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PO-137 Rick and Morty Pocket Operator from teenage engineering (Limited Edition!) | First Look


PO-137 Rick and Morty Pocket Operator from teenage engineering (Limited Edition!) | First Look

If you're a Rick and Morty fan and a musician, then this vocal synthesizer is for you! Teenage engineering creates products that make you want to create great music, and this pocket operator is no different!

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Po-137 Rick and morty pocket operator sounds and patterns

Po-137 Rick and Morty pocket operator by teenage engineering

Playtime with PO-137

Rick and Morty Synth. Decided to make my first synth video a fun one. Po-137. Was fully prepared to roast this thing, but was rather impressed instead. Probably still just a publicity commercialism thing, but an enjoyable one.

Rick and Morty | Pocket Operator

Credit goes to Justin Rooland for making this pocket operator.

NTWRK sat with Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland, Teenage Engineering's Tobias Von Hofsten

We sat down with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and inventor Tobias Von Hofsten to discuss and test out the new Rick and Morty PO-137: Pocket Operator from Teenage Engineering! This vocal synthesizer and sequencer with built-in microphone offers 8 different voice/character sampling options, all voiced by Roiland himself.
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Синтезатор Teenage Engineering PO-137 Rick and Morty - ОБЗОР

Видеообзор карманного синтезатора Тинейдж Инжиниринг ПО-137 «Рик и Морти». Перевод официального видео.
Качество озвучки строго не судите, это наш первый опыт. :)
Подробнее о синтезаторе:

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Оригинал видео:

Pocket mortys #2


Dubshot /It's Here

Audio Dukes Debut Live set Halloween Tanglewood Farm Dorset.
This live set is 100% our own tracks, completely DAWless written & practised over 6 weeks using Korg Volcas, Minilogue, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Roland MX-1, Morodernova and Roland drum sampler. #korg #volca #teenageengineering #op1 #op-1 #Rolandmx1 #dawless #dawlessjamming #synth

Rick and Morty VR Collector's Edition Unboxing - Toostupidgamerz

Giveaway instruction in 2 days!

On this episode of TSG Unbox we cover Rick and Morty VR. Everyone (with a high IQ) favorite show, but in the virtual world. What kind of fun stuff is hidden deep within the box of this collector's edition? Only time will tell!

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Music Credits: Provided courtesy of Overclocked Remix:

• OC ReMix #3715: Sega Rally Championship 'Autos, Arps & Minimoorgs' [Desert Replay] by Txai

• OC ReMix #3718: Donkey Kong Country A Journey Through Grand Oceans [Aquatic Ambiance] by Glejs



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