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Old Dutch Church Bell Rings to Honor Frontline Workers


Old Dutch Church Bell Rings to Honor Frontline Workers

Old Dutch Church, Kingston, New York, rings the bells at 7 pm for healthcare and essential workers, community responsders and you!

Bells of Hope still ringing!

This a weekly Sunday church service at Nordland Lutheran Church for the 2020 calendar year.

All hymns come from the Lutheran Book of Worship copyright 1978 (and its supplements).

A Tour of the Bell Tower of Christ and St. Luke's Church

A Tour of the Bell Tower of Christ & St. Luke's Church
with Kevin Kwan, Director of Music

The Bell Tower of Christ & St. Luke's Church rises 134 feet tall and can be seen for miles around. A four-stage crenellated tower, adorned with pinnacles and crockets, the Tower is a local landmark featured on many pictorial designs of Norfolk. Construction began in 1908 in the English Perpendicular Gothic style designed by Watson and Huckle Architects of Philadelphia. The Tower houses a bell cast by the Meneely Bell Foundry of West Troy, NY from 1860. The bell was located at the original Christ Church building in downtown Norfolk and moved to the present church building in 1910. The bell, believed to be the oldest bell in Norfolk, weights 1,218 pounds and is 42 inches in diameter. It is still heard each Sunday for services and for special occasions like weddings and funerals. The Tower also houses the walk-in wind chest of the original 1915 Austin organ op. 619, emptied of pipes in 1963.

People of Amsterdam applauding healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic

People of Amsterdam clapping for healthcare workers. The bells ringing are of Oude Kerk (Old Church). The video was made in the city center of Amsterdam, close to the Red Light District

Church bells to ring at 10 am for 3 minutes on Easter Sunday 12/04/2020 in George, South Africa

Eensgesind & Feesvierend:
Kerkklokke gaan lui om 10 uur vir 3 minute op Paassondag!

‘n Uitdrukking van hoop tydens moeilike omstandighede.

Eensgesind: Ons het mekaar nodig!
Feesvierend: Jesus het opgestaan, die graf is leeg!

Talle kerke regoor die groter George gaan komende Paassondag om 10:00 hulle kerkklokke vir drie minute lank lui.
Dit sal tydens moeilike omstandighede 'n uitdrukking wees van hoop en nuwe lewe deur Jesus se opstanding, sê ds. Francois Mulder, leraar van die NG Blanco-gemeente wat saam met ds. Pieter van Santen van die Tuinedal-gemeente op dié gedagte gekom het.
Maar vir Blanco-kerk om deel te wees van die inisiatief, moes Mulder sy kerk se kloktoring aandurf om te toets of hy die klok sal kan lui. Nadat die tou afgebreek het, het hulle die klok die afgelope paar jaar glad nie gebruik nie.
Toe hy Woensdag die sowat 50 trappies in die toring bestyg en uiteindelik die klok kon lui, was hy so opgewonde soos 'n kind. Op pad boontoe het ek die gefladder van vlerke gehoor en het eers gedink dis 'n duif, maar toe sien ek 'n uil. Ek was verras toe ek 'n ent boontoe op 'n voëlnes met ses eiers afkom. Ek het die uil al in die bome hier rondom ons en op die kerktoring gesien. Dis baie spesiaal. Die eiers is vir my 'n simbool van nuwe lewe, die embriofase voor die geboorte soos daar vir ons nuwe geboorte is anderkant die graf deur Jesus se opstanding.
Klok in 1973 gemaak
Die kloktoring is in 1975 saam met die kerkgebou voltooi. Ds. JR Müller het die kerk se hoeksteen op 12 Oktober 1974 gelê. Op die klok is die datum 1973 gegrafeer en Mulder sê dit is waarskynlik van Europa af laat kom.
Oom Martin Weideman, Tannie Annatjie, een van ons lidmate se oorlede man, het die kerk en kloktoring gebou en die klok geïnstalleer. Die boonste deel van die kerktoring het 1 ton geweeg en Oom Martin het dit opgesit met steierwerk en toue.
Mulder het alle kerke in die groter George genooi om Sondag saam klokke te lui. Die NG gemeentes van Uniondale en Herold asook vyf gemeentes in George het aangedui dat hulle gaan deelneem. In Blanco gaan die VGK en die Anglikaanse en Roomse kerke ook hul klokke lui.
Ons wil hierdeur ons solidariteit en eenheid uitdruk. Ons is almal saam in hierdie moeilike tyd, maar ons kan feesvier omdat Jesus die dood oorwin het. Ons het 'n belofte van nuwe lewe. Die graf is leeg, sê Mulder.

Unity and celebration: Church bells to ring at 10 am for 3 minutes on Easter Sunday

An expression of hope during difficult times.

Unity: We need each other!
Celebration: Jesus has risen, the grave is empty!

The audio recording was made during the lockdown period in April 2020 due to Covid 19 in South Africa. All the artists recorded their parts individually.

Organist: Betsie Schaap (Pretoria)
Voice: Ds Francois Mulder (George)
Violin: Lize Schaap (Pretoria)
Flute: Landi Schaap (Pretoria)

Permission was given by Ds Francois Mulder to make use of all the visuals in the making of this video.

Museum After Hours - The Doughboy's Life in Battle

Presented at the Kansas Museum of History on November 9, 2018

The Great War caught a generation of American soldiers at a turning point in the nation’s history. At the moment of the Republic’s emergence as a key player on the world stage, these were the first Americans to endure mass machine warfare, and the first to come into close contact with foreign peoples and cultures in large numbers. What was it like, Richard S. Faulkner asks, to be one of these foot soldiers at the dawn of the American century? How did the doughboy experience the rigors of training and military life, interact with different cultures, and endure the shock and chaos of combat? The answer can be found in Pershing’s Crusaders, the most comprehensive, and intimate, account ever given of the day-to-day lives and attitudes of the nearly 4.2 million American soldiers mobilized for service in World War I.

Pershing’s Crusaders offers a clear, close-up picture of the doughboys in all of their vibrant diversity, shared purpose, and unmistakably American character. It encompasses an array of subjects from the food they ate, the clothes they wore, their view of the Allied and German soldiers and civilians they encountered, their sexual and spiritual lives, their reasons for serving, and how they lived and fought, to what they thought about their service along every step of the way. Faulkner’s vast yet finely detailed portrait draws upon a wealth of sources—thousands of soldiers’ letters and diaries, surveys and memoirs, and a host of period documents and reports generated by various staff agencies of the American Expeditionary Forces. Animated by the voices of soldiers and civilians in the midst of unprecedented events, these primary sources afford an immediacy rarely found in historical records. Pershing’s Crusaders is, finally, a work that uniquely and vividly captures the reality of the American soldier in World War I for all time. Faulkner is the author of Pershing’s Crusaders: The American Soldier in World War I

Napoleon's Imperial Guard The Old Guard Infantry

The final part of Napoleon's Imperial Guard is here, and it's the one you've all been waiting for...The Old Guard! At over an hour, I'd suggest getting a nice cup of something and sitting back to enjoy! Not entirely sure why the picture of the guy with the flag is sideways...but hey, it's all good!

This also has my best ever French pronunciation in it too! (maybe...)

See you soon in the next video, please like and sub if you're not already for more content like this, and let me know in the comment's below if there's any formation you'd like to see a video on next!

Ringing our Bell to Celebrate Health Care Workers

At 7.30pm on International Nurses's Day Father Tay and his family rang the church bells to honour front line medical workers. Thank you for your sevice!

St John's United Church Bells for Frontline Workers

St. John's United Church in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada rings the church bells to honour all the front line workers at 7:30 pm on Monday nights during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Memorial Day 2020 Bell ringing at The Old Southeast Church HD 720p HD 720p HD 720p

On Memorial Day 2020, Landmarks Preservation Society rang the bell at the historic Old Southeast Church to honor Fallen Heroes who served our Country, making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
In addition, during the Covid-19 virus pandemic, we remember all Medical Professionals, First Responders, EMS, Front-Line workers, those who died from the virus and for all families affected.

Ringing the Bells of St. Peter’s Milford

Powered by Restream

It’s 7 o’clock on Sundays Wednesdays and Fridays we ring our bell with other churches in solidarity and as an expression of gospel hope in this time of COVID-19. Thanks to all whose toil unites us, and may God grant us protection and peace.

Bells of Hope - First Evangelical Presbyterian Church

To honor healthcare workers, bells ring at First Evangelical Presbyterian Church at 7am and 7pm.

Joyful Noise in gratitude for frontline workers

On Saturday I joined Helping Hands Uxbridge in showing our thanks to the front line workers in our health care system and long term care facilities for their dedication in this time. Unfortunately I pulled the rope at an inopportune time and it came off the pulley ... that means no more ringing the bell for the time being!!

Despite no graduation ceremonies, DU bells ring for the Class of 2020

This year, in-person graduation ceremonies have all been canceled, but the staple song of those special occasions is still ringing through the air. Denver7's Jason Gruenauer reports.

Rebecca Rings Graduation Bell-Date: Thursday, June 4, 2020

Rebecca is ringing the graduation bell. They had to do things this way because of the Coronavirus (COVID 19.) They weren't able to do a normal graduation ceremony due to social distancing.

Bells ringing out on Easter Morning at St George’s

Church Bells at St. Andrew's Church, Grimsby, Ontario for COVID-19

Hear the church bells ringing at St. Andrew's Church, Grimsby, Ontario, for COVID-19 front-line workers, and come along for a short walk. Established in 1794, the church is the fourth oldest in Ontario. Hearing the bells ring is like a step back in time!

Us During the Covid 19 Crisis - The Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird is a rarely seen bird and we are fortunate to have them living on our property. Found in eastern North America from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia all the way down to Nicaragua, Eastern Bluebirds will often migrate from Canada to the southern United States after their mating season. They prefer wide-open areas such as farms, grasslands, roadsides and sometimes suburbs. These areas often provide natural cavities to nest in, their favorites being: hollowed trees and old woodpecker holes. While watching the male and the female and thought mmm.... looks like Drunken Tourist's wife and the Drunken Tourist battling for territory during lockdown. #easternbluebird #bluebirds #covid19lockdown #covid19


ThaMack SHOW

Blessed Nation 12x36 Dutch Pour Tutorial Part 1. Also new Studio Tour and Life update at end!!

Dutch Pour on 12x36 level 3 Artist Loft Canvas

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12x36 Stretched Canvas

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Flood Color
Blue (2 separate cups of the below recipe)
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.5oz Floetrol
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1oz Floetrol
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.5oz Masters Touch Crimson
.2oz water

Pouring medium recipe and paint mixing video

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Epidemic Sounds

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