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PVC airgun/ how to make a simple PVC pipe air guns can shoot all the rats and snakes [newcd]


PVC airgun how to make a simple PVC pipe air guns can shoot all the rats and snakes newcd

Homemade Compressed "Air Rifle".

This is my homemade compressed Air Rifle shooting Blowgun darts. This simple unit is very powerful, and was made from a fire extinguisher and other easy to find materials.

ᴴᴰ Homemade Air gun shooting to all kinds of things [ 5.5 mm ,cal .22 ]

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Homemade air gun made with a modified electric valve,a polyethylene tank and a butt designed by me.

The tank pressure is about 13 bar (190 PSI)

Ask me anything you do not understand about the rifle.

Check my new video about this air gun

**This video is only meant to entertain, is not intended to encourage the use of weapons. We have taken all possible security measures when using the rifle. I don't support the animal hunting with any type of weapons.**

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S1E3- How to Make .177 Shotgun Shells for Airguns!

We make handmade shot shells in .177 caliber and test them out with a full lab analysis!

Hustle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Pvc gun

POWERFUL PVC GUN --how to make at home very very simple


Airgun Hunting How To Get Started

Airgun Hunting How To Get Started
In this video I explain how to get started in airgun hunting. I go over basic hunter safety. I also talk about the basic pellet size you need to be a effective and ethical hunter.
Here’s a helpful link to help make a range card for your airgun.

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Air Pistol Mod For Shooting Blowgun Darts (Röhm Twinmaster Mod)


▶▶ Open up the description for the viral vibe. ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ▼▼▼

There you go! ☆♫❤
┏(-_-)┓┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ notes ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

I always wondered how I could modify this air gun to shoot darts. This was a perfect application for my 3D printer. An easy and fast hybrid build.

In the last copper spud gun (pipe rifle) video it failed on me so I thought...There has to be an easier way to shoot these darts! :D
The refilling process already got way more convnient (spud gun) but it still sucked... And all these nasty combustion products... Probably the reason why the sliding receiver got stuck...

The solution for that is of course... Pressurised air! So meet my old friend the Röhm Twinmaster Competitor air pistol. I somehow thought I need this thing... So I bought it back then when I had more money (I know... stupid as always ^^). Now this purchase finaly made some sense.

Behind the scenes can be seen in my 43rd and 44th VLOG.

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airgun fishing part_3.

i am using Artemis P15 PCP Airgun with JSB 18 grain Pellets.
These are Tilapia warm water fishes who have struck in cold weather area.
At 10'O'Clock Sun is shining brightly and Due to extremely cold weather fishes are coming on surface or at the bank of the lake where there the level of water is low to enjoy warm water .
Here we are targeting them.
We hunt with the licence and
We don't waste any bird or fish that we hunt & we use them for food.
We don't target which is difficult to retrieve.
Learn and obey your local laws before purchasing an airgun because different countries have different airgun laws.

How Far Will an Air Rifle Kill? Part 1



In this much requested video we pose the question, how far can an air rifle be deadly? Not enough credit is given to air rifles, but the performance of this.457 caliber Texan from Airforce Airguns may change your mind.


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NFM Treasure Gun - Girandoni Air Rifle as Used by Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark's secret weapon - a late 18th Century .46 cal. 20 shot repeating air rifle by Girandoni , as used bin the Napoleonic Wars. A Treasure Gun from the NRA National Firearms Museum. See more at Narrated by Phil Schreier.

Air Rifle Hunting - Magpies Pest Control video - part 1

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How to make a gun made out of pipes

How to make a pipe gