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My Covid 19 (coronavirus) journey (Age 25)| Symptoms, Test, Medicines, Recovery and Plasma donation


COVID-19 Treatment & Recovery at Home

Most people with COVID-19 have mild to moderate symptoms and can safely recover at home. In this video interview, Dr. Jack Rodman, chief medical officer of First Physicians Group, and Critical Care Pulmonologist Dr. Joseph Seaman discuss at-home treatments for COVID-19 and self-isolation dos and don'ts. Get more tips on COVID-19 home care for patients and caregivers at

My Covid 19 (coronavirus) journey (Age 25)| Symptoms, Test, Medicines, Recovery and Plasma donation


In this video, I, Shubham Jain, resident of New Delhi (age 25) will discuss my experience of covid 19. I was infected by coronavirus in June and have recently donated my plasma after antibody test. I will also share the home remedies that I used to treat covid 19(coronavirus) after doctor's approval.
I will also share the journey of my mom (age 50) and my dad (age 54) of coronavirus.

2:09 Covid- 9 RT PCR Test process
2:47 Role of Delhi government in helping covid 19 patients
3:20 Medicines recommended for cover 19 patients
5:30 role of oximeter in treating covid 19 patients
6:45 Journey of a covid 19 positive female (age 50)
9:00 Journey of a cover 19 positive male (age 25)
10:26 Covid 19 symptoms
14:15 Rapid diagnostic test for covid 19 (coronavirus)

My plasma Donation Experience to a covid 19 patient-

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COVID-19 plasma donation: What you need to know

Most people with COVID-19 produce antibodies that help fight the disease. Their blood plasma could help patients still struggling to survive. For more, click here:

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My Plasma Donation Experience for Covid 19 Patient in Delhi Max Hospital (Complete Procedure)


In this video, I, Shubham Jain, resident of New Delhi (age 25) will discuss my experience of covid 19. I was infected by coronavirus in June and have recently donated my plasma after antibody test.

My covid 19 recovery experience video-

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What To Do If I Have Covid 19? Treatment and Recovery at Home

Do you think you have symptoms for coronavirus? Do you wonder what to do if I have covid 19? In this animated video, we will discuss about isolation, treatment, monitoring, and recovery of Covid 19 at home. 8 out of 10 COVID patients will have mild disease that can be managed at home. Learn how to take care of yourself or your family member at home. How to monitor symptoms? When to go to hospital? What medicines to take? How to do home isolation and quarantine? How to keep others safe? and, When to return back to normal activities? Ask Dr. SMART!!!

We all have a role to defeat Coronavirus, TOGETHER.

Dr. Smart team educates about health & diseases in simple, easy and fun way using animations and cartoons. Our goal is to empower everyone through education in their own language. Stay healthy and help others stay healthy!

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Delhi girl shares her experience after contracting COVID-19

Mehar Bhagat, a resident of Delhi recently posted a video sharing her experience of how she contracted the Novel Coronavirus and her journey towards recovery. The youth has discussed her incubation period and how she self-quarantined herself before getting tested as positive for COVID-19. Watch the video for more.

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Home Care Tips For Mild COVID-19 Cases | Dr. Sushila Kataria

Dr. Sushila Kataria, Senior Director, Internal Medicine, Medanta Gurugram shares home care tips for patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms, who have been advised home isolation by their doctors.

To know more about Medanta COVID Home Care, call us on +91 124 4834566

COVID 19: Lingering and Chronic Symptoms After Recovery from Coronavirus Infection

This video was made in August 2020 and is only up to date till then!

There is much to learn still about COVID.
We have seen a wide range of infections - from the asymptomatic to the critically ill.
One thing we have noticed in several patients who have had COVID-19 and recovered, is several ongoing lingering symptoms. So called long haulers.
This seems to happen to some, but not all. Including those sick enough to be in the ICU, and even those not as sick. The cause and mechanism of this is still unclear, but it is a real phenomenon.
However it is important to pay attention to these symptoms, as they certainly impact quality of life.
I discuss this more in today's video.
#COVID #SARSCOV2 #Pandemic

References from video to come shortly...

*** This video is educational only, and it is not medical advice. Please consult with your doctor for any medical related questions or issues.

Covid-19 and Long-term Recovery

Most of the world has been working on the assumption that when a person recovers from Covid-19, everything just goes back to normal. As the pandemic progresses though, we're learning about some patients who experience long-term complications from the disease.

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What is the treatment for COVID-19?

For the people who develop much more serious symptoms and need to be hospitalized, treatment is primarily focused on supporting individuals while their body fights the infection, and to reduce the patient’s symptoms.

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What Does an Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infection Look Like?

Some people who get sick with COVID-19 don't feel any symptoms of the disease, but what does an asymptomatic COVID-19 infection look like?

Hosted by: Micahel Aranda

CoVID-19 News & Updates playlist:

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My Covid-19 Experiance and journey : Dr G Bhanu Prakash

covid 19 vaccines of India Covishield and Covaxin list of possible side effects
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The clinical spectrum of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2) infection ranges from asymptomatic infection to critical and fatal illness. The proportion of infections that are asymptomatic is uncertain, as the definition of asymptomatic varies across studies and longitudinal follow-up to identify those who ultimately develop symptoms is often not performed. Nevertheless, some estimates suggest that up to 40 percent of infections are asymptomatic.

