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The Best Nintendo Switch Games You've Probably Never Heard Of Part 2

It's more games it is

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 | How to get the best deals and win tech in our give away

Amazon Prime Day 2020 finally has an official date… well dates really. It’s happening on October 13th and 14th this year and we think it’ll be a good one.

Check out our FAQ and competition T&C’s and-

Prime Day is Amazon’s yearly big sale day, with discounts rolling across the site on everything from tech to video games to furniture. If you want to take advantage though you’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member which is about $120 bucks for the year. But if you just want to take part in the Prime Day sales you could get a month of Prime for just $12 dollars or if you haven’t used it yet activate your first-month free trial, then just cancel it after prime day… easy.

Amazon Prime Day usually comes much earlier in the year, typically in July. But this year things have been pushed back due to the global pandemic. It’s not all bad though as the new October date makes getting deals ahead of the gift-giving holidays even easier!

One of the major benefits of Prime Day over other sales days like Black Friday is that you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own home. No need to queue up from 4 am or shoulder check that granny in Walmart to get yourself a juicy 4K TV deal.

And if you simply can’t wait... Amazon’s homepage is already touting early deals exclusive to its Prime members, including the Amazon Echo Dot 2-pack for $40 and the Amazon TV Recast for $129.

After 5 years of Prime Days, Amazon has become pretty predictable with what they are going to discount. You’ll likely see the best deals on Amazon’s own products including Echo devices, Ring security systems, and Kindles.

But we've also seen Prime Day become known for good laptop deals. We've seen Apple's range of luxury MacBooks taking some particularly impressive price cuts over the past few months, especially on the already-cheap MacBook Air 2020, and models like the Asus Vivobook, Acer Swift, and HP Chromebook have all offered lower budget savings as well.

So how do you make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck this Prime Day?

First up make your wish list now, the Prime Day homepage can be a pretty daunting place with discounts kicking off everywhere making it difficult to immediately find what you’re after. By setting up a wish list of items you want to keep an eye on you can make sure you’re not getting distracted, and you can even set up notifications so you don’t miss those mega flash sales.

Next, make sure you check out This website is a great free Amazon price tracker and can easily show you if the item you’re looking to buy has been cheaper at any point in the past year.

Another tip would be that you shouldn’t hesitate. If you see what you want on sale grab it, the best deals tend to go quickly and with everyone suffering stock issues in 2020 we expect great discount items to disappear quicker than ever. Having said that, don’t be seduced by a 90% off sign. Know what you want and need before Prime Day and don’t be sucked in by the useless rubbish that you’ll buy and never use. Also, for the most part, Amazon has great returns policy so if you accidentally got the wrong item, or you changed your mind in the time it takes to get delivered, you should be regret-free after applying for the return.

And you know our last couple of tips have to be some shameless plugs! The team at TechRadar works super hard during these sales days to keep you updated on all the best deals currently going on so make sure you keep an eye on our home page so you don’t miss out on the best deals. Our priority is giving you quality buying advice meaning if a great deal pops up on a sub-par product you should avoid we’ll be there to warn you. Our reviews are also great for figuring out if what you’re about to buy is actually worth your money.

And finally, we will be hosting a Livestream on October 13th where I try to hunt down some of the best deals Prime Day has to offer and giving them away to you our lovely fans. That’s right our friends at Blackmagic Design have sponsored the live stream and challenged me to find 10 great deals this Prime Day and give them away to you lot so if you’re interested in winning some goodies then make sure you subscribe to TechRadar on YouTube and hit that bell so you get notified when that live stream goes live so you don’t miss out. There is also a link in the description of the YouTube version of this video with all the important terms and conditions and an FAQ on how the giveaway will work so please do go check that out.

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Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why

The most elegant interpretation of quantum mechanics is the universe is constantly splitting
A portion of this video was sponsored by Norton. Get up to 60% off the first year (annually billed) here: or use promo code VERITASIUM

Special thanks to:
Prof. Sean Carroll
His book, a major source for this video is 'Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and The Emergence of Spacetime'

Code for solving the Schrödinger equation by Jonny Hyman available here:

I learned quantum mechanics the traditional 'Copenhagen Interpretation' way. We can use the Schrödinger equation to solve for and evolve wave functions. Then we invoke wave-particle duality, in essence things we detect as particles can behave as waves when they aren't interacting with anything. But when there is a measurement, the wave function collapses leaving us with a definite particle detection. If we repeat the experiment many times, we find the statistics of these results mirror the amplitude of the wave function squared. Hence the Born rule came into being, saying the wave function should be interpreted statistically, that our universe at the most fundamental scale is probabilistic rather than deterministic. This did not sit well with scientists like Einstein and Schrödinger who believed there must be more going on, perhaps 'hidden variables'.

