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My Flight From USA To UK During The COVID-19 Outbreak | Curly Tales


My Flight From USA To UK During The COVID-19 Outbreak | Curly Tales

Curly Tales Contributor @humaiqbal shared her flight experience from Houston to London during the COVID-19 Outbreak. Huma shared her experience of entering a ghosted airport to no security lines, food court staff not wearing gloves along with the sanitation facilities provided inside, and the necessary precautions carried out by the airport staff. It might not be safe to travel during the times of COVID-19 and hence it's best to stay home and stay safe.

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Air Travel Experience From Mumbai To Delhi During Pandemic | Curly Tales

After 2 long months, finally domestic flights resumed in India. Curly Tales Contributor Rashi Aggarwal who flew from Mumbai to Delhi, shares her first hand flight experience during the pandemic. From her decision of coming back to her family in Delhi, to going through the new checking procedures at the airport. She shares it all, along with some tips and you need to keep in mind if you intend on travelling by air anytime soon. Check out the video to know what all has changed.

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How likely are coronavirus transmissions during flights? | COVID-19 Special

During the coronavirus lockdowns, air traffic was largely grounded. Now it is gradually starting up again, but there's a long way to go - also in terms of safety measures.

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Coronavirus: How to avoid catching Covid-19 and other illnesses on a flight

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Is it better to take a window seat or an aisle? What should you do if you think the person next to you is ill? These are among the most common questions being asked by travellers around the world as the Covid-19 epidemic spreads. Dr David Powell is a veteran medical adviser to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). He spoke with the South China Morning Post about the safety of air travel during a disease outbreak and how best to protect yourself from infections like the deadly coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

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Is it Safe to Travel During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Should you cancel your travel plans because of the novel coronavirus outbreak? Is it still safe to get on a flight? And do arrival screenings at the airport really help to contain the virus?

As companies like Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways are slashing flights on the back of reduced passenger numbers, aviation veteran Andrew Herdman ( Director-General, Association of Asia Pacific Airlines) talks to In Conversation about the prospects of the aviation sector. Find out more on the full episode of In Conversation:

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What It's Like To Travel During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As COVID-19 spreads worldwide, more precautions are being taken by governments to keep people safe as they travel. Business Insider's senior retail correspondent Kate Taylor has been traveling around Asia for the past month and a half. She shares what she has seen in airports and on planes, and what steps you can take to protect yourself. Be sure to check the CDC website for all warnings before traveling.

Why The 2019 Novel Coronavirus Is So Hard To Stop

Pathologists Debunk 13 Coronavirus Myths


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What It's Like To Travel During The Coronavirus Outbreak

What to know about travelling during COVID-19 outbreak

As COVID-19 spreads, airlines are offering deep discounts, but is it worth the risk? Erica Natividad with what potential travellers need to know about spreading the virus, and what airlines are offering if you opt to cancel your flight.

Coronavirus: EU moves to stop 'ghost flights' amid COVID-19 turbulence

Coronavirus has already caused Flybe to collapse and Norwegian Airlines to cancel 3,000 flights.…

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Coronavirus: Flying in the age of Covid-19? - BBC Travel Show

Rajan Datar finds out what it will be like to get on a plane after the world finally emerges from lockdown, how New York’s famous yellow cabs are dealing with the new normal and why social distancing is not a problem at the usually packed ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Flying across Canada during Covid-19. Bye Philippines ???? Coast to Coast Flight. Vancouver to Halifax

In this video we’ll be flying from Vancouver to Halifax during the Covid-19 Pandemic. After three months of being stuck in El Nido during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have finally left the Philippines! In the last video we flew from Manila to Vancouver (through Tokyo Haneda).

We just spent a night at an airport hotel in Vancouver and today we’re flying with Air Canada across all of Canada from Vancouver to Halifax with a 4 hour stopover in Toronto.

In general we found the airports and airplanes a bit busier than we expected for domestic travel. We appreciated that Air Canada wasn’t using the middle seats in the plane for better social distancing.

