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One of the most detailed tours of the ISS from American astronaut Steven Swanson!!!

Grand tour of the International Space Station with Drew and Luca | Single take

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA astronaut Drew Morgan take you on a unique tour of the International Space Station shot in one take with two cameras strapped together. Luca and Drew take it in turns to guide you through the modules and spacecraft docked to the orbital outpost.

Starting from the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft that bought Drew to the Space Station, the duo show each module and spacecraft docked with the International Space Station at the time it was recorded around the New Year 2020. Passing colleagues include NASA astronaut Jessica Meir and Christina Koch exercising and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Skripochka.

This is the first tour of the International Space Station with two astronauts presenting and the first done in a single take.

At the time of recording three supply vehicles were docked, the Russian Progress MS-13, Space-X’s Dragon-19 and Northrup Grumman’s Cygnus-12, as well as two astronaut vehicles the Soyuz MS-15 and Soyuz MS-13.

The map overlay graphic erroneously shows the future Nauka module instead of Pirs. The Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module Nauka is planned for launch in the future and will replace Pirs, but we put it on the map already.

Skip to specific modules or features such as the toilets using the timestamps below:

0:00 Soyuz MS-15
4:53 Zvezda service module
8:01 Pirs
9:27 Mini Research Module-2 (MRM-2)
10:30 Soyuz MS-13
11:44 MRM-2
12:27 Progress
13:19 Functional Cargo Block (FGB)
17:12 Mini Research Module-1 (MRM-1)
19:36 Pressurised Mating Adapter
20:42 Node-1 Unity
22:46 Northrup Grumman Cygnus-12
27:32 Quest Airlock
29:27 Node-3 Tranquility
30:58 T2 Treadmill
31:17 Toilet
33:38 Cupola at night
34:11 Permanent Multipurpose Module Leonardo (PMM)
36:42 US laboratory Destiny
37:45 Robotics station for Canadarm2
38:40 Exercise bike
42:21 Node-2 Harmony
44:40 Space X Dragon
46:35 European laboratory Columbus
49:53 Japanese laboratory Kibo
56:17 Space Station fly through
01:00:43 Cupola daytime
01:04:27 Goodbye from Cupola

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Funny and crazy tour of the International Space Station from astronaut Gregory Wiseman!!!

★ Tour the International Space Station - Inside ISS - HD

A tour on the inside of the International Space Station - ISS with expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke.

My photos:

ISS - The Space Station is a collaboration of 15 nations working together to create a world-class, state-of-the-art orbiting research facility. ISS -The Station is much more than a world-class laboratory; it is an international human experiment.

The International Space Station ISS is a space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low Earth orbit. It is a modular structure whose first component was launched in 1998. Now the largest artificial body in orbit, it can often be seen at the appropriate time with the naked eye from Earth. The ISS consists of pressurised modules, external trusses, solar arrays and other components. ISS components have been launched by American Space Shuttles as well as Russian Proton and Soyuz rockets.

The Largest Stars in the Universe | Infographic Animation ►

Best of Hubble Space Telescope (2014) - High res ►

★ Tour the International Space Station - Inside ISS - HD

Thank you for watching!

First-Ever 3D VR Filmed in Space | One Strange Rock

Fly side-by-side with astronauts in this the first ever 3D Virtual Reality film shot in space. Now YOU can experience weightlessness… hurtle around the globe at 17-thousand miles per hours…and take in an impossibly stunning view of our home that just might change how you think about Earth. Featuring Astronauts Chris Hadfield, Mae Jemison, Mike Massimino and Nicole Stott.

For 3D viewing use the YouTube app for Google cardboard, Daydream or Playstation VR... or experience in 2D 360 via the Youtube app on your smartphone or iPad.

Produced by BLACK DOT FILMS VR for National Geographic Partners
© 2018 National Geographic Partners, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Watch ONE STRANGE ROCK, now on the National Geographic Channel.
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About One Strange Rock
From award-winning filmmaker Darren Aronofsky comes a mind-bending, thrilling journey that explores the fragility and wonder of planet Earth—one of the most peculiar, unique places in the universe. Darren Aronofsky, Will Smith, and experienced astronauts join forces to tell the extraordinary story of why life as we know it exists on Earth.

