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Nature of the North - Our adventures in Canada


A walk to high park Canada - Nature & Species

Some of our best moments today at our walk to the high park.
Look at how amazing nature can be and how beautiful these different species look there :)
One of the places I will visit more and more now. In one day and I saw so many species.
That small raccoon made my day.
Love for nature and animals

Forest Adventures with Kurt! (being Canadian?)

DISCLAIMER: Not all Canadians are heavy drinkers that explore the woods and barf on the street. Twas a joke. It's all a joke. My life is a big, fat joke. DO NOT START FOREST FIRES.

More Kurt:

One hour 4K footage of June nature and wildlife in Canada

Watch this video without a logo for $4.99 on YouTube:

One hour footage of nature, birds, animals and other wildlife in 4K filmed in eastern Canada in and around the month of June.

By renting this video via YouTube Paid Content, you are able to watch it without a logo in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) for an unlimited number of times for $4.99 during a rental period of 72 hours for an audience up to 10 people. Contact us for licensing starting at $29.99 for audiences over 10 people. If this video isn't playable in your country please let us know, we will create an offer and make it available, prices may differ between countries.

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Canada , a Great Nature July 2017

A Nice Trip in Canadian Beautiful Nature – July, 2017

Canada Plays For Nature

The Canadian Parks Council will be launching The Nature Playbook this year. In partnership with #NatureForAll, The Nature Playbook working group of the Canadian Parks Council has been asking Canadians about how they connect with Nature (Nature plays).

#NatureForAll spent the day at La Mauricie National Park on Parks Day, 2016, talking to millennial campers about their Nature Plays.

NOTE: A Nature Play is an action that anyone takes, or contributes to taking, that directly gets themselves or other people outside. It can be as simple as taking a kid to the park, or as complicated as starting a new Nature school. Anything goes.

Top 29 Best National Parks in The USA | From Alaska to Hawaii to Zion

There's over 59 National Parks in the United States of America, so how do you choose which to visit? Don't worry, in this video Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers take you from Alaska to Hawaii all the way to Zion National Park and break down all you need to know about the 29 Best National Parks in the USA!


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Nootka Marine Adventures - Vancouver Island - Canada

Crafting Your West Coast Wilderness Experience. Allow our Adventure Specialists to help plan your vacation to the stunning waters of Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island.

FAMILY TRAVEL adventures with a baby - Ep.03 Road Trip Banff and Yoho National Park, Canada

We are full-time travellers who are discovering the world as a family. Watch as we discover the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada.This video is part 1 of 3 videos of our road trip from Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia.

In this video we travel through Banff and Yoho National Parks. We explored the turquoise lakes, the snow top mountains, and lush green pine forests. A must do experience that should be on everyone's bucket list!

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Who We Are:

Our little family is made up of Remi (Papa/Daddy), Lauren (Maman/Mummy) and Gabrielle. We are an international family and together we have 4 nationalities; Canadian, Australian, French and Bajan.

We love the outdoors, nature, camping, travel and lots of adventure! We have been traveling with Gabrielle since she was 6 weeks old when we did her first camping trip as a family.

We sold all of our belongings, gave up our jobs and headed out to explore the world as a family. Traveling full-time is not always sunshine and rainbows. It’s challenging and hard. It takes lots of organization and preparation but at the end of the day we have
memories in our heads rather than things in our pockets ... and that’s what we love!

Since having Gabrielle, we have traveled Australia, Morocco, France, Spain, Switzerland, China and Canada. In her first year of life she has traveled through 5 continents of the world and we don’t intend to stop.

Untouched nature of the north

We are Canadian and Nature Lives Here – Canada 150

Let’s celebrate 150 years of being Canadian. Connect with nature today and grow a bright future for all. Because we are Canadian and nature lives here.



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