Finally after months we arrive home in Halifax to our AirBNB rental where we’ll be spending our 14 day quarantine.


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It was a long journey indeed that entailed a 9hr train ride from Goa, India to Mumbai, then a 9hr fight to London, then a 10 hr flight to Los Angeles. What's it like traveling during this covid-19 pandemic? Come along with me on one intense journey!

I took a 9hr train from Goa, India (Magdaon Station) to Panvel (Navi Mumbai) then a 45min taxi to Mumbai International Airport, then boarded an Air India evacuation flight that was being sent to London to repatriate Indian Citizens, I then took a 10hr flight from London to Los Angeles.

Train: $38.00
Taxi to Mumbai: $40
Flight to London: $725
Flight from London to LA: $435

Total to reach home: $1,238



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Coronavirus: How to fly during a pandemic - BBC News

Jumping on a plane and going on holiday looks and feels very different to how it did at the start of 2020.

Airports and airlines have both been making changes to the way they work to get passengers flying again.

These include measures that help reduce the chances of coronavirus being spread, help ensure social distancing and reduce the number of things passengers need to touch known as 'contact points'.

The UK government has released advice on what you can do to keep safe while flying. It's currently reviewing it's measures on asking people to quarantine when they return to the UK.

Here BBC Health and Science Correspondent, Laura Foster, has been to Southend Airport to show you what you need to do if you're thinking of catching a flight.

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Emirates Launches Covid Tests At Dubai International Airport | Curly Tales

Emirates in coordination with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has introduced additional precautions for traveller. Apart from following strict onboard hygiene, the airline has also organized on-site Covid-19 tests for passengers. The blood test is conducted in Terminal 3 and tests are given out in 10 minutes. Emirates is the first airline to conduct on-site covid tests for passengers.

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When can we travel again? Flying after covid-19 restrictions

The travel industry has ground to a halt and millions have put their travel plans on hold. But when can we travel again? No one knows for sure, but moves from the airline industry have left us plenty of clues. TPG's Wallace Cotton unpacks when we think we may be able to travel again, and what it could look like when we do.

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Reporter: Wallace Cotton
Executive Producer: Tom Grahsler
Producer: Ted Willis @tedwillistube
Graphics: Jonathan Masino
Music: APM
Images: Getty


On 2nd April 2020, the UK embassy organised a flight home from Amman, Jordan to Manchester, UK. We arrived in Jordan on 7th March with a plan to stay 4 months, today we return and start again, back in the UK.

Here's our journey home on Qatar Airways. It cost us £1,500 per person with one 30kg bag each

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Flying during COVID-19 virus outbreak

Your health and safety is our top priority. It is therefore important to share with you all the work carried out in real time on a daily basis as the situation has developed:

#tapairportugal #COVID19 #Coronavirus

Is It Still Safe To Get On A Flight Amidst COVID-19? | In Conversation with Andrew Herdman

Planes are helping to spread the coronavirus from the epicentre of the outbreak worldwide. So is it still safe to get on a flight?

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Flying During COVID-19 (USA To Mexico) ????????????????

What is it like for international flying during COVID-19 pandemic? This is surreal experience and It was not what we expected at all. This is a surreal experience we had flying 4 flights with Southwest Airline from Rochester, New York to Dallas, Texas then stayed a night in Dallas and flew from Dallas to Cancun, Mexico with Suncountry Airline.

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US to suspend all flights from Europe to contain COVID-19 outbreak

President Donald Trump on Thursday (Mar 12) announced the United States will suspend all travel from Europe, except the United Kingdom, for 30 days in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. He also unveiled plans to help businesses and people affected by the virus outbreak. Read more:

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What US flight ban means for North America's COVID-19 battle

Donald Trump has announced a ban on flights from Europe into the U.S. – with the exception of the U.K. CNN’s Karen Caifa tells Melanie Ng about the surprise announcement, and what it means for North American efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.



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