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About the VR Video
The groundbreaking 360-degree ISS video was captured with the Vuze VR Camera, created by Humaneyes Technologies.
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About National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

First-Ever 3D VR Filmed in Space | One Strange Rock

National Geographic

Chris Hadfield's Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS - One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches

Col. Chris Hadfield, the mustachioed Canadian Astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station, gives one of the most eye opening interviews you will ever hear.
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Every single thing that you learn really just gives you more comfort. It's something I counsel kids all the time: if someone is willing to teach you something for free, take them up on it. Do it. Every single time. All it does is make you more likely to be able to succeed. And it's kind of a nice way to go through life.
― Chris Hadfield

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10 Most Amazing Bathrooms in The World

10 Most Amazing Bathrooms in The World

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#viralstory #amazingpeople #50MVideos

Bathrooms are usually pretty much the same everywhere you go in the
world but that’s not the case with some places. Some people have gone out
of the box and have designed bathrooms uniquely.
Stick around, and let’s look at the 10 most amazing bathrooms in the world.
When you look at this bathroom, it seems like a normal men's bathroom
with nothing unusual about it.
But let’s find out where it is!
This humble restroom is the most southerly one in the world. This is located
at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica! Yeah, you heard
that well.
This bathroom is just 350 meters far from the world's southernmost point
which makes it the world's southernmost bathroom.
Photographer Chris Curtis took the picture and said that he didn't believe
there was another bathroom in the world that could compete for the efforts
that went into reaching the place where it was set up.
With temperatures getting as cold as minus 99 degrees Fahrenheit, it's
almost certainly the coldest bathroom to the station. Where it's held has
space for just 150 people although as many as 250 people make use of it in
the Antarctica summer with the extra population staying in specially
constructed thermal tents outside the base.


Well, this bathroom might be one of the most unique and brilliant
bathrooms in the entire world.
I mean it's not just a restroom but it's a bathroom with an aquarium!
This bathroom facility is in the Moominpappa cafe in the seaside town of a
casa Japan. And this unique design is for ladies.
When you go into it, you're surrounded by water, and not only that but
there's marine life for you to look at. Free marine life experience!
It would have cost the owners the equivalent of two hundred and seventy-
five thousand dollars to build. The entire room was built in a way that would
make the restroom users think about swimming in the nearby Seto Inland
Sea. Well, honestly, it's not just as private as you'd expect a bathroom to
The giant fish tank contains a turtle and that turtle is a male in the ladies’
Think how many people must go and grab a coffee and maybe something to
eat purely so they can experience this wonderful restroom.

This one is really going to just amaze you. Because it's one that can be
installed in your home. Yes, but you won’t be to recognize it.

This design was made by Italian company Repsol and is what's known as a
disappearing bathroom. Its secret is that you don't know how it works. This
bathroom could leave someone puzzled and feeling as if they've gone into
the wrong room.
Look at it, just three wooden pieces!
Don’t worry. There's a toilet, a shower, and a basin for you to make use of
but they're disguised in some smart-looking wooden shelving units.
How do access them? Well, you just have to lift them up and you'll get to
the peace of the bathroom that you'll need to use! Pretty easy, right!
That’s not it. There's also enough space to store things like razors and all
the other things that you might keep in your bathroom too. And in case you
were wondering how could wood be prevented from damage… The wood in
this award-winning restroom designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio
Rodriguez is specially treated so it becomes water-resistant!
That's pretty useful because water from a shower can cause serious
damage to wooden fittings which is another reason why this particular
design looks so amazing.
The bathrooms that we have looked up till now they've all got one thing in
common. They've been right here on planet earth!
But have you ever wondered how people in space use bathrooms?
Well, let’s see.

This particular bathroom was designed to be used in outer space where
there is no gravity, in the International Space Station.
Obviously, we all think of astronauts as bold explorers, those who take risks
and take humanity to new heights. But they are still humans at the end of
the day and like every other being, they also need to use the bathroom.
What scientists from NASA had to do, was to think about how they could
use a bathroom in such an environment with zero gravity and also when it's
just not practical to use water!

