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PHP Programming Part 1: Introduction to PHP Programming



States of India Easy way to Learn

*See Only the Way how He is introducing each State

Pls note: Utharakhand was formed on 9th Nov, 2000

He introduces 29 states in a different way to remember easily.

For his wonderful videos:
*196 countries in the world at a glance

*31 New States of Telangana

*Our Solar System

*118 Elements in 10 minutes

Unbelievable Places That Really Exist

From the unreal Yoro Park in Japan to the Bergpark Wilhelmshohe in Germany, here are Unbelievable Places That Really Exist.

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# 8 Yoro Park
The town of Yoro located in the Gifu prefecture of Japan is relatively small and unremarkable with a population of just 33,000. However, many people are attracted to this place because of the Yoro Park Site of Reversible Destiny. It is a strange “theme park” that doesn’t have the roller coasters or rides that most theme parks offer. Instead, it boasts surreal landscaping, perfectly round domes covered in grass, and architecture that will make you scratch your head. It was originally designed to incorporate the 100 waterfalls in the area into a unified place.

# 7 Beppu, Japan
The Japanese island of Kyushu is home to many things, but is also known to be a very active hotbed of geothermal activity. Hot springs have bubbled up over the city of Beppu and are so hot they create huge steam clouds that rise above the rooftops, making it look like the entire city is on fire. These springs are colored a deep blue or deep orange but are too hot to bathe in, ranging in temperature from 50 to 99.5 degrees Celsius. This hot water is piped through the city to be used in homes, restaurants, and even in places where it is cooled down enough to help with physical therapy.

# 6 Village of Monsanto
Voted the most Portuguese village in Portugal and built to be intertwined with the landscape is the village of Monsanto. Looking at pictures might be shocking because it looks as if the village was crushed by a landslide. The village was built between, underneath, and around these boulders which have been there for as long as the village has. Monsanto was built in the 12th century and sits on top of a mountain, giving a spectacular view of the Italian countryside.

# 5 Marble Caves of Chile Chico
This stark rock shape is located in a peninsula bordering Lake General Carrera along the Chile-Argentina border. It’s one of the marble caves of Chile Chico, a giant outcropping of solid marble that has been slowly carved by water pushing up against it. The marble caves are very far removed from any established paved roads and require a 30 minute guided boat ride to get to. The parts that have been polished by the water reveal a beautiful pearly, swirling pattern hidden inside the rock.

# 4 The Natural Bridge
Most bridges are man-made marvels, but this one was made completely by Mother Nature. It was carved by Cedar Creek which flowed through it over the course of thousands of years. It’s a 65 meter high bridge that is sacred to the Monacan tribe and was later surveyed by American colonists. One of these colonists was George Washington who allegedly carved his initials into the rock.

# 3 The Blue Forest
The Hallerbos, or Blue Forest, is a dream-like forest in Belgium. Most times of the year it’s beautiful, but unremarkable as far as forests go. However, every spring, the forest takes on a whole new quality that makes it seem straight out of a dream. The forest floor blooms with blue bell flowers, completely saturating the place with the densest meadow of bluebells in all of Europe.

# 2 Atlantic Ocean Road
We’ve all heard of taking the “scenic route”, but the Atlantic Ocean Road takes that to the next level. This winding road curves over and around the brutal Norwegian Sea. The road connects several tiny islands together to unify the country, and to do this it crosses the beautiful scenery of the Norwegian coasts. Despite several arched bridges and elevated roads, the water will still occasionally crash over the road during storms. If you are lucky and brave enough to cross this road, you will be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views in the world.

# 1 Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
This image has been circulating on the internet for at least four years now and is frequently captioned as being somewhere near Poland or Germany. While this actual image is just a photo mockup, there is a similar waterfall castle that actually exists in Kassel Germany. The Bergpark Wilhelmshohe is an old water park that was first built in 1696. It’s equipped to handle 92,000 gallons that flow through the three-century-old pneumatic devices. The water most notable flows down a 350-meter long cascade/slide that makes it look like a castle sitting directly on top of a water park. You can still visit the Bergpark Wilhelmshohe despite its age as it was designated a UNESCO world heritage spot in 2013.

IAS Interview, मंदिर के लिए 200 टन का पत्थर बिना क्रेन के कैसे उठाएंगे?

Dosto is video me humne aapko upsc interview me puche gaye kuch sawal aur unke jawab bataya hai.
Ias interview
Ips interview

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UPSC interview sawal jawab
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ips interview
ips interview question and answer

Inteligência Artificial Tenta Ajudar a Desvendar Os Mistérios das FRBs - Space Today TV Ep.1455



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Fast Radio Bursts, um dos maiores mistérios desse nosso universo.

As teorias para explicar esse fenômeno vão desde estrelas de nêutrons altamente magnetizadas, passando por efeitos que acontecem nos buracos negros, até assinaturas de civilizações alienígenas avançadas que estão tentando se comunicar com a gente.

Até hoje, poucas FRBs, como são chamadas, e por isso ainda são um grande mistério.

