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Our First Flight ✈️😍


Our First Flight ✈️????

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Our first flight????

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Taking Meeka The Talking Husky On An Airplane!

Hi friends! Today we took our dog Meeka The Talking Siberian Husky flying in an airplane for the first time to take her on vacation to Colorado from Florida! ????????✈️ Her talking and reaction to the plane was HILARIOUS! She was scared at first and argued with her parents but she was such a good girl & we are so proud of her! ????


- Meeka is NOT a service dog. She is an ESA! (Her vest states ESA on both sides!)

- Meeka only howled on the airplane AFTER getting permission from the flight attendants (they loved her!). They knew we were shooting a YouTube travel series and were totally cool with us having Meeka “talk” a few times through out the journey!

- We are very thankful that we were able to bring Meeka on this trip with us prior to all airlines doing away with allowing ESA’s on board! We understand their reasons of why ESA’s are no longer allowed on board with owners & will do road trips in the future until they allow ESA’s to fly again! :)

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Barbie & Ken Family Travel Routine - Baby First Airplane Ride

Barbie & Ken Family Airplane Travel Routine with Titi Toys and Dolls. Barbie mommy is packing her suitcase and diaper bag to go on a trip. She packs baby doll dresses and toys. They go to the Barbie Airport and we role play just like in real life. They check in at the ticketing counter, go through baggage claim and play as Flight Attendants .Barbie Gracie makes new friends in the airplane playground. They board the plane and goes on her very first flight. We serve the passengers miniature doll food. Its so much fun to use our imagination while learn through play.

#Barbie #titi #Barbiefamily

Toys featured:
Barbie Airport, Pilot Doll
Barbie Airplane
Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Barbie & Ken Family Evening Routine - Supermarket Grocery Shopping & Babysitting

Barbie & Ken Family Morning Routine - New Baby Sister & Playground

Barbie Sisters Airplane Travel Routine Story - Doll Airport Pretend Play

Barbie LOL Family Travel Routine - Baby Goldies First Airplane Ride

Barbie Unicorn Bedroom Morning routine - Packing for Summer Sleepaway Camp

Barbie Doll LOL Family Morning Travel Routine in The Playground & Supermarket

Barbie Dolls Go School Supply Shopping - Supermarket Toy Store for Kids

Building the Airbus A350 RC airliner, full build and first flight

Watch the full build series:
Watch the maiden flight:

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Model specifications:
Airbus A350-900 XWB
Scale: 1/19
Wingspan: 3.5 meters
Total weight: 21kg
EDFs: Schubeler HDS 120mm, 12s power
ESCs: Castle Phoenix Edge HV 160A
Flight controller and radio system: Jeti central box 400 and Jeti DS-24 transmitter
The plane is made completely out of carbon fiber, fiberglass and 3mm plywood inside the wings structure.
Equipped with Jeti systems, Cortex pro gyro, and Unilight for lighting.

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#airbus #ramyrc #a350xwb

Adley PET VACATION with MOM!! Flying animals to the Beach in Hawaii, pretend play travel routine!

Dad is a funny delivery guy, security guard, airport worker, pilot, and surfer ????


HEY EVERYBODY!! I got some new pets I want to show you!! It's a Cat and Dog named Mu Mu and Ruff Fuff! They are so cute and I love them so much! Mom had a really good idea on taking them on vacation! Before we left we had to order them a carrying case and it had to be delivered but luckily the delivery man can deliver packages in 5 min! We got them a special case and then we packed our bags to go to HAWAII!! I love that place!! We headed to the airport where we met by security and we checked everything we had in and headed to our gate! We then got on the plane and settled in! We had a bumpy start to our flight but it all ended up ok and we were safe! It was a long flight so we had some fun on the plane! We read books, listened to our music , and played with our pets! The flight attendant came and gave us really tasty treats!! We Then Landed in Hawaii and we had to go to the beach to meet Dad!! He has been there waiting for us!! This fun skit was so much fun!! See if you can spot dad throughout this video!

my last video - PET BABIES trapped in LAVA!! Adley & Family play Floor is Lava, ball game inside with NEW challenges

my dad's last video - NiKO Buried in MUD!! Muddy Beach Day family routine, Kite Flying reviews, Adley trapped in sand mud!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

Ion drive: The first flight

Researchers from MIT have flown a plane without moving parts for the first time. It is powered by an ‘ion drive’ which uses high powered electrodes to ionise and accelerate air particles, creating an ‘ionic wind’. This wind drove a 5m wide craft across a sports hall. Unlike the ion drives which have powered space craft for decades, this new drive uses air as the accelerant. The researchers say it could power silent drones.

Read the original research paper:

Read Nature’s Editorial which also raises possible concerns about how a silent drone might be used:

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पहली बार हवाई यात्रा कैसे करें step by step First Time Air Travel airport guide pheli hawai yatra

#Monicajosan #airtravel #airport

At the Airport

Learn English words and phrases you can use at the airport when checking in, going through security and while traveling by plane.

My Last Flight as a Captain ????

vlog 143
my last flight as a captain with the airline.
taking all good memories, will miss this place.

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SURPRiSE FAMiLY VACATiON!! Adley & Niko are going to DISNEY WORLD travel routine ✈

who is excited to go on another trip with us?!!


