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Nintendo Direct Mini July 2020 REACTION (Lego NES Reaction, Too!)


Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Reaction | July 2020

#NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch

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That Nintendo Direct Mini kinda Sucked...

Today we got a new Nintendo Direct mini but it sadly showed pretty much nothing fun for Switch this year. What is going on in 2020? Lets dig into my reaction of the Nintendo Switch Direct of July.

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#NintendoDirect #NintendoDirectMini

The latest Nintendo Direct is here, but it's not quite what we're accustomed to seeing. Rather than an event that features a mixture of Nintendo and third-party news, this Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, as the name suggests, focused exclusively on third-party developers. The video debuted Monday morning, less than a day after being announced, and it brought news on new DLC for Zelda spin-off Cadence of Hyrule--including Majora's Mask-themed content--and a trailer and 2021 release window for Shin Megami Tensei V. You can watch the full Nintendo Direct Mini and check out our news recap below for a rundown on everything included in the eight-minute broadcast.

So About That Nintendo Direct Mini... (ft Scott The Woz, Rogers Base, Nate The Hate)

Nintendo dropped a third party Direct this morning that went over a couple of games we already knew about and ended with a big announcement from Atlus. Today we go over the Direct Mini and our thoughts on Nintendo for the rest of 2020.



#Nintendo #NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch

Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase | July 2020

Introducing Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase | July 2020, the first in a series focused on Nintendo Switch games from our development and publishing partners.

#NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch

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The Greatest Nintendo Direct Mini Reaction of all time ????

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Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase July 2020: Reaction

It's that time again. Nintendo Direct Mini July 2020. Hype responsibly.


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#Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Mario

Nintendo Direct Mini: July 2020 FAN REACTION!

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Nintendo Direct Mini July 2020 LIVE REACTION

Let's see what happens today during the Nintendo Direct Mini. This will be my live reaction, and honestly if nothing exciting happens, my reaction probably won't be that exciting. But who knows, anything can happen...right?

Reaction Summary - Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase July 2020


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(REACTION & IMPRESSIONS) Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase | July 2020 - RhettMaster96

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~Question of the Stream~
What are your thoughts on Paper Mario: The Origami King with this new information?

~Bonus Question(s)~
What are your thoughts of the Paper Mario series as a whole? What's your favorite game?

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Nintendo Announces NEW CONSOLE Made Of LEGO?!

A WATA Graded copy of Super Mario Bros for NES has sold for a very high price and I find it annoying, and Nintendo and LEGO team up once again with a LEGO NES set coming soon, and they have officially announced more LEGO sets than new Nintendo Switch games in 2020!


#LEGONES #NintendoSwitch #LEGO

Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase | July 2020 - REACTION!

What a surprise. Enjoy!

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Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase Reaction (August 2020) - August Nintendo Direct Mini Reaction

My live reaction to the August Nintendo Direct Mini. Not bad, plenty more games this direct, like where this is heading, keep it up nintendo.

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My thoughts on the Nintendo direct mini showcase ????????????????????????‍♂️ very disappointing


The NES Gets Bricked and MYSTERIOUS Nintendo Twitter Accounts

WEEK IN NINTENDO 7/12/20 - 7/18/20

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System is unveiled, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition won't feature local co-op, Paper Mario The Origami King releases, and possible Nintendo Twitter accounts are discovered for Super Mario's 35th Anniversary and F-Zero!


Army Men Air Combat footage via N64 Glenn Plant:

Dan Mason - Electric Elevator

#Nintendo #NintendoNews #NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch

Nintendo Direct Mini 07.20.2020 Countdown & Reaction

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#NintendoDirectMini #Reaction #Countdown

MY BRUTALLY HONEST Nintendo Direct Take...Is This The End!?

With all the Switch News, Rumors and Leaks hinting at a NEW Nintendo Direct July 2020 Event, a Nintendo Direct Mini event was announced at Midnight, and the New Switch Update on upcoming new switch games and DLC offerings were showcased... Zach has his BRUTALLY HONEST Nintendo Direct Reaction and Review of this Mini Direct that left many VERY disappointed. What did YOU think of the Nintendo Direct Event!?

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Nintendo Direct Mini Has Me Wanting More: What is Coming 4Q?

Nintendo has been quiet on what they are releasing(1st Party Big Titles) in the 4th quarter of 2020. There are rumors of a 3D Mario Collection of games, but nothing official announced yet. What do you expect Nintendo to announce for the 4th Quarter(1st Party)? Comment below and thank you for watching!

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#Nintendo #Switch4Q2020 #NintendoDirectMini

So About that Nintendo Direct Mini...What's Nintendo Up To??

A Nintendo Direct Mini has finally arrived with a new series called Partner Showcase. While cool, this Nintendo Direct was not what many were expecting so what could it mean for Nintendo in 2020? Get all my thoughts here!


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