Man Dares Domino's to Deliver Pizza on Moving Train. Here's How They Did It.

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Getting your favourite pizza takes only one click. But what does it take to get food delivered to your door if it were halfway across the world, in a remote location, on a moving train, or if you were a cosmonaut? Let’s get into it!


[The Increase in Delivery App Usage]

[Pizza Delivery by Plane]

[Pizza Delivery to a Moving Train]

[6 Inch Pizza Delivered to the ISS in Space]

[Elvis - The King’s PB&J]

[Kanye - The Trans-Atlantic Curry Delivery]

Coldplay x Thomas Pesquet - International Space Station Link-Up

Coldplay chat to ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet on board the International Space Station to celebrate the May 7, 2021 release of Higher Power (

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Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 80 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime and, most recently, Orphans.

In November 2019, the band released their eighth album Everyday Life, described by Rolling Stone as “Coldplay’s rangiest and deepest release by orders of magnitude, maybe even their best” and by GQ as A gift – hard to deem it anything less than Coldplay's best.

#Coldplay #HigherPower #ThomasPesquet #ESA

NASA Find Liquid Water on Mars!

Many people dream of traveling through space and perhaps even encountering extraterrestrial life. Evidence for higher life forms is lacking, although single-celled organisms are conceivable. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses have taken up residence on the international space station, the ISS, and are getting along frighteningly well. But microbes follow humans—not the other way around.

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Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, SpaceX, Wikipedia, Shutterstock, ...


International Space Station Tour VR Oculus Quest DracoGames

I visited the iss in virtual reality through my vr headset oculus quest, it is a mind blowing experience . Do try it if you have a vr headset . Mission ISS
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One of the most AMAZING aviation stories ever told | TACA flight 110

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On the 24th of May, 1988 a Boeing 737-300 from TACA airlines, flight 110 suffered a dual engine failure during the descend into New Orleans international airport in the United States. The engines flamed out due to heavy ingestion of rain and hail and the following approach and landing will go to the history books as one of the most dramatic ever in the history of aviation.
And the story doesn’t even stop there, how they managed to retrieve the aircraft is a story worth its own video
I hope you will enjoy this video, it was a pure pleasure to make!

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Artwork in the studio ????????

Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out!

Interview with Captain Carlos:

Piper Archer: @European Aircraft Sales

Weather radar: @CTV News

733 Battery:

Water Ingestion 1:

Engine 1: @David Monniaux

Water Ingestion 2: @GEAviation

Engine 2:

Mountains: @Sergei Gussev

Certificate: @CFM


Checklist: @AlexPIC81

Site 1: @Ted Jackson

Site 2: @OnDisasters

Barge: @Airbus

Spinner 1: @Duch

Spinner 2: @David Monniaux

Fan Blades: @Golfcharlie232


00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Chapter 1: Flight Overview
05:01 - Chapter 2: Capt. Dardano, The Man
06:43 - Chapter 3:  How’s the Weather?
09:04 - Chapter 4:  The Problem with Radar
11:58 - Chapter 5:  Engine Flame Out
16:14 - Chapter 6:  Attempts at Recovery
19:46 - Chapter 7:  Prepared for Ditching
24:30 – Exclusive offer from Curiosity Stream
25:37 – The Final Chapter: Back Into Service

How NASA's Mars rover landing almost went terribly wrong

NASA wasn't sure if Perseverance would be able to slow itself down as it barreled toward Mars at over 300 miles per hour earlier this year. Sunday, Anderson Cooper reports on the missions being carried out on the red planet by the rover and its special cargo, the tiny helicopter Ingenuity.

60 Minutes is the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still a hit, over 50 seasons later, regularly making Nielsen's Top 10.