In the 1950's Hugh Everett proposed the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. It is so logical in hindsight but with a bias towards the classical world, experiments and measurements to guide their thinking, it's understandable why the founders of quantum theory didn't come up with it. Rather than proposing different dynamics for measurement, Everett suggests that measurement is something that happens naturally in the course of quantum particles interacting with each other. The conclusion is inescapable. There is nothing special about measurement, it is just the observer becoming entangled with a wave function in a superposition. Since one observer can experience only their own branch, it appears as if the other possibilities have disappeared but in reality there is no reason why they could not still exist and just fail to interact with the other branches. This is caused by environmental decoherence.

Schrodinger's cat animation by Iván Tello
Wave functions, double slit and entanglement animation by Jonny Hyman
Filming of opening sequence by Casey Rentz

Special thanks to Mithuna Y, Raquel Nuno and Dianna Cowern for feedback on the script

Music from Experimental 1 Serene Story 2 Seaweed Colorful Animation 4


Joe looks ahead to Gameweek 5 and the best captaincy candidates.
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Gregory Porter performs It's Probably Me at the Polar Music Prize Ceremony 2017

It’s Probably Me
(Gordon Sumner, Eric Clapton, Michael Kamen)

Performed by Gregory Porter, The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek and the Polar Music Prize band at the Polar Music Prize Ceremony 2017
© Polar Music Prize

5 Xiaomi Gadgets You (probably) Didn't Know About in 2020! ????

We know Xiaomi smartphones, RedMi laptops, Mi power banks & other accessories, but the Chinese tech-giant also makes a lot of other cool products. I’ll show you 5 cool Xiaomi eco-system gadgets you probably didn’t know about. All the Mi gadgets info, click ‘SHOW MORE’ ❗❗

1. Xiaomi Hagibis Laptop Cooling pads:
2. Xiaomi 70Mai jump starter:
3. Xiaomi Flower monitor:
4. Xiaomi Mijia Pen:
5. Xiaomi Bcase T’UP Magnetic Cable Management
6. Xiaomi Aqara smart curtain motor B1:

Xiaomi isn’t just limited to the gadgets that it sells in Europe or India as they make many more cool, interesting and mysterious gadgets that aren’t available here. You can import them directly from China.

Check out my older video on 5 awesome Xiaomi gadgets:

Or this one: 6 Mi Gadgets under $20:

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This post might contain affiliate links, meaning if you purchase the product or service a commission for it could be received. This unit was provided by Mobvoi. Most of the Xiaomi gadgets were purchased. The 70mai jump starter was provided by 70mai.

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What's the Problem With Vote-by-Mail? | 2020 Elections

The second episode of our four-part series, Stressed Election, focuses on vote-by-mail, which has become one of the most contentious issues of the 2020 election. In Michigan, a state decided by fewer than 11,000 votes in 2016, a group of bipartisan election officials worry they won’t have the time or resources to ensure results on election night.

More from The New York Times Video:
Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch.

Luke Bryan’s Wife Should Probably Divorce Him After This

Luke Bryan's pranks on wife Caroline have gotten out of control. We'd feel bad for her if she didn't give it as good as she takes it.

Watch the latest video of the country singer pranking his wife.

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Some good news, probably

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Estimating the number of infections and the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 in 11 European countries (30 March)

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK

European unprecedented non-pharmaceutical interventions

Data from countries with more advanced epidemics

Slowing growth in daily reported deaths in Italy from interventions implemented several weeks earlier.

Italy, R0 close to 1 around the time of lockdown (11th March)

Interventions in 11 countries have averted 59,000 deaths up to 31 March

Many more deaths will be averted

Between 7 and 43 million individuals have been infected up to 28th March, (1.88% and 11.43% of the population)

Attack rate, highest in Spain followed by Italy and lowest in Germany and Norway

Lag of 2-3 weeks between transmission changes and deaths

Current interventions should remain in place to provide reassurance that transmission is slowing.

