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New Info, Sunspot Observatory Closure - 6 More Observatories Closed? UFO Fleet Filmed, Radiation


New Info, Sunspot Observatory Closure 6 More Observatories Closed UFO Fleet Filmed, Radiation

New Info, Sunspot Observatory Closure 6 More Observatories Closed UFO Fleet Filmed, Radiation



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L'11 Settembre Raccontato Da Chi L'Ha Vissuto - 9/11 TRIBUTE CENTER

Oggi ragazzi, in questo video un pochino più serio del solito, torniamo a New York per visitare un luogo molto particolare per la città.
In questi giorni si è parlato molto dell’11 Settembre, essendo passato da poco il 17° anniversario degli attentati terroristici alle Torri Gemelle, ed oggi vi voglio parlare di uno dei luoghi legati a quella giornata terribile, il 9/11 Tribute Center.
Il 9/11 Tribute Center è un centro con il quale collaborano direttamente persone che sono state coinvolte nella tragedia delle Torri Gemelle, che hanno vissuto l’11 Settembre in prima persona e che hanno anche perso qualcuno in quella giornata terribile.
Nel vlog di oggi vi porto con me in un tour di questo museo newyorkese e poi, calato il sole, ce ne andremo al World Trade Center per assistere al “Tribute In Light”, due giganteschi fasci di luce blu che si stagliano nel cielo ogni anno la sera del 9/11 in ricordo delle splendide Torri Gemelle e di tutte le vite che hanno portato via con loro quel terribile giorno.
Solitamente ragazzi i toni dei miei video sono più accesi e più gioiosi, ma ovviamente quando si parla di eventi come l’11 Settembre i toni devono essere più moderati e rispettosi; so che capirete ma spero comunque che vedere questo video vi faccia piacere e mi raccomando, ricordatevi di iscrivervi al canale!


A questi link potete trovare i vlog delle mie esperienze al 9/11 Memorial & Museum e al One World Observatory della Freedom Tower:
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One World Observatory:


Qui vi lascio il link al sito del 9/11 Tribute Museum, dove potete trovare maggiori informazioni su prezzi, orari e tour guidati:


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The "Truth" Finally Revealed Behind Sunspot Solar Observatory FBI Shutdown? & Strange UFOs 9/18/2018

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The Truth Finally Revealed Behind Sunspot Solar Observatory FBI Shutdown? & Strange UFOs 9/18/2018 - Alien Bros is a team of UFO researchers specializing in military bases like Area 51 & Kapustin Yar. In this video we examine 3 UFO sightings all from 2018. The first sghting is one that was reported to MUFON and it shows multiple glowing orb UFOs which change colors and take up multiple different formations in New Jersey almost resembling some sort of impossible UFO light show. After that we share a sighting from my friend UFO MAN that was captured over Long Beach News Jersey showing what at first appears to be a TR3B but then proves itself to be multiple flashing orb UFOs. After that we share the largest spinning orb UFO sighting I have ever seen and it took place over Massachusetts. Afterwards we get into the main topic of this video which is the news regarding the supposed truth surrounding the Sunspot National Solar Observatory which has recently been shut down by the FBI without a reason given. The reason they claimed the Sunspot National Solar Observatory was evacuated is due to a supposed dangerous suspect the FBI was after. This is likely lies. Is it possible they captured images of a UFO or something similar that caused the government to want to shut this solar observatory in New Mexico down? The sheriff and all local officials are confused as to why the FBI has the observatory locked down and evacuated and the reason given was very vague only stating it was for security reasons. The Sunspot Observatory must have found something huge. The military seems to now be involved as well with Stealth Blackhawk Helicopters having been witnessed at the observatory along with special work crews. Anthing is possible and speculations range from solar flares, UFOs, all the way to physical ET visitation. After this we discuss a hoaxed image of a TR3B on a Navy Aircraft Carrier. The footage found here is shocking to say the least and disclosure needs to come. Our government has leaked and continues to leak classified information on the alien phenomenon and our military is working on a space force to protect our army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, and marines secrets and their involvement with aliens and UFOs. Our military In regards to all these UFO sightings it is possible this is something military maybe Air Force , Army , NAVY , Coast Guard ,etc. I just have a feeling this unknown object is something ET . FYI Rumors stemming from the Pentagon UFO footage leak say that a NASA employee has handed over two pieces of classified UFO footage that NASA found strange and will not be recorded in FLIR thermal like the AATIP footage was. Is the government and the Air Force covering up UFOs? What does the United States government know? This government cover-up needs to end. The evidence is amazing and pointing to someone in the shadows pulling the strings. We need to band together and truly fight for answers to the UFO phenomenon and end this government cover up forever. 2017 is over. UAP are real. We here at Alien Bros touch on all topics relating to the alien phenomenon and do our best to make sure you guys, the viewers, get every detail possible. Please support the channel, like, share, comment, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!! #Paranormal #UFO #UFOs

