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Object-Oriented Programming is Bad


OOP is not wrong, your definition of OOP is wrong!


Object Oriented Programming is Bad


FP vs OO: Choose Two by Brian Goetz

This talk is about the fictitious divisions we invent, and how they harm the progress of our industry. In particular, we'll look at the supposed tension between Functional Programming and Object-Oriented Programming, and hopefully see that the tension is all in our heads.

Object Oriented Programming is Bad


Oops! OOP Is Not What I Thought

This talk is a historical & philosophical journey deep into the heart of darkness, er, object-oriented programming (OOP). Join me as I have my world shaken by the discovery that objects & classes aren't OOP's most important concepts: messages & late binding are. We'll try to peek inside the heads of Alan Kay & other OOP founders as they created languages like Smalltalk, and find that those old ideas seem strikingly relevant today. Our jaws may drop as we realize that OOP & functional programming aren't as different as we may have thought and that the 1st OO language wasn't created in the 60's or 70's, but much, much earlier… What awaits us at the end of this journey? At worst, we'll undergo a brief crisis of faith in everything we ever thought we knew about programming. (A support group will meet after the conference.) At best, we'll shift the way we view this near-ubiquitous but oft-misunderstood paradigm, and walk away with new insights for how we architect & understand our code.


Øredev 2018


Anjana Vakil

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Linus Torvalds thinks Java is a horrible language

In this interview Torvalds talks about Oracle and Java.
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Object Oriented Programming is Bad

Why was OOP Invented?

Why was object oriented programming invented? What are the advantages that programmers where looking for with OOP?

OOP is now the defacto standard in modern day development ... nearly all the most popular languages are based on object oriented programming. This is includes, Java, C++, C#, PHP, Python and sooo many others.

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Why OOP inheritance sucks

- Another story from the .com bubble era that helped teach me a coding lesson.

Why don't the cool kids like OOP? - Jon Kalb - Meeting C++ 2019 lightning talks

Why don't the cool kids like OOP? - Jon Kalb - Meeting C++ 2019 lightning talks

What's Wrong With Object-Oriented Programming?

RigaDevDays 2017; 15 May 2017; Riga, Latvia; slides are here:

Why do programmers have problems with OOP?

In Why do programmers have problems with OOP? I answer a subscriber question.

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Should you use OOP programming in 2018?

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More and more developers are debating the use of OO programming, given some of the issues you can have with object oriented code. But many of today's top programming languages are object oriented:


... And many more. The main problem is NOT object oriented programming, it's how some people use it.

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Handmade Hero | Getting rid of the OOP mindset

Day 134 QA


Yegor Bugayenko - What's Wrong with Object-Oriented Programming?

Object-oriented programming was called a mess by many famous software engineers and scientists, for years. Recently OOP is becoming less popular, allowing functional one to take over. At the presentation I will analyze the reasons for such a miserable failure we're facing at the moment and suggest a few solutions, to make OOP great again.

OOP is the Root of All Evil - Jeff Ward

Delivered as part of the AltDev Student Summit November 10/11 2012

Most colleges now teach OOP languages and OOP principles, but a completely object oriented program is frequently at odds with creating fast code. In an attempt to create abstractions and encapsulate complex systems, programmers sacrifice speed, arguing that these make more maintainable and more re-usable code. This talk will show that the principles that make re-usable and maintainable code are not necessarily the principles that are part of OOP, and that the speed / maintenance dichotomy is sometimes an illusion.

Object-Oriented Programming is Garbage: 3800 SLOC example

Object-Oriented Programming is Good*

*or not

Object-Oriented Programming is Embarrassing: 4 Short Examples

A follow up to

Object-Oriented Programming is Bad

An explanation of why you should favor procedural programming over Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).



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