Italy, 60 m population
1.88% of 60m = 1, 128,000
Deaths up to today = 13, 115 = 1.16%
At 11.43% of population = 6,858,000
With 13,115 deaths = 0.2%


#jeffhorn #boxing #pacquiao
Marcos Villegas speaks to Jeff Horn to breakdown a potential fight between Terence Crawford and Manny Pacquiao as he slightly favors Crawford over Pacquiao but feels Terence Crawford is the best welterweight on the planet right now



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J.Lo's Daughter Reveals Song She'll Probably Sing at Mom's Wedding | Daily Pop | E! News

Twelve-year-old Emme Maribel Muñiz shares her plans of serenading Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez at their nuptials. Take a look!

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J.Lo's Daughter Reveals Song She'll Probably Sing at Mom's Wedding | Daily Pop | E! News

Why the 49ers Probably will Release Dee Ford after 2020

Dee Ford had knee tendinitis, and the 49ers can release in 2021 and pay just $4.8 million in dead salary cap. Read more at Sports Illustrated's All49ers:



Have you ever been through something and thought that you were the only one? Well, as it turns out, most of us go through some stuff that we never want to admit, and I show you many of them in this video.
In the first video, I show you some cool hacks to help you with your pet. If your dog's mouth smells bad, you can sprinkle some parsley in its food to get rid of the smell.
Have you ever tried sprinkling some salt on your salad and ended up putting the entire salt container because the salt lid wasn’t put on properly? Ha
Have you ever dropped your phone while walking, and then someone picked it up behind you, started calling you, and you thought they were following you?
What about the times that you decided to take photos of all your friends at a party and when it was your turn to be photographed you phone shut off.
What about the times you wanted to help a grandma with her shopping, and you realized that she could lift heavier things than you.

0:26 – When you’re way too unlucky
3:47 – When you try to be helpful but fail
5:22 – Best friends struggles
7:37 – The most annoying things that all of us experience
9:51 – When you try to relax but fail

This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewer's responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one plans to replicate.

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The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

Vernon Davis 'Probably Would've Opted Out' of 2020 NFL Season Over COVID

It's a good thing Vernon Davis retried when he did ... because the ex-NFL star says he probably would've sat out this season over COVID concerns.


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Carville And Murphy: Democrats Will Probably Win The Senate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Democrat James Carville and Republican Mike Murphy both think that Democrats have a good shot at taking back the Senate during the November election. They join to discuss why they think Mitch McConnell's control over the upper chamber is in trouble. Aired on 08/28/2020.
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MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.

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Carville And Murphy: Democrats Will Probably Win The Senate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

This GTA 6 Leak is Probably REAL - GTA 6 Radio Station Leaked & Vice City Location (GTA 6 News)

GTA 6 Radio Station Leaked & Vice City Location Confirmed... Pretty Much (GTA 6 News)

GTA 6 Radio Station Leak:

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GTA 6 leaks are very volatile and ever changing as we've learned in the past year. However, very rarely, but it does happen. Some of these GTA VI leaks turn out to be true.
As the case with this one inparticular. Basically, a synthwave artist by the name of VectorHold tweeted out that the GTA 6 location will most likley be in Vice City and that
members of the synthwave community have been contact by Rockstar Games to create a synthwave radio station. Most of the time these leaks are fake, but given that this one provides
little details, was to the point, and then removed swiftly points to this being real. This combined with evidence on how Rockstar Games has worked in the past during their developmental
cycle also gives us a look into when GTA 6 might release. Generally it seems that radio stations are the last things to be added into a game. And this can be seen with GTA IV and GTA 5.
So because of this it leads me to believe that GTA 6 is minimum two years away still, sadly. But only time will tell. Maybe Rockstar Games will surprise GTA fans with GTA 6 in 2021.


Best Hardware Wallets of 2020 (in 2 minutes)

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KTM 690 Enduro R Probably The BEST! Dual Sport Motorcycle made today

Please watch: New 2020 Adventure Motorcycle You Don't Know About | Short New Riders
KTM 690 Enduro R Probably The BEST! Dual Sport Motorcycle made today
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The KTM 690 Enduro R since it's introduction 2008 has taken the dual sport world by storm. The 690 enduro over the years has probably become the best dual sport motorcycle made today! The 690 enduro R is pretty much in a class all by it's self with only a handful of competitors out there, if you have never rode or sat on a KTM 690 Enduro R try one on for size you may just buy one!

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⭐Giant Loop Great Basin:

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Good News Probably Coming for IBPS RRB PO 2020 & IBPS RRB Clerk 2020 - Notification and Exam Dates

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