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My Covid-19 Experience | How I Fought With Corona Virus | What Was The Symptoms. How I Recovered


Dr. Isaac George Shares His Experience Recovering from COVID-19

Dr. Isaac George, Surgical Director of the Heart Valve Center and
Director Hybrid Coronary Interventions, has recently recovered from a mild case of COVID-19 and now is a redeployed volunteer in the ICU. Here he talks about his experience and recovery.


Video: Filipino Covid-19 survivor tells his story of coronavirus infection and recovery

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Carlo Navarro, a Filipino tax lawyer tested positive for Covid-19 in early March 2020 after travelling to Japan with his family. After his recovery, the 48-year-old decided to share his experiences fighting the disease caused by the deadly coronavirus. Navarro says he was aware of others dying from the disease in the same hospital isolation ward where he was treated, and wants others to take efforts to slow the outbreak seriously.

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Coronavirus: How long does it take to recover? - BBC News

More than 1.1 million people have recovered from coronavirus globally, but the time it takes to recover can vary.

Most people will only develop mild symptoms, which usually take a week to recover from, maybe longer. In more serious cases, it could be more than a year.

Medics at the Centre for Perioperative Care say stopping smoking, drinking less alcohol, exercising more, and maintaining a healthy weight can make a difference.

BBC health correspondent Laura Foster explains recovery times and what you can do to help others.

Video by Terry Saunders, Tobias Chapple and Laura Foster

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COVID-19 Treatment & Recovery at Home

Most people with COVID-19 have mild to moderate symptoms and can safely recover at home. In this video interview, Dr. Jack Rodman, chief medical officer of First Physicians Group, and Critical Care Pulmonologist Dr. Joseph Seaman discuss at-home treatments for COVID-19 and self-isolation dos and don'ts. Get more tips on COVID-19 home care for patients and caregivers at

Covid-19: The Road to Recovery

There is much we are still learning about Covid-19, one thing we know for certain, is that the road to recovery isn’t always straightforward.

This short animation illustrates what physiotherapists say many patients can expect when recovering from Covid-19.

Don’t feel worried or discouraged if it takes a while to get your energy and fitness back. Find more expert advice and resources to help you on your road to recovery:

21 Year Old Mumbai Boy's Story Of COVID-19 Recovery | Curly Tales

This is the story of 21-year-old @hrishigiridhar who was tested positive of COVID-19 on 21st March after he returned from London. He shares his journey of survival. Hrishi shares with us the kind of symptoms he developed and how he was treated with the best treatment from the doctors & nurses at the Kasturba Hospital all free of cost.

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Recovering coronavirus patients share stories of survival

As the coronavirus death toll rises, so is the number of recovery stories. David Begnaud speaks to people who say they experienced debilitating symptoms but, thanks to their support systems, the care of medical staff and in some cases, faith, they pulled through.

COVID-19: What to Expect When You’re Recovering

Here’s what an ICU doctor sees as patients recover from COVID-19. Ken Lyn-Kew, MD is a pulmonologist and critical care doctor for National Jewish Health in Denver.

COVID-19 Information

Dr. Lyn-Kew

For mild carriage or mild disease it's I feel bad for a week, I feel bad for two weeks and then I get better. It looks just like any other viral syndrome. For moderate disease you're in the hospital for a few days, you need a little oxygen. You might have a little chest pain, a little exercise intolerance if you have a little inflammation on your heart, those people are going to recover fine too just like any other viral disease.

It's all the severe disease people we worry about. We know critical illness comes along with a host of problems that are difficult to recover from including memory issues, post-traumatic stress disorders, exercise intolerance, just to name a few. There's a whole list of things that people experience. One unique thing that people with this disease might experience is there are some reports of pulmonary fibrosis afterwards so scarring in 20% to 30% of the patients who require ventilation. We know that in regular ARDS, the lung disease, by six months the lungs have recovered. So it might just be too soon to tell but there is a possibility that this disease can cause more injury to the lung and more residual fibrosis than other forms of ARDS.

Surviving coronavirus | What happens after you recover from covid-19

Francis Wilson survived a severe case of the coronavirus after 10 days on a ventilator, but the 29-year-old’s recovery has been slow. Doctors are still beginning to understand the long-term effects of the virus. Read more: SPECIAL OFFER: To thank you for your support, here’s a deal on a Washington Post digital subscription: $29 for one year

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Recovered COVID-19 doctor shares experience

In China's fight against the coronavirus outbreak, the safety of medical workers has been one of the top issues of concern. Although supplies of protective gear have been much improved, many medics contracted the disease at the earlier phase. CGTN's Xu Mengqi talked to one such doctor, who has now recovered and reunited with with his family at home in Wuhan.