Uma maneira de tentar solucionar o mistério é descobrindo mais FRBs, assim você terá uma população interessante para testar modelos e teorias sobre essas explosões.

Porém descobrir uma FRB também não é uma tarefa muito fácil. As FRBs são explosões muito rápidas, duram muito pouco e por isso perder essas explosões na imensidão do universo é muito fácil.

Eu já mostrei aqui em alguns vídeos, que o projeto Breakthrough Listen, olha eles aí novamente, instalou na antena de Green Bank nos EUA, um equipamento que tem o objetivo principal de tentar captar o sinal de uma civilização alienígena desenvolvida.

Mas que está sendo usado, e muito bem para detectar FRBs.

Além de usar o equipamento para detectar as FRBs, a Breakthrough Listen está também fornecendo os algoritmos para processar os dados.

E todo esse processamento está sendo feito com base em algoritmos de Inteligência Artificial e Machine Learning.

Durante 5 horas de operação em 26 de Agosto de 2017, o sistema de Green Bank conseguiu adquirir 400 terabytes de dados.

Usando algoritmos tradicionais nesses dados, 21 FRBs foram detectadas.

Ao aplicar os novos algoritmos de IA da Breakthrough Listen, foi possível identificar 72 FRBs, algumas localizadas a cerca de 3 bilhões de anos -luz de distância da Terra.

Além disso, uma FRB em especial chama a atenção, a FRB 121102, essa FRB apresenta múltiplas explosões.

E com os novos algoritmos o número de explosões repetidas dessa FRB desde 2002 chegou a 300.

Para quem quer saber o algoritmo da Breakthrough Listen é uma rede neural convolucional.

O mais importante é que com esse grande número de sinais descobertos, os astrônomos têm agora em mãos uma população que começa a ficar significante para se pensar em modelos para as FRBs e quem sabe resolver esse grande mistério do universo atualmente.





How to Customize your Navigation Tabs on Blogger

How to customize the color and font on your Blogger Navigation Tabs

How To Create Link That Displays All Posts in a Blogger Category

A reader asked me how to create a link on a Blogger blog that pulls up ALL of the posts in a particular category. Here's how.

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अर्थशास्त्र एवं अर्थव्यवस्था को समझे आसान भाषा में​ || Economics

अर्थशास्त्र एवं अर्थव्यवस्था को समझे आसान भाषा में economics and economy

The surprising science of alpha males | Frans de Waal

In this fascinating look at the alpha male, primatologist Frans de Waal explores the privileges and costs of power while drawing surprising parallels between how humans and primates choose their leaders. His research reveals some of the unexpected capacities of alpha males -- generosity, empathy, even peacekeeping -- and sheds light on the power struggles of human politicians. Someone who is big and strong and intimidates and insults everyone is not necessarily an alpha male, de Waal says.

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Chemical Engineering and Mineral Processing at Stellenbosch University

What exactly is Chemical Engineering and Mineral Processing, and how does it help to shape the world around us?
The video tells you more about different careers that you can end in if you study Chemical Engineering or Mineral Processing, it shows some of the facilities within the Home Department (the Department of Process Engineering at Stellenbosch University) and you get to hear from some of the lecturers and students themselves.
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5 Places Where Gravity Doesn't Seem To EXIST!

5 Places Where Gravity Doesn't Seem To EXIST!


5. Magnetic Hill
4. Spook Hill
3. Barahona’s Magnetic Pole
2. ??
1. ????

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Mito y realidad de los templarios y las órdenes militares

Conferencia de Félix Rodrigo Mora impartida en Valladolid el pasado 17 de septiembre de 2016, sobre el Mito y la Realidad de los Templarios y su relación con las órdenes Militares Medievales.

The Science of Awkwardness

Sources and extra links below!
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Embarrassment and prosociality:

Empathetic Embarrassment:

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awkward hug gifs:


The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows (on YouTube):

“Why Are We Morbidly Curious?” (related Vsauce video):

social rejection and physical pain:

Social awkwardness and genetics:

Psychology experiments that test the breaking of social norms are called “breaching experiments”:

Stage Fright:


Oxytocin and fear/anxiety:

negativity bias:

more negative emotions than positive:

Eleanor Roosevelt quote:

“in you 20s and 30s…” quote:

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows (on YouTube):

“sonder” gif:

Milky Way build black hole or black hole build Milky Way

Same program in 720p

यादाश्त बढ़ाना चाहते हो? इसे कर के देखो/Motivational Video #Ojaank Sir


FBI Fecha E Evacua Observatório Solar de Forma Misteriosa - Space Today TV Ep.1463

No dia 6 de Setembro de 2018, o FBI fechou o Sunspot Solar Observatory, no Novo México. Perguntado por centenas de meios de comunicação, o FBI e nenhuma autoridade disse o motivo do fechamento, apenas disse que era por conta de uma questão de segurança. Como nenhuma explicação foi dada, isso deu margem a todos os tipos de especulações e conspirações que você pode imaginar: nave alienígena, asteroide assassino, explosão solar assassina, teste de arma secreta, vazamento de Mercúrio, terrorismo, espionagem e por aí vai. O que é realmente? Ninguém sabe, só o dia que o FBI resolver falar, enquanto isso a especulação é livre. Nesse vídeo está liberado qualquer tipo de comentário, podem viajar a vontade.



