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Do Re Mi - Covid-19 version

The Sound of a Pandemic! Don't worry, Maria and the Von Trapplings know how to deal with it!
Lyrics below.

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A couple of quick points:

- The song is not intended to be taken seriously - I made it to humour myself and am quite blown away at the following it's got over such a short time. No, wine is not a cure for the virus. Neither is whinging or blobbing (real words.) No, they're not good at social distancing in the video - it was released in 1965.

- Arguments about the origin of the virus and racist remarks will be deleted. Wherever Patient 0 got it from, the song refers to the fact that major spread first started in Wuhan, something which literature from all sides acknowledges. This does not give license for anyone to think negatively about the region or play blame games. I will delete bigoted and racist comments about China or her people, America or her people, and anywhere in between.

Stay safe and in your bubbles - greetings from New Zealand.

Let's start at the very beginning
A sore throat, a cough in Wuhan
And in no time at all, there were 1, 2, 3
And one went on a plane - took it overseas

And that’s how pandemics get started, you see
Woe is me
Now we’ve got Covid-19

Do not fear - but please stay here
Stay at home now, everyone
We must wash and clean things well
Cars? No long trips just for fun!

Don’t let Covid virus spread
Isolate yourself at home
See your friends online instead
That’s the healthy way to go oh oh oh


Do not fear - but just stay here
Time to all self-isolate
Wash your hands, use lots of soap
Don’t go further than your gate!

Social life must stay online
Keep 2 metres clear of me,
Watch TV, drink lots of wine
That will kill Covid-19!

Cough in your elbow, wash your hands with soap!

Now children, staying at home -and-so on are things we do to stop the spread of Covid-19
Once you have this in your head
You can do a million different things at home to stay sane,
Like this:

Sleep, eat, whinge, tweet, snooze, blob, think
Loaf, mooch, doze, smooch, binge watch, drink

But staying inside is so boring!

So we think about why - remember why we’re doing it - like this:

When you know the reason why,
Kill off Covid - stay inside!

Exercise close to your home
Only shop for what you need
Keep your bubble tightly closed
And we’ll beat this bug with speed!

Social life has been postponed
And you’re bored out of your mind
Suck it up and stay at home
And we’ll leave this bug behind!

Cough in your elbow, wash your hands,
Keep two metres away from me

Yes please, I’m germ free
And that’s how I’d like to be!

Keep away, please from me
I will stay Covid free!

When you know the things to do, germs will stay away from you!

Stay inside your bubble now
Do not spread those germs around
Yes, you might be going mad
And be desperate to get out!

It’s a nasty world out there
Keep the social distance rules
Everything you touch - beware
You could spread - more - germs, you (fools)

Flatten the curve - Covid 19!
You have got the power to flatten the curve through
The things you choose to do - it’s true!

My Experience with Covid-19

A Melbourne resident shares his experience with Covid-19.
#Covid19 #Australia #Melbourne #Coronavirus

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