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Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Live Reactions at Nintendo NY


What is the coronavirus? Prevention and Advice for Kids - COVID-19

Educational video for children to learn what the coronavirus is and what measures they can take to protect themselves and others. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a virus in the family of coronavirus. This is the virus that caused a pandemic in 2020. A pandemic is new disease spread worldwide and affects many people. So far, it has been demonstrated that the disease is easily transmitted and that's why it has spread globally. To help stop the transmission of the virus, this video shows us several personal hygiene practices to follow: good hand-washing, using hydroalcoholic gel, not touching your face, keeping a safe distance, if you use a mask make sure you cover both your nose and mouth and coughing or sneezing into our elbow.

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12 Most Incredible Treasure And Artifacts Finds

You don’t have to have to be a pirate to go out on the hunt for treasure. It’s a hobby that thousands of metal detectorists indulge in every single day, and hundreds of archaeologists do it professionally. Sometimes, incredible treasures and astonishing artifacts even turn up by accident, discovered by chance! We love it when that happens, because it gives us fantastic stories to tell - stories like the ones you’re about to hear and see in this video.



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