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One of ESD’s oldest Pakmors Part 2


Garbage Men GoPro Part 1

Today marks my 8-year anniversary since I set up this channel in 2009. I think a video of me working is one of the most fitting ways to celebrate that. Most of the stops are backyard/garage service, which is offered free of charge. The green barrels are used as transfer containers when going behind a house. It's a very customer-oriented approach to collecting a resi-route, one that's designed to win over wealthy (and often elderly) customers in an open market town.

This video features yung Benjamin and I working on mobile 06, an ex-Penske International Durastar with a 13 yard New Way Viper body. For those who are into the older (cooler) trucks, I'll have videos of those coming later.

Recorded July 26, 2017

City of San Diego Autocar Amrep ASL on Recycle

Before I start, let me remind you that videos are now in 4K so if you're watching on a computer or TV, turn up the quality. Everyone else, ignore this.

This driver just so happens to be one of the coolest ESD drivers I've ever met, and he's been in a few of my videos before. The truck was less exciting than I would have hoped. I went out looking for a Peterbilt, but after wasting so much time not finding anything I gave up and happened upon this truck by complete accident. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to walk away from that day with any footage that I really did not care that it was an Autocar.

The hydraulic pressure was low (for ESD standards) on the packer and the cylinder that raises and lowers the chain. You can clearly see the hopper struggling to keep up, from both the hopper cam shots he took for me and from the shot I got from up high.

Coletores de lixo...Tenhamos Um Novo Olhar Sobre os Coletores de Lixo

Tenhamos Sempre Um Novo Olhar Sobre os Coletores de Lixo....
Esses trabalhadores enfrentam muitas dificuldades no dia- a- dia de trabalho e deveriam ser mais reconhecidos!!

ESD Pak-Mors in the Rain: Recycle Part 2

This is the last part of ESD Pak-Mors in the Rain. It is not, however, the last. ESD Pak-Mor video from me. I like this truck for a couple reasons. First of all, it's a mini truck, and my first time filming one. It's also a part of a pretty cool story.

A few weeks ago, I was at school eating my lunch, while scrolling through pictures of garbage trucks on flickr. I came across garbagekid1's picture of the truck in this video (832 008). I looked up from my phone to see this exact truck pass by the street adjacent to my school. A few weeks later, I got the opportunity to film it.

Enjoy this video of Jose (the guy without the hat) and his partner going about their route in the rain and cold, and while you're at it, a comment would be nice too.

ESD Christmas Trash Part 1

One of the older Pak Mors tipping trash on carts the day after Christmas. Stay tuned, there will be a lot more variety in my uploads coming soon, as well as some goodies for the ESD fans.

Massachusetts Adventures Part 1: Mack Granite McNeilus RL Manual Trash

Ahh, the East Coast. The home of old-school manual collection. While it is a rarity to find cart-tipping semi-automated collection in my hometown of San Diego, here in Massachusetts things are a little different.

Manual collection is still very prevalent in many areas around here, often with long and mean rear loaders like this one. West Coast based refuse-industry YouTubers like myself dream of filming places like this. I'm lucky enough to have a dad who was born here in Massachusetts, so annual family visits mean lots of footage that is inaccessable to my friends in California.

This summer I planned on taking full advantage of the beautiful array of rear loaders and manual side loaders that still run in parts of Massachusetts, and skip my usual Waste Management Heil Pythons. This first mini-series is of a McNeilus rear loader on a Mack Granite chassis, collecting hand-loaded trash in Waltham, Massachusetts. Enjoy!

Garbage Men GoPro Part 3: Leach Alpha Packer

Here’s a video of Ben and I running one of the bigger Leaches on a residential route. This unit is normally used for commercial containers but the New Way was having some electrical issues so we brought it out. I personally would prefer to use one of these on residential all the time.

Caminhão de coleta de lixo porcalhão #OxeRecife

Caminhão da Empresa de Manutenção e Limpeza Urbana do Recife (Emlurb) limpa e suja as ruas do Recife, com lixo moído caindo na Rua Joseph Turton: chorume no asfalto.

Dia do Coletor de Lixo: 12.02

Prefeitura faz sua homenagem aos coletores de lixo do Município.

Garbage Man GoPro Part 2

Manual backyard garbage collection with a New Way Viper rear loader

recorded july 12, 2017

City of San Diego ESD Community Cleanup - Part 1

Here's some of my footage from the annual cleanup event at Qualcomm stadium this year. This event has grown in popularity since Scott came and filmed here in 2014. In that video there were just 6 trucks, this year I counted 12, with 2 on their way to the landfill and back at any given moment. If you like CCCs (I love 'em) and Pak-Mors, this is like being a little kid at Disneyland. There was all kinds of junk to be found here, but what I thought was the most interesting garbage was the old chargers memorabilia that, in the most ironic twist ever, was being disposed of at the team's former home stadium.

