

Are they worth investing? Will you be able to make and get a programming job with these type of programs?

Watch this video and find out!

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Salary Range as a Computer Science Major

Trying to figure out how much money to make as a Computer Science Major seems to always be a bit confusing. Let's discuss the salary range to expect as a Computer Science graduate.

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Why You Should Not Get a Computer Science Degree

⚡HTML5 & CSS3:

I Really Respect the Computer Science Degree But Computer Science for Web Development is Not Worth it So Stay Away from it.

Web Development is Not Computer Science and Computer Science Not Software Engineering So if You a Degree than Get a Degree in Software Engineering.

After Graduating from a Computer Science You Will Be Building Windows Drivers Like Mouse or Keyboard Drivers.
Just Buys Few Books or Learn Web Development from MOOC Such Udacity or Coursera.
Degree,Still a Web Developer Don't Need Any Degree.
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Computer Science Degree vs Coding Bootcamps vs Self Taught (2018 - 2019)

When it comes between you getting a 4-year computer science degree, specializing in a high demand skill by attending a coding bootcamp, or learning to code on your own, what is the best path?

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I've spoken about this topic in the past with Quincy Larson, the creator of Free Code Camp. He spoke about his opinion between computer science, coding boot camps and being self taught. Now it's my turn.

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Should I Give Up Computer Science If I Find It Hard?

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I'm on the end of my first year in computer science at a university and I feel like I need to do a lot
more work than others to achieve the same goals (don't know how true this is, but I have asked some people I've gotten
to know during studies, that how much time they use for weekly assignments and they don't use nearly as much as I do).
Because of that, I am starting to question if this field of study is wrong for me and would like to know that did you ever
struggle with programming during your studies, or was it always just easy and logical?

-Anonymous P.

Breaking Down My Computer Science Degree in 23 minutes

Learn what it takes to get a Computer Science degree and become a software developer. Understand the programming, data structures, and algorithms courses involved in a typical computer science college curriculum. In this video, I walk through my college educational experience, the technical class I took, and how I learned how to code.

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