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Operation Cactus | How India Averted Maldives Crisis in 1988 | Battle Ops | Veer by Discovery


Operation Cactus | The Phone Call That Went on for 18 Hours | Battle Ops | Veer by Discovery

Wondering why a phone call would continue for 18 hours during Operation Cactus? The telephone line of Maldives Foreign Secretary was the only source of contact for mission planning. Check out more videos from Operation Cactus in 1988:

आपरेशन कैक्टस के दौरान एक फोन कॉल 18 घंटे तक क्यों चलती रही? मालदीव के विदेश सचिव का टेलीफोन लाइन मिशन की गुप्त योजना के लिए भारत और मालदीव के बीच में संपर्क का एकमात्र स्रोत था।

Operation Cactus was one of a kind as it was the first mission by Indian Military on a foreign land. The telephone exchange was under attack and in control of the rebels. There were very few telephone lines working at that time. And if this call was disconnected and then reconnected a red light would switch on and off in the telephone exchange. To avoid any detection by the rebels who were attempting a coup against the then Maldives President, this call was never disconnected and continued for 18 hours.

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Veer by Discovery is India’s first dedicated digital channel in Hindi for the Indian Armed Forces. This video highlights the issue of Maldives crisis and how Indian military intervened to defeat a coup by mercenaries. Battle Ops is a series on India's iconic military operations which include Operation Raahat, Operation Meghdoot and Operation Black Tornado.

Operation Cactus-How India Averted Maldives Crisis in 1988 | Interview With Group Captain AK Chordia

Hello Learners,
We welcome you all to the Interview with Group Captain A.K. Chordia, an alumnus of the National Defence Academy and the College of Air Warfare. A former Assistant Director of Operations (Para), he has served as the Commandant and as the Chief Instructor at the Garud Regimental Training Centre. He is the author of the book Operation Cactus - Anatomy of one of India's Most Daring Military Operations.

The interview is conducted by the Unacademy Educator, Group Captain Rajesh Kumar Pandey. The complete interview will go live on June 30. Watch the video to know interesting details about Operation Cactus and how the Indian troops went to the Maldives and helped quell a coup.
So, Stay Tuned for more!

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