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Higher Power in space | Thomas Pesquet & Coldplay

To celebrate the premiere of @Coldplay's latest single 'Higher Power’, the band linked up for an extraterrestrial video chat with French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is currently on a six-month mission on board the International Space Station. A specially recorded performance of Higher Power - featuring dancing alien holograms - was beamed up to Thomas, who gave the track its very first play on board the Station. The song’s premiere followed a conversation which took in similarities between life on tour and life on the Space Station, how planet Earth looks from space and its fragility; and how Thomas listens to music in microgravity.

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Credits: Coldplay

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NASA Is Building a Space Station Around the Moon

As NASA gears up for a return to the moon this decade, work is underway for a permanent lunar orbital space station, project name Gateway. In this episode of The Space Show, host Becky Ferreira speaks with Dan Hartman, NASA’s Gateway program manager, and Lara Kearney, NASA’s Gateway program deputy manager about the new space station.

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For the German viewers of my channel, I present a German version of the video: ONE OF THE MOST DETAILED ISS TOUR!!!. This time, a space tour will be astronaut Alexander Gerst. Pleasant viewing!

Für Deutsche zuschauer von meinem kanal, ich vertrete die Deutsche version der rolle: ONE OF THE MOST DETAILED ISS TOUR!!! . Diesmal, kosmische ausflug führt astronaut Alexander Gerst. Viel Vergnügen!

One of the most detailed ISS tours quite clearly filmed in Houston.

One of the most detailed ISS tours is a 50 minute long video of astronaut Steven Swanson giving a tour of the International Space Station.
A popular Youtuber SmarterEveryDay was granted a tour of the International Space Station mock facility in Houston guided by none other than Scott Kelly.
Observing the videos together reveals some similarities!

One of the most detailed ISS tours

Smarter every day tour of Houston mock ISS

Video without narration


Channels that opened my eyes
1)Eric Dubay




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Peace on the Plane.

ONE OF THE MOST DETAILED ISS TOUR! - in slow motion and backwards

I have been seen video's were people said; Nasa is lying, ISS is fake, it's a 'hollywood' production. And these people have given their proofs, clearly you could see strings. Now I have seen 'ONE OF THE MOST DETAILED ISS TOUR!' I have seen it on Big Screen, made it slow-down and backwards. This version I show you here, may you can see The Fakeness? For the meditation/relaxation I have added Nature River Sound.

China rocket! Internet BREAKS after frenzy of hilarious Tweets as space debris goes viral

China rocket! Internet BREAKS after frenzy of hilarious Tweets as space debris goes viral.
THE INTERNET has blown up over the Chinese rocket spiralling back to Earth.
Estimates from US Space Force data suggests that re-entry will occur between 2 and 4am UK time - reaching speeds of 4.8 miles per second. Twitter users are beside themselves - posting numerous hilarious gags, as Chinese rocket trends worldwide.
One Australian Twitter user waiting for the rocket to touch down wrote: “If Chinese Rocket Long March5B debris lands on us at Mother’s Day lunch, I’m gonna be peeved.”
Another wrote: “Waiter, there's a Chinese Rocket in my soup.
Another American user wrote: “The same night Chinese Rocket is expected to fall, elon musk is live on SNL.... Which one should I watch?”
Another said: “Earth in a nutshell: made by China - Destroyed by China.
One adamant fan said: “Omg please keep Taylor Swift safe from the Chinese Rocket she's a national treasure.”
One more posted an image of man looking at his watch with the caption: “Me waiting for the Chinese rocket to hit me so I don’t have to go to work on Monday.”
Another user simply posted a 12 hour weather forecast with a rocket ship emoji featured at 4am saying: “The weather’s looking interesting today.”
One more user said: “Why am I tracking the Chinese Rocket like I'm tracking an Amazon order.”
On Friday, China‘s foreign ministry said that most debris will burn on re-entry and is highly unlikely to cause any harm.

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NASA Tour of The International Space Station - ISS Look Inside the ISS

Take a tour of the International Space Station courtesy of NASA astronaut Suni Williams (Expedition 33)

ISS Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams starts off her tour of the International Space Station with a look at its nodes -- Harmony, Tranquility and Unity -- which include the crew's sleeping quarters and hygiene station. Destiny, Columbus, Kibo:



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