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Our Narrow Slice


Our Narrow Slice

Jared Diamond's The World Until Yesterday:

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incorrect predictions:

More famous INCORRECT predictions:

history of miscegenation:

debunked scientific beliefs:

Hollow Earth:

Hollow Concave Earth:

Concave Earth spying attempt:

Scathing reviews of masterpieces:

Thomas Midgley, Jr.:

QI clip about Midgley:

Inventors killed by own inventions (AllTime10s):

50 worst inventions:

Nevin Lead and crime study:

We Are All Related


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Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything:

We're all related (Wikipedia):

Most Recent Common Ancestor PAPER:

Most Recent Common Ancestor data excludes uncontacted peoples:

H Twins SCALE OF THE UNIVERSE (interactive):

Our atoms get replaced:

TIME article on atom replacement (pay-gate):

The paradox of atom replacement and identity:

1 billion sodium atoms:

How many atoms are in our body?:

What Is Consciousness?


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Wikipedia on Consciousness:

Philosophical ZOMBIES:

NAMI on Anosognosia:

Information is Beautiful on Consciousness Theories:

Google Books: Awarenes of Deficit After Brain Injury:

What is consciousness conscious what is identity identity vsauce Michael Stevens brain neuroscience other minds

Did The Past Really Happen?

Greece is full of wonderful new things and wonderful old things. But when WE become old things, will our ruins also be tourist attractions?
**Sources and extra info below!!**

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Humorous/interesting videos about how future archeologists might interpret us:

VIDEO: “Beatles 3000”:

VIDEO: “Neil deGrasse Tyson On Manhattanhenge”:


“highway” vs “freeway”:

why are old things so often underground?:

“Motel of Mysteries” (great book I remember from when I was a kid):

Last Thursdayism:

Occam’s Razor:

Newton’s Flaming Laser Sword:

other razors:

Interpreting the past (including us, when we become “the past”):

This American Life on people in the future:

The 15th century wikipedia article:

conservation of energy:

history of perpetual motion:

Why old computers and consoles turn yellow:

the Second Law of Thermodynamics:

Heat Death of the universe:

Good entropy resources:


Human Extinction

Some ideas about our end.

related Vsauce videos:

What Will We Miss?
Cruel Bombs:
Will We Ever Visit Other Stars?
last words:

Ebola genome:

3D bioprinters:

Human Extinction:

Global Catastrophic Risks Survey [PDF]:

Doomsday Argument:

Nick Bostrom explains it well [VIDEO]:

AsapSCIENCE video on stopping an incoming asteroid:

Fermi Paradox:

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement:

Tom 7 NES-playing program [VIDEO]:

Tom 7 NES-playing program [PDF]:

Hubble deep field video:

What would Earth be like after humans disappeared?

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What Will We Miss?

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When was I conceived?
Another conception calculator if the above link is down:
(you can also Google conception calculator and find a bunch)

Birthday star calculator:


Zeitpyramide / Time Pyramid:

Time Pyramid today VIDEO:


Awesome Kraftwerk preformance of Radioactivity:

Supernova viewed from Earth simulation VIDEO:


Eta Carinae:

Andromeda and Milky Way collision:

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out):

Fate of Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore, and total solar eclipses:

Saturn's rings in the future:

a photon's path out of the sun:

Troxler's Fading:

Jake Chudnow:

How Many Things Are There?

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Human biomass volume:

spit facts:


sand calculation:

sun in different wavelengths gif:

Sun image:

totally neat minutephysics video on the observable universe:

AWESOME and relevant numberphile video:

Does MATH exist? PBS Idea Channel VIDEO:

Our universe by the numbers:

Galaxy visuals:

reddit thread on reductionist counts:

How big is the Universe:


particles in the universe:

Possible thought links:


average sentence length:

relavant wikipedia links:

Spooky Coincidences?

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“7 Laws of Magical Thinking”:

“The Improbability Principle”:

Speed of light and pyramid coincidence:

Illinois lotto numbers:

Anagram genius website:

Other anagrams:

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reverse speech sites:

virtual recorder app:

Karsten Johansson phonetic palindrome poem:


Apophenia as exhibited by a person with Schizophrenia:

“may he poop on my knee?”:

iTunes shuffle:

dancing spiderman gif:

dancing ninja gif:

dancing gif sync explanation:

Movie SYNCS:

vague predictions:

Disney World coincidence:

Kennedy and Lincoln coincidences:

lightning coincidence:

Spooky coincidences contest:

Littlewood’s Law:

Vsause - 'Our Narrow Slice' - Tribute

It's fascinating to know modern humanity as we know it is such a small slice of the 100,000 year human history book. Not to mention the Internet aka Information Age, which just started 20 years ago.

We Live in an Amazing Time - read the blog here -

Clips belong to Vsause - Watch 'Our Narrow Slice'

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Mind Reading

In this episode I visit a researcher who is studying memory by using machine learning and neuroimaging to detect and predict people's brain states. I also travel to Japan to meet with a team working on ways to record the content of peoples’ dreams.