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Space force! Alien Attack or Friendly Contact! #alien#ufos#silence

Space force, UFOs siting in the last couple of weeks. National Solar Observatory closed!!!

ALIENS Are on our SUN ? Government shuts down Sun Spot Observatory

ALIENS Are on our SUN ? Government shuts down Sun Spot Observatory

Quick Hit: This is What Really Happened at Sunspot Solar Observatory

On September 6, 2018 the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico mysteriously closed due to unforeseen circumstances. The FBI placed the site on complete lockdown for over a week and forced a complete media blackout. What secrets could the federal government be keeping in a solar observatory? Aliens? Meteors? Solar Flares? I'll tell you what's really been going on at Sunspot and why the truth may be more concerning than any of the alternative theories. 

Also, I'll give you the latest update on the strange incident discussed on episode 036. Thank you for all of the thoughtful emails and prayers.

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This is the video that caused the closure of astronomical observatories


Why were many observatories shut down



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Not all of the solar observatories were shut down

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極秘映像 Footage of the ultra huge UFO fleet that appeared in the sun.

It has become known that 6 more Solar Observatories (Australia, Chile, Spain, Hawaii (2), and Pennsylvania) have been shutdown: We note that all these solar/space cams down at the same time as the Solar Observatory in New Mexico.

AXIS 232D Network Dome Camera located in Sydney Australia
Webcams located at SOAR Observatory – The Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope located in Chile
BRT Tenerife Telescope Webcam located in Spain
Webcam located at Mauna Kea observatory at the University of Hawaii Hilo
Webcam from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope observatory in Hawaii
Webcam at JAT Observatory in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

Sunspot Observatory Closure & 5 Other Obervatories Closed Too? Radiation from Both Hemispheres

National Solar Observatory

National Solar Observatory, Sunspot, NM

'Whistleblower' Speaks Concerning Solar Observatory Shutdown, Sunspot, NM

Spiraling Down the Crapper - October 4th, 2018:


Link: I was leaving town but... Destiny brought me back home so here I am doing what I enjoy most sharing my quests and path to a HIGHER TRUTH. And I don’t doubt this stuff after all the paranormal stuff I get with a cheap security infrared camera. If you haven’t seen that stuff and you want to check it out Search HIGHER 7RUTH CERN. Ttyl

The secret behind the closure of Sunspot revealed

The secret behind the closure of Sunspot revealed

G-Men Shut Down Sunspot SolarObservatory Without Explanation: UFO? Solar Apocalypse? Chinese Spying? – Without giving a reason, on Sep. 6, 2018 FBI and other unnamed US agencies closed down the New Mexico-based Sunspot Solar Observatory and evacuated the surrounding geography. The lack of an official explanation had sent the Internet ablaze with speculations. All theories imply government conspiracy to hid true facts. The most prominent theory is that our government wants to hide a deadly solar flare EMP event which is just about to occur. Such an event will shut off all electrical power on Earth. A sister theory expands the idea to the Globalists crating the man-made EMP event and blaming it on the Sun activity. The goal is to reduce the Earth population to the preindustrial age and to “save” the planet from us while the tiny number of Globalist elites enjoy the benefits of the technology. Yet another theory says that an UFO has been spotted --

UFO sighting, or dangerous solar flairs, or ... Government shuts down Sun Spot Observatory – FBI shuts down National Solar Observatory in Sunspot New Mexico without explanation. There are indications that the observatory has recorded a UFO which prompted the closure --



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