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Home Care Tips For Mild COVID-19 Cases | Dr. Sushila Kataria

Dr. Sushila Kataria, Senior Director, Internal Medicine, Medanta Gurugram shares home care tips for patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms, who have been advised home isolation by their doctors.

To know more about Medanta COVID Home Care, call us on +91 124 4834566

'Please, please, please...': Watch recovered Coronavirus patient's message

Amit Kapoor, a recovered Covid-19 patient, issued a video message as cases of Coronavirus infection rose in the country. Kapoor released the message after reaching home after his 14-day isolation. He appealed to people to not panic and cooperate with doctors and the government to ensure that the virus doesn't spread. He also warned against India becoming a 'second Europe', a reference to the burgeoning cases in countries like Italy, where the death toll has surpassed China's. India has reported over 430 cases of Covid-19 so far.

Living with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms & Treatments

Audioholics GoFundMe:

I shot this video to share my experiences living with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I discuss the symptoms I've experienced, the treatments that have helped with recovery and the process I've been enduring to keep my family safe. Thank you for all of your kind words and support during this event. Positive energy, and prayers will get us all through this and let's hope for the best outcome in the near future.

For more information, including my COVID-19 survival guide, read:

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My Covid-19 Experience | How I Fought With Corona Virus | What Was The Symptoms. How I Recovered

My Covid-19 Experience | How I Fought With Corona Virus | How I recovered From Corona | What Was The Symptoms.


Home care for suspected and mild cases of COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, WHO recommends that all laboratory confirmed cases be isolated and cared for in a health care facility. For those who can only receive care at home, this video provides simple advice on how this can be done while minimizing the spread of infection to other family members. For more detailed information please read this WHO guidance document:

'When my family informed me...': Recovered Covid-19 patient shares experience

A recovered Covid-19 patient shared his experience. 21-year-old Syed Kaif Ali Abidi, a Lucknow resident, recounted how he had come in contact with a relative who had travelled to Canada. He was the only one in his family to test positive for Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus infection. Abidi thanked the medical staff at Lucknow's King George's Medical University for their 'great sense of care' and 'professionalism'. He also said that patients of the disease shouldn't panic. Watch the full video for his message.

How To Treat Mild Coronavirus Symptoms From Home

While one early study found that 80% of confirmed COVID-19 cases are considered mild, the definition of mild can include a range of symptoms and still be painful, even if they don't require hospitalization. According to Dr. Rishi Desai, the chief medical officer at Osmosis, there are some ways you can mitigate your mild coronavirus symptoms from home.

What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

What Could Be The Fastest Way To End The Coronavirus Crisis?

How Coronavirus Affects People With Diabetes, Cancer, And Other Conditions


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How To Treat Mild Coronavirus Symptoms From Home

Story of Fighting COVID-19: Recovered patients share their experiences fighting COVID-19

Patients who recovered from COVID-19 share their experiences fighting the disease. They give advice on ways to prevent getting the virus and how they feel about life after recovery. In conclusion, stay positive, stay away from people and crowded areas, wash your hands and disinfecting properly are the ultimate weapons in winning the battle with COVID-19.

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Recovering COVID-19 patient talks about being on a ventilator, how it saved him | Nightline

ventilator, how it saved him David Lat speaks openly about his month-long battle with COVID-19. Nightline also gets a rare look inside a New York hospital grappling with the disease.



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Coronavirus Recovered Patient Advice to Fight COVID-19 | Coronavirus Prevention & Symptoms

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Pakistan is spreading rapidly with each passing day. Precautionary measures such as self-distancing and social isolation are very important at such a time. We all know that prevention is better than cure but since the coronavirus (COVID-19) is not curable, prevention is our only option in this scenario. To book a personal appointment with an Internal Medicine Specialist visit the following links:

In this video, we're sharing the experience of a recovered patient, who has been infected with coronavirus (COVID-19). He stayed in isolation for 14 days and now is fully recovered and back at his home. The information he is sharing in this video is very important i.e how it can be prevented with precautionary measures and why isolation is important to stop the spread of virus.

Since the initial symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are very common and are similar to that of a common cold, it is possible that many people will tend to ignore them. This is a major mistake that you need to avoid. A health warning has already been issued by the WHO and the Pakistani authorities. It is thus important that you get yourself checked out immediately.

If you wish to book an appointment with a doctor, please visit the link below or call at 042 3890 0939.



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