Part 2

City of Worcester D.P.W. & P. 5-011 ~ International 7400 Pak-Mor Rear Loader

Here is one of the City of Worcester's Pak-Mor rear loaders doing residential trash up in the hills or Worcester. Worcester is a PAYT city which is why the bags are yellow.

City of San Diego - CCC LET2 / Pakmor RL on Manual Greens

I finally acquired some footage of an ESD pakmor doing manual greens. Before this video I've actually filmed three pakmors but they were all tipping carts, but I wanted to catch a pakmor that was doing greens in other words... working manually. When acquiring footage for A Garbage Day in San Diego I thought it was necessary that I got footage of at least one if I'm lucky two pakmors on greens. My dilemma was that it was the dead of winter, so not many residents had much greens, but when they did they had like 4 or more carts out it was pretty cool. I'll probably try to acquire more footage of pakmors on greens in the summer when I find the time.
This truck actually had a three manner crew which was pretty cool, it's not that often when you see three manners on ESD, also halfway through the video notice how the crew that was outside switched with the driver, and the driver was out doing the lifting while the other two kind of like took a break which I thought was cool.

Thanks to the crew for letting me take some shots of their truck.

Filmed in:
Paradise Valley, San Diego

Credits go to the crew
Credito se va al tripulacion

Caminhão de lixo - Lucas Coletor - 3 anos

Ele acorda e dorme pensando e falando em caminhão de lixo, trabalhar como coletor e ver os amigões.

Boston Trash Part 1: EZ Disposal McNeilus on a Mack LR

Enjoy this footage of a speedy 3 man crew flying through Waltham’s Monday route. This was filmed in over 80° heat with extremely high humidity, so moving at this pace is not as easy as it might look. This video is being posted per the request of one of the helpers, who I filmed on recycle the next day. Thanks to him and all the nice guys at EZ for letting me get some video of you guys this year.

Filmed with Metro Boston Trash Trucks

Part 2 of this series can be found here:

Recycling - Part 1

Ever wonder what happens to your recyclables after they get picked up at the curb? Here's how single-stream recyclables are separated and packaged up for recyclers. Part 2 shows how used paper is made into new products.

More on this story here:

WM of Carlsbad Wayne RL

I believe this truck is quite rare,and rws76 has footage of a similar truck

City of San Diego - ESD CCC LET2 Cart Tipping Pakmor Rear Loader

Ever since I was a little boy I have LOVED ESD's CCC Pakmor Rear Loaders. I remember when they would do manual trash collection back in the late 90'sin the south region of San Diego back in 1998, back when their fleet was barely phasing into automated trucks and they only had a handful of automated trucks that consisted of the old pete amreps and the heils, so they would sometimes send their pakmors to do the trash runs and tip carts.
I realized the other day that it has been over 2 years since I've filmed a pakmor. Reason being is that the yard waste is always the hardest stream of collection for me to hunt and capture and finding a pakmor seems like an endless search for me. After working my morning baby shift I went out to find some car parts. (Cuz that's what I spend all my overtime money on.... hahaha) I happened to be in a collection day area and decided to take a peak into an old route I filmed once with a pakmor tipping carts. And long behold I came at the right time because just like exactly two years ago I found the same exact truck doing it's thing, tipping carts. Although the crew was different this time.
I realized many things that day when filming the pakmor. 1) my love for these trucks 2) ESD will probably forever have these trucks even when they fully automatize the city with greens collection because San Diego has tons of cramped alley's and similar neighborhoods throughout the city like this one 3) I had forgotten how loud these things are.
Many more pakmor videos are to come in the future, both on manual greens and car tipping.

Enjoy :)

2016 - El.Paisano Media Productions & Entertainment
San Diego, CA / USA | Tijuana, Baja California / México

One of ESD's oldest Pak-Mors Part 1

Per the request of the helper, I'm uploading this the week after I filmed it. As the the title suggests, this one of is the lowest numbered Pak-Mors in the city's fleet right now. The only trucks older than this one, 098 and 099 are used for community cleanup operations and aren't even outfitted with a tipper. Because this Crane Carrier is a little older, it sounds a little different than the newer cranes with the high whine that you see way too much of on this channel.

Oh and for anyone who cares, this was filmed a few hours before the solar eclipse. Even cooler is at 5:26 he gives the channel a little plug :D

One of ESD’s oldest Pakmors Part 2

Some more of San Diego’s fastest manually collecting greenwaste like champs. I actually recorded this part first but I released the latter chunk of my footage first. tricked ya!

Part 1:



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