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On était vraiment comme ça ados ? (encore une masterclass de JoCo)


How to play harmonics on bass (8 must know shapes)

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I was totally floored when I first heard Jaco’s Portrait of Tracy (try playing that final chord!).

I remember watching Modern Electric Bass on VHS back in the ’80s. Jerry Jemmott asked Jaco about his use of harmonics and Jaco said that it was thanks to tuning his bass, and that “it sounded like music to me.

With harmonics we’re moving beyond the standard list of bass guitar techniques, and you probably don’t need to be able to play them all to become a pro bassist. BUT if you can get to grips with the fundamentals then you’ll open up a whole new world of ideas.

In this lesson you’re going to learn:
- The 8 shapes that every bassist needs to know.
- How to combine harmonics with an open E string.
- My favourite harmonics licks and tricks.
- THAT Jaco chord!
- And much, much more

As always, see you in the shed...
Scott :)


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