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PCP Air Rifle Mechanism


pcp auto

How to make PCP Air gun : Tutorial


.50 Caliber Homemade PCP Air Rifle, More Details!

Here is a video explaining the gun a little more in depth. Stay tuned for more testing results and more videos!

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Homemade Air Tank for Air gun | PCP Air tank 3500psi

How to make a 3500psi PCP Air tank
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Homemade Airgun Valve |For Bigger Airguns

Homemade pcp Valve for bigger PCP's

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.50 Caliber Homemade PCP Air Rifle Testing

Here's a project I've been building for some time. Needs fine tuned and dialed in, but for a first proof test, I'm happy with what it did! I'd like to see closer to 1000 fps with a 230ish grain bullet.

If you'd like more info on the gun, let me know and I can do a video on the details.

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How To Make Trigger Mechanism For PCP

How To Make Trigger Mechanism For PCP

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Air Force Condor 3D

Homemade Air gun Slingshot Hammer Valve2 The Best Design

Slingshot Hammer Valve Version2
Need any parts (

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homemade pcp air rifle mechanism

the mechanism of my .25 cal homamade high power pcp air rifle
after pumping 300 psi which is 20.6843 bar i get 6-high power shot and 6 mid power shot and 2-3 low power shot .But the rifle can be filled upto 450psi , 31.0264 bar

2031fps PCP Airgun Lab maximum velocity record?

The Airgun Lab fires a .278 caliber 9.1 grain pellet at 2031 feet per second using a special PCP air gun and 4,000 psi air

gas air gun

i disigen this by pcp guns . i think its funy and mabe has work.
made gas gun
made pcp gun
made electronic gun
made air soft gun

من این ویدیو را با نمایش اسلاید سازندگان YouTube ساختم (

Homemade PCP Air Gun Valve for Homemade Airguns

This is the homemade valve for airguns.This video will show how i made this valve
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5 THINGS to know about CO2 air guns

Many air guns are powered by CO2, or carbon dioxide gas - even though they're still called 'airguns'! From refilling to using special maintenance capsules, understanding how temperature and firing style can alter their power, airgun shooter Nigel Allen looks at five things that every airgunner should know about this inert gas as a pellet gun's power source. Oh... and watch out for frostbite...!!!

MZ10 Magazine Operating Instructions

Video Instructions on how to Load and Mount the MZ10 Magazine on the PX100 Air rifle.

Homemade Powerful PCP Air Gun Arrow Shooting

Homemade Arrow Shooting Air Gun
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AIRGUN Repair - Power Increase - Tune / Tips + Tricks - Basic Guide PCP Air Rifle - Artemis M30

HOW AN AIRGUN WORKS - How to repair and airgun - Beginners guide to the internal parts of a modern PCP airgun. How to remove and repair parts of a rifle using an Artemis M30 Chinese made rifle as a demonstrator. I bought this rifle for £500, was disappointed by the performance, so chose rather than send it back to learn from it. Tune and improve the performance. So I made a video with the help of Ben to show the basic principles behind a modern PCP airgun and how they work. Don't let the repair process scare you.

00:00 Opening
00:56 Intro Credits
01:10 Overview + Warranty Notice
02:49 Safety
03:50 Removing Scope
04:15 Sanding Stock
06:22 Removing Stock
07:08 Remove Gauges and Bleed air
11:48 Remove Hammer Spring
14:58 Remove Trigger System
20:39 Remove Bolt Handle
23:24 Remove Regulator
26:41 Remove Valve
31:29 Remove Fill Valve
33:31 Remove Barrel, Moderator + Air Cylinder
39:58 Remove Internal Barrel Crown
50:21 Re-assemble your gun
55:21 Setting the power
56:52 Is it any better?
57:55 Final Thoughts

Now, I will have missed things, may have got things wrong...its possible, but please be nice, this has taken weeks to put together. So if you spot something to add, please be nice about it in the comments below. Let's be helpful not hateful.


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Mac1 USFT Hunter PCP Air Rifle - Accuracy and Overview

Here is a look at the Mac1 USFT Hunter. It is a fantastic piece of precision. And yes, it is as heavy as it looks. I think it comes in at around 11 lbs! Certainly not what you want on a deep-woods squirrel hunt. But, as a bench-rest or FT rifle, it is superb.

This gun is not mine. I belongs to lucky ol' Pete.


The Camera Mount I used to record through the scope can be found here:

The slow-motion camera I use to film the shots through the scope is the Casio EX-FC150. That camera is no longer made, but you can buy its successor (which is actually a better camera than the one I use) here:

The Exact same Hawke Scope that I use in this video (Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20x) can be found here:

Shooting JSB 18.1g pellets @ 920 feet/second
Mounted with a Leapers Accushot 8-32X Scope
The wind was light and variable (1-5mph)

For comparison, the Edgun Matador (shrouded barrel) was shooting JSB 18.1g pellets @ 915 feet/second.



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