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The Game That Never Ends

Watch my newest video, The Game You Win By Losing (Parrondo's Paradox):
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We play two-player games all day, every day, and our lives are a real-time exercise in game theory. We work out how to make the best move based not only on what we want the outcome to be, but also based on how we think the other player is going to act. Since they’re usually going through the same rough thought process -- sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously -- we’re embroiled in a constant series of games with all of us wanting to win.

Winning can be the best result for you or the best outcome given the circumstances, and players are implicitly sorting out their strategies in a recursive process that waffles between self-interest and cooperation. Whether we’re driving down the highway and trying to go as fast as we can without getting pulled over or just trying not to be weird with our crush, we’re playing a game… and it turns out that a little cooperation goes a long way.

*** SOURCES ***

Robert Axelrod, “The Evolution of Cooperation”

Prisoner’s Dilemma:

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Is Anything Real?


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song at end: Pious Reflection by Paul Mottram downloaded from
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Human senses:

Color illusion:

Audio illusion:

temperature illusion:

Tactile illusions:

epistemology wiki pages:


a priori truth [pdf]:

rotating brain gif:

neuroscience of memory:



storage of human brain:


philosophy of science:

The Matrix defense:


Martin Gardner books:

why cats like keyboards:

Why Is Your BOTTOM in the MIDDLE?

Sport Relief and the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games:
Sport Relief interactive video:
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Ruis Martins animation:

Muybridge images:

Prince Randian clip from Freaks:

Reddit comment thread:

Persistance hunting YouTube video:


Cedric Watts paper:

Navasana yoga pose:

butt (unit of measurement):

rectal volume:

Prince Randian:

History of Mooning:

Seymour Butts:

Dick Swett:

Cats on glass tables:

Bottoms and attraction:

Humans and running:



Is Your Red The Same as My Red?

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Tommy Edison (Blind guy on YouTube):

Color Blindness:



We experiences are subjective:

Explanatory Gap:

Mary's Room and the Knowledge Argument:

Who Asked the First Question? [PDF]:

Theory of Mind and Sally-Anne Task:

Koko the talking gorilla [VIDEO]:

Questioning Behaviour:

Synesthesia coupled with color blindness:

Do blind people DREAM images?

How Were the Pyramids Built?

Key aspects of pyramid construction from quarry to completion.
Check out Audible:
Live show in Alabama:

The most common misconception about the pyramids is that they were built by slaves. Recent archeological evidence suggests they were instead constructed by paid workers. Some may have performed this work as a form of tax payment for several months of the year. Skilled engineers would have planned and orchestrated the building. An estimated 10,000-20,000 people would have been working on a pyramid at any one point in time. They were well fed and provided with shelter near the pyramids. Plus their burial sites close by indicate they were respected and were not slaves.

Much of the limestone was quarried from the Giza plateau itself, meaning the stones did not need to be transported far. The granite casing of Menkaure's pyramid, on the other hand, was transported from Aswan, around 600 miles, or 1000 km up the Nile.

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Our Narrow Slice - (Space Engine

All the observable universe from the surface of the Moon.

Software: Space Engine

Our narrow slice Opinion

Messages For The Future

To the makers of music – all worlds, all times
Sources and links below!

Find out more about You, Me & The Apocalypse here: (UK & Ireland only)

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows Lachesism:

Colin Furze backyard bunker:

The Library of Babel:

Picture of Earth from Saturn:


Arecibo message:

Earth’s radio bubble:


Last Pictures project on Echostar XVI:

Graveyard orbits:

interstellar probes:

Pioneer Plaques:

Pulsars on plaque:

Hydrogen line:


Voyager Golden Record on wikipedia:

Media on Voyager:

Jimmy Carter message on Voyager:

Positions of interstellar-bound probes:

Articles about the Library of Babel:

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What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?

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theINENIvlogs behind the scenes Summer in the City vid with me:

Why videos views freeze in the 300s on YouTube (sub to this channel FTW, seriously):

Japan Earthquake and Earth's rotation:

All people in one place LIVING:


BBC Jump Video:


STRAIGHTDOPE article on a jump:

Dot Physics on the jump:

Interactive scale of the universe:


Dunbar's Number:

NPR story on Dunbar's number:

Life Expectency:

How many people you meet in your life:

Newton's Third Law:

Why Are Things Creepy?

SOURCES & more creepy stuff below:

John Bergeron's SINGING ANDROIDS [videos]:


SHAYE ST. John [videos]:

Die in a week image from MarbleHornets:

Nightmare-fuel image collections:

dot jpg??

scared of heights? don't watch this:

More info about The Hands Resist Him painting:

Creepypasta (unnerving stories):

aphobia: people who don't feel fear:

sad, terrifying study on learning fear (Little Albert Experiment):

scariest things:

fear processing in brain:

Stephen King on types of scary stuff:

Claude Levi Strauss on masks and why CLOWNS ARE SCARY:

Uncanny Valley:

image metrics video:

paper on creepiness:

famous Cognitive Dissonace study on behavior [with video]:

High Place Phenomenon study:

HPP paper:

terrible and terrific etymology (it's called amelioration):

Laurie Lipton does GREAT creepy drawings:

creepy people LITERALLY give you chills:

creepy things kids say:

these are scary:

creepy subreddits (some may be nsfw):

what I listened to while researching this episode (playlist):


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