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Nature of the North - Our adventures in Canada


Top 29 Best National Parks in The USA | From Alaska to Hawaii to Zion

There's over 59 National Parks in the United States of America, so how do you choose which to visit? Don't worry, in this video Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers take you from Alaska to Hawaii all the way to Zion National Park and break down all you need to know about the 29 Best National Parks in the USA!


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Canada Plays For Nature

The Canadian Parks Council will be launching The Nature Playbook this year. In partnership with #NatureForAll, The Nature Playbook working group of the Canadian Parks Council has been asking Canadians about how they connect with Nature (Nature plays).

#NatureForAll spent the day at La Mauricie National Park on Parks Day, 2016, talking to millennial campers about their Nature Plays.

NOTE: A Nature Play is an action that anyone takes, or contributes to taking, that directly gets themselves or other people outside. It can be as simple as taking a kid to the park, or as complicated as starting a new Nature school. Anything goes.

One hour 4K footage of June nature and wildlife in Canada

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One hour footage of nature, birds, animals and other wildlife in 4K filmed in eastern Canada in and around the month of June.

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Forest Adventures with Kurt! (being Canadian?)

DISCLAIMER: Not all Canadians are heavy drinkers that explore the woods and barf on the street. Twas a joke. It's all a joke. My life is a big, fat joke. DO NOT START FOREST FIRES.

More Kurt:

Canada , a Great Nature July 2017

A Nice Trip in Canadian Beautiful Nature – July, 2017

Travel with me - Canada (2018 4K Nature)

Hello beautiful people,

My name is Mustapha Kamel and I'm picking up the most beautiful and amazing views of nature and attach an inspiring musical instruments to it so you can travel with your soul spiritually to those perfect places out there

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Amazing views in Ontario Canada Rudi's NORTH AMERICAN ADVENTURES 10/20/17 Vlog#1227

Amazing views in Ontario Canada Rudi's NORTH AMERICAN ADVENTURES 10/20/17 Vlog#1227

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Hikes In The World

10 of the most incredible hiking trails our planet has to offer.
I hope this video will help some of you :)

For copyright matters please contact me at:

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The world contains some of the most breathtaking places, unbelievable nature that just has to be explored.

In this video i showed:
The Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike Trail
The Kalalau Hike in Hawaii
The Laugavegur Trail, Iceland Hike
Tour du Mont Blanc Hike
Mount Rinjani Volcano Hike Eruption
The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Hike
The Wadi Numeira Siq Trail, Petra, Jordan Hike
The Three Capes Track, Tasmania Hike Australia
The Yosemite Half Dome Hike
The Zion Angels Landing Trail Hike

I hope this video will inspire some of you to go out and get some amazing experiences on these hiking trails.

Other great hiking trails:
West Coast Trail, British Columbia, Canada
Sunshine Coast Trail
Chilkoot Trail
Berg Lake Trail
Skyline Trail Alberta, Canada
La Cloche Silhouette Trail, Ontario, Canada
Bruce Trail
The Narrows Hike
Pays Dogon, Mali
GR20, France
Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Indian Himalayas, India
Overland Track, Australia
Routeburn Track, New Zealand
Baltoro Glacier & K2, Pakistan
Amalfi Coast
Fitz Roy Trek, Argentina
Santa Cruz Trek, Peru
Cinque Terre, Italy
Torres del Paine Circuit, Chile
Kungsleden, Sweden
Sarek National Park, Sweden
Muliwai Trail, Hawaii
Croagh Patrick, Ireland
Grindelwald, Switzerland
Appalachian Trail, USA
Zillertal Alps, Austria
North Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa
Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland
Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Polar Route, Greenland
Cordillera Apolobamba, Bolivia

SUN RISES NORTH CANADA !~~ Updates Daily Watch NOw!! Nemesis System fly by's.... watch

Discovering Planet X and NIBIRU TODAY!!

What to Expect? Planet X Videos, Raw Footage Caught on Camera, Nibiru, Nemesis aka' Brown Dwarf Star or Some Call Stella Cores. Watching for Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars According to Revelation Wormwood and last day prophecies. and Recording our findings.

We Issue Warnings when the need is warranted. Many of our fantastic Captures Are Shared by Subscribers like yourself, we are a community of like-minded folks. So pull up a pc and let's get exploring these Last Days End Time Skies.
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Where The Son Don't Shine
By: Rick Norris

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