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Object-Oriented Programming is Embarrassing: 4 Short Examples


Object-Oriented Programming is Embarrassing: 4 Short Examples

A follow up to

Object-Oriented Programming is Garbage: 3800 SLOC example


Functional Killed the OOP Star (v3.0) by Tom Pittman

What object-oriented programmers should know about why functional programming is trending today.

This talk was given on November 14, 2017 to Utah Valley University computer science, computer engineering, digital media, information systems, information technology, and software engineering students and faculty.

Object-Oriented Programming is Bad

An explanation of why you should favor procedural programming over Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

Should you use OOP programming in 2018?

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More and more developers are debating the use of OO programming, given some of the issues you can have with object oriented code. But many of today's top programming languages are object oriented:


... And many more. The main problem is NOT object oriented programming, it's how some people use it.

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What's Wrong With Object-Oriented Programming?

RigaDevDays 2017; 15 May 2017; Riga, Latvia; slides are here:

OOP is the Root of All Evil - Jeff Ward

Delivered as part of the AltDev Student Summit November 10/11 2012

Most colleges now teach OOP languages and OOP principles, but a completely object oriented program is frequently at odds with creating fast code. In an attempt to create abstractions and encapsulate complex systems, programmers sacrifice speed, arguing that these make more maintainable and more re-usable code. This talk will show that the principles that make re-usable and maintainable code are not necessarily the principles that are part of OOP, and that the speed / maintenance dichotomy is sometimes an illusion.

Object-Oriented Programming is Good*

*or not

Object Oriented Programming is Bad

Object Oriented vs Functional Programming with TypeScript

Learn how object-oriented 🎁 and functional ❄️ programming are awesome in their own ways. Also, get infallible answers answers to questions like composition over inheritance?, GIF over JIF?, Is a hotdog a sandwich? and more!

Special Thanks to Patrick Mullot - you rock!

Functional Cake Recipe

Full Article:

TS Mixins

What’s wrong with OOP - Roberto Sasso

A deep dive tale about programming and logic.
With a critical approach we’re going to walk through the path that brought us to what we know as “Object Oriented Programming”.
We will examine the bad and good parts of the paradigm to, maybe, discover that the original idea is not so far from what we call “Functional Programming”.

'A Glimpse of Trygve: From Class-oriented Programming to Real OO' - Jim Coplien [ ACCU 2016 ]

Though it’s called object-oriented, C++ programming tends to be rooted in classes rather than objects. And while you can do OO programming in C++ if you work hard enough, some languages like Java make it almost impossible. While it’s likely that Dahl and Nygaard understood real OO, their Simula 67 language was limited in its expression of those ideas. Alan Kay later made the OO vision more concrete, named it, and even reduced much of it to practice around 1970. However, as Smalltalk evolved it became increasingly class-oriented. At one point Kay said that they should burn all the Smalltalk tapes and move on, but the world had fallen in love with itself and its preoccupation with classes. While a few object-oriented languages like JavaScript survived, most languages took the class direction.

Kay’s Vivarium started to take OO in the direction of emergent system behavior. While suitable for social phenomenæ like the Internet, it gives pause when considering Tony Hoare’s admonition: I conclude that there are two ways of conntructing a software design: 1. Make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies 2. Make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult.” We’re still stuck with writing programs to deliver to the mental models of businesses and their stakeholders. While Kay took the emergent path, MVC took a human-centric path.

The open sourced trygve language is the world’s first attempt to create a language that faithfully implements the Data-Context-and-Interaction (DCI) paradigm pioneered by Trygve Reenskaug (inventor of MVC, too) and Jim Coplien (who proposed a bit of OO thinking in his Advanced C++ 25 years ago). In this talk we’ll give a glimpse of what OO is all about and talk a bit about how trygve supports it.

oop s wrong vid

Is Object-Oriented Programming Really THAT Bad?

Was OOP a mistake? Was it an unnecessary cul-de-sac for the programming field?

Object Oriented Programming


Drunken OOP Rant

2016 03 18 - Particles, rendering and Drunken OOP Rant by @sssmcgrath ( the original video is unavailable now ( but fortunately I archived it back in 2016.
OOP rant starts at 3:21:18

Programming Paradigms, Assembly, Procedural, Functional & OOP | Ep28

Paradigms are simply a model, for example a pattern or way of doing something. Programming languages do have paradigms or models, the way in which we write our code. If we right our code in a different way, we're using a different paradigm. Likewise we could use paradigms to suit different situations, it's just the style in which we write our program's.

For example the assembly paradigm is where we create programs that are line upon line of instructions with no functional group of commands. This style of programming is still around today in modern computers; but is not widely used for large scale applications.

The procedural paradigm or functional programming is another way of writing our program's. You can think of this as a level up from assembly as we're breaking our command's down into sections and then only invoking them when needed. It's more modular than assembly and allows more flexibility in our code. Again this is just another way of writing our program's; or in other words another paradigm.

Finally we have OOP or object oriented programming. This paradigm or style of writing a program is dominated by objects. So for example, if we create a banking application we want to use OOP for the bank account structure as bank accounts are objects which can be owned. So to map this out in a program, we're better off using the OOP model or paradigm as it closely fits with what we're trying to code.

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Why was OOP Invented?

Why was object oriented programming invented? What are the advantages that programmers where looking for with OOP?

OOP is now the defacto standard in modern day development ... nearly all the most popular languages are based on object oriented programming. This is includes, Java, C++, C#, PHP, Python and sooo many others.

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FP vs OOP: Choose Two by Brian Goetz

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This talk is about the fictitious divisions we invent, and how they harm the progress of our industry. In particular, we'll look at the supposed tension between Functional Programming and Object-Oriented Programming, and hopefully see that the tension is all in our heads.

Object Oriented PHP vs Procedural PHP

- Is object oriented code too bloated?



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