Most symptomatic infections are mild. Severe disease (eg, with hypoxia and pneumonia) has been reported in 15 to 20 percent of symptomatic infections; it can occur in otherwise healthy individuals of any age, but predominantly occurs in adults with advanced age or certain underlying medical comorbidities. In North America and Europe, Black, Hispanic, and South Asian individuals are also more likely to have severe disease, likely related to underlying disparities in the social determinants of health.

The incubation period from the time of exposure until the onset of symptoms is four to five days on average, but may be as long as 14 days.

Cough, myalgias, and headache are the most commonly reported symptoms. Other features, including diarrhea, sore throat, and smell or taste abnormalities, are also well described. Pneumonia, with fever, cough, dyspnea, and infiltrates on chest imaging, is the most frequent serious manifestation of infection. There are no specific clinical features that can yet reliably distinguish COVID-19 from other viral respiratory infections.

Certain laboratory features, such as lymphopenia, elevated D-dimer, and elevated inflammatory markers have been associated with severe COVID-19

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is the major complication in patients with severe disease and can manifest shortly after the onset of dyspnea. Other complications of severe illness include thromboembolic events, acute cardiac injury, kidney injury, and inflammatory complications.

The possibility of COVID-19 should be considered primarily in patients with compatible symptoms, in particular, fever and/or respiratory tract symptoms, who reside in or have traveled to areas with community transmission or who have had recent close contact with a confirmed or suspected individual with COVID-19. All symptomatic patients with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection should undergo testing.

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What should a diabetic do if he gets COVID infection?

Preparing to prevent covid and keep blood sugars under strict control to minimise complications of covid in a diabetic.during this lockdown phase many patients blood dusgars have increased. this video will tell a diabetic how to monitor and keep his/her sugars under control

5 TIPS for recovering from COVID at HOME

The majority of people can recover from COVID at home if they have mild disease. Here are 5 important things to remember...

[As said in the video: Always consult with your own doctor first if you are diagnosed! Remember too, moderation rules the day, including with fluid and Vit C intake... do not do anything excessively]

#covid19 #coronavirus #pandemic #health

COVID 19 Journey in Jaipur : COVID 19 Recovery Experience and Best Guide For Old Age Patient Story

Recently My Father Recovered from COVID 19 in Jaipur Rajasthan. So in this Video i Share Detailed Journey of my Father on COVID or Corona with Recovery Tips and Medicine.

In this Video We Discuss about -
1) When you have to done COVID 19 Test
2) What Steps after COVID 19 Positive in Jaipur Rajasthan India
3) What is CT Value in COVID 19 Test
4) What is HRCT Score for COVID 19
5) What is Remdesivir Injection for COVID 19
6) How to Claim Medical Insurance for COVID 19
7) What after COVID Recovery Test
8) Medicine Recommend and Course for COVID 19

if you have any Questions ? Share in Comment Section. I'l Personally Reply each and everyone.

#covidrecoveryjourney #covidjourney #covidtips #covidjaipur

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Covid-19: The Road to Recovery

There is much we are still learning about Covid-19, one thing we know for certain, is that the road to recovery isn’t always straightforward.

This short animation illustrates what physiotherapists say many patients can expect when recovering from Covid-19.

Don’t feel worried or discouraged if it takes a while to get your energy and fitness back. Find more expert advice and resources to help you on your road to recovery:

My Covid-19 experience ||My Covid-19 Journey || How I Recovered From Corona Virus || Corona Symptoms


How I (AGE 27)and My wife(AGE 27 recovered from corona virus ???? at home in just 7 days. In this video I have shared all symptoms related to corona virus. Medicines that we had taken and Immunity tabs and Corona test.

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'Here's What Helped Us Recover From COVID-19' | The Quint

COVID-19 Symptoms and Recoveries: Amid rising numbers of positive cases and death, we must also look at the number of people recovering so that it gives us hope that there are ways to fight COVID-19.
A few people at The Quint shared their recovery stories with the hope that perhaps it will help ease the panic.

0:00 Let's talk about ways to fight COVID
0:25 'Hear our recovery stories'
0:55 Essentials to keep ready at home
1:16 'Journaling helped me overcome vulnerability'
1:25 Following a routine: 'Steaming, eating & sleeping'
2:05 Cut down on screen time
2:17 Take a break from social media
3:07 Work, talk to a friend, try to keep your mind occupied
3:36 Hang in there because the recovery is slow

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Post COVID Symptoms | Dr. Ravi Shekhar Jha

Dr. Ravi Shekhar Jha, HOD & Sr. Consultant, Pulmonology, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, talks about some of the post COVID symptoms that may affect recovered COVID19 patients. He outlines some of the things to look out for, as well as how these symptoms can be handled.

Click here to know more about the doctor:

#COVID19 #Symptoms #Pulmonology

BEST HOME REMEDIES for COVID 19 Recovery| Boost your immunity for Covid 19- Remedies at 5:37 mins

Hi Everyone,

This is something I had not shared with my Youtube Family. My family and I have been down with Coronavirus since the last 2 weeks. In this video, I share with you all our Covid 19 experience and all the things that we did, all the best possible home remedies we did in order to cure ourselves at home.

We opted for home isolation for all the 7 members in my house including 3 senior citizens in my house out of which my husband's grandfather is 96 years old.

The home remedies mentioned in this video are extremely effective in curing Coronavirus and will surely help you or your loved ones to get better and fight this disease. Please do try them and also do these as a precaution to boost your immunity against coronavirus.

Really hope this video is helpful!

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