Best Vacation Day Ever 1079

We’re leaving!! That’s right, we’re all packed up and ready to go. Only thing is, Adley doesn’t know where we are going. But I have a surprise for her that will make it all clear and make her way excited all at the same time, a brand new Minnie Mouse suitcase already packed with her clothes. But we aren’t going back to Disneyland, for the very first time, our surprise family trip is going to Disney world!!

We load up the car, get Niko all ready, and head to the airport. We are super lucky because we are running really really late and we barely made our flight. But thankfully we all got on and head off on this amazing adventure.

When we get to our hotel room, Aldey immediately starts touring the room like it's our new house. We find a hidden fort under the bed, and secret beds all over the room. It’s really crazy! After all the traveling and excitement, Adley and Niko take naps, which is great because Spacestation Gaming’s Rainbow 6 Siege team is playing for the world championship, so Jenny and I are super excited to watch. After a roller coaster of emotions, our team came back from almost losing to winning and being the best in the world!!! I’m so happy, it’s hard to express how good it feels to win a championship like this! By this time the kiddos are awake so we go celebrate by going swimming!!

Important announcement! We are having tons of fun here in Disney world and Brandon is actually now in Disneyland having fun. So while we all have a quick vacation, we aren’t going to post a vlog this Saturday, but the Best Day Ever will be back next Tuesday as always. But you can follow along with us on the Youtube Community tab as well as our instagrams:

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Taylor Swift - Mine

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Mine. © 2010 Big Machine Records, LLC

Blippi Flies in a Private Jet | Airplanes for Kids with The Airplane Song

Blippi takes flight in a private jet with this Airplane video for kids. The Blippi Airplane Song is part of this fun adventure in the air where children can learn about airplanes. Blippi will show you inside the airplane for toddlers as well as all the parts on the outside of the airplane. This educational video for children is a fun way for toddlers and kids to learn with Blippi about airplanes, learn colors for toddlers, learn numbers for toddlers and more! If your child loves Blippi or Airplanes be sure to watch more Blippi videos here

Subscribe to Blippi at

Another fun Blippi airplane video is the Blippi Seaplane video, which you can watch here

In this Blippi video your child will learn about so many types of airplanes like cargo airplanes, seaplanes, fighter jets, private jets, agriculture airplanes, and more!



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????????Racing TORNADO to Airport✈️

As we were traveling to airport heading to AZ with our 4 little kids, we were surprised when the TORNADO siren went off! We immediately went to a local shelter. Although we learned that the airport was evacuated because of the tornado, that did touch down, our flight still showed that it was On Time, so we went to the airport. Laura(2) and Caleb(4) were hilarious with their reactions to their FIRST FLIGHT!

Welcome to J House!
We post daily family vlogs 6 days a week!
We focus on loving, learning, serving, and playing together as a family. We have 4 little kids: Isaac (7), Elise (6), Caleb (4), and Laura (2).

We love sharing our life and connecting with you! Come hang out with us on twitter, facebook, instagram, and periscope to see our outtakes, photos, and play games with us! We look forward to getting to know you -- J House OUT.




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Elsa and Anna toddlers at the airport

Elsa and Anna toddlers go to the airport with their mums and take the plane with Barbie.

[HD] First Class Flight (Mr. Bean)

More HD Bean Videos coming soon!

Laugh - Share - Have a good time!

Antonov An-225 - The World's Largest Aircraft | Full Documentary

With the six powerful engines, loads of up to 250 tons are no problem for the Antonov An-225. The plane was originally intended to take the Soviet Buran space shuttle back from its landing site to the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan. After the end of the space program, Antonov Airlines converted the An-225 into a cargo plane. The next order: the transport of twelve electrical transformers from Chile across the Andes to Bolivia with twelve flights in just four weeks.

✈ AIRCRAFT Documentaries
???? Watch more documentaries
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#Antonov #Aircraft #Documentary

Latest Flight Testing!

Latest wing testing and the evolution of our aerodynamic control at speed with the #JetSuit never stops at Gravity. Here with the awesome Benjamin Kenobi chasing with his Inspire drone????

TED 2017 talk:

With a rich family history in Aviation, former Oil Trader & Royal Marines Reservist, Richard Browning, founded pioneering Aeronautical Innovation company, Gravity Industries in March 2017 to launch human flight into an entirely new era.

The Gravity #JetSuit uses over 1000bhp of Jet Engine power combined with natural human balance to deliver the most intense and enthralling spectacle, often likened to the real life Ironman.

Gravity has to date been experienced by over a billion people globally and covered by virtually every media platform. The Gravity Team, based in the UK, have delivered over 100 flight & Speaking events across 30 countries including 5 TED talks.

“The team and I are delivering on the vision to build Gravity into a world class aeronautical engineering business, challenge perceived boundaries in human aviation, and inspire a generation to dare ask 'what if…”

Get in touch for; Speaking Engagements // The Gravity Team Flying at your Event // Personal Flight Experiences & Flight Training // get involved in the Jet Suit Race Series!

Richard Browning
Founder & Chief Test Pilot
Gravity Industries ltd


YF 23 black widow II

Documentary on the Northrop YF-23 Black Widow
Copyright: Southern California Historical Aviation Foundation
Western Museum of Flight



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