This set of unusual riddles, logic puzzles and personality tests will sharpen your mind and reveal your true personality. These cool riddles and tests will definitely give your a lot of food for thoughts, boosting your brain and testing your character:

00:14 - What would you do if you were her? Would you call the police? Would you even realize that something is obviously wrong? This easy riddle will test your ability to THINK logically :)
01:15 - Find the hidden animals! How fast is your brain and vision? This vision test will trick you to the max. I haven't met a person who could solve all these hard riddles yet. Maybe, you'll be the first! But don't despair, if you can't find the hidden animal, these are hard riddles with answers, so sit back and wait for the answer! (You can pause any time you want, to get more time to look for the tricky animal

Don't Be Shy! How to Start a Conversation in French!

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You've decided to start learning French, so let's get you on the path to fluency! In this video, you'll learn some of the most important words and phrases in the French language to start a conversation. If you want to start learning French, this video is made for you. Our host expresses herself in simple French, with English subtitles. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your French study. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning French.

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20 Absurd Things That Were Absolutely Normal In the Past

The not-so-distant past was filled with so many totally crazy things that we struggle to even imagine how they could possibly have been absolutely normal. Here are some everyday activities and common practices that were totally ordinary in the past despite how absolutely ridiculous and dangerous they may seem to us today. Suntan vending machines, water massagers for breasts, toothache remedy with cocaine, babies in cigarette ads and what not.


Preview photo credit:

Just an ordinary day for a babysitter of that time, 19th century: By Lei & Ordem,

A picture from Popular Science depicting the workers at Walt Disney Studios building an automated caveman for the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Automated Caveman Gets a Rear-End Drive (Jan, 1964): By Popular Science, MODERN MECHANIX,

Animation is created by Bright Side.

Beauty contest in Cliftonville, 1936 0:33
Suntan vending machine, USA, 1949 1:24
Water massager for breasts 1:47
Hair straightening in the 1960s 2:30
Women have their legs painted at a store in London, 1941 3:13
Job hunting, USA, 1931 3:38
Toothache remedy with cocaine, 1885 4:15
Models could just appear from car trunks 4:44
A mobile church on a Ford Model-T, USA, 1922 5:13
Specially numbered gloves used to teach touch-typing, USA, 1961 6:08
A woman in a giant frying pan, USA, 1931 6:42
Kids jumping from the balcony, Great Britain, 1973 7:22
The automaton Euphonia that could imitate human speech, 1860s 7:51
Babies in 1960s cigarette ads 8:44
A child's car seat in the 1940s 9:24
“The Ghost Team” 10:10
Before a vaccine against diphtheria was created. 11:03
Just a usual day at Walt Disney Studios 11:20
Babysitter in the 1910s 11:47
Similar things happen nowadays as well. 12:19

-Women at beauty contests often stood behind a curtain that showed only their legs (typically below the knee) in shoes and stockings.
-If you had a spare dime, you could get a nice tan in a vending machine in just 30 seconds.
-Water massager for breasts consisted of a hose, a breast-shaped cup, and some freezing-cold water.
-Some women, instead of getting wrinkles out of their clothes, used ironing boards to straighten their hair.
-Women in 1940s-London could have their legs painted any shade (within reason) they liked.
-During the Great Depression, it was common to see men walking the streets with their “resumes” hung on themselves on giant poster-board in a futile attempt to find work.
-There was a time when cocaine seemed like a perfectly suitable treatment for a toothache.
-Julie Desmond climbed out the back of a Russian Moskvich 427 at a car show in 1971.
-Ford’s Model-T was the first car that the average, middle-class American family could afford.
-People used special gloves with certain letters and numbers written on each finger to show them where to put it.
-It was just an attempt to make a record-breaking omelet from 7,200 eggs.
-Jumping from the balcony onto a pile of old mattresses was tons of fun for children in the ‘70s.
-The Euphonia was a machine with what looks like a mannequin head attached to a mechanism that made this head speak in a sad creepy voice.
-Back in the ‘60s, they uses kids, faces of celebrities, politicians, cartoon characters, Santa Claus (!), and even doctors to promote tobacco use.
-In 1968, Ford produced a car seat, which was basically a plastic chair with a padded area in front of the child’s face that acted like a safety cushion in case of an accident.
-The 1973 Argentinian soccer team got stranded in a city called Tilcara, nobody could get information on where they were, hence the name “The Ghost Team”.
-105 years ago, before a vaccine for diphtheria was created, whole families lost their lives to this terrible disease, each member one by one.
-Workers at Walt Disney Studios built a robotic caveman that was to be used in the 1964 New York World's Fair.
-Many white households in the beginning of the 20th century basically continued the practice by “hiring” African American women as nannies and babysitters.
-In Sierra Leone, Africa, there are tons of boys suffering from serious mental illnesses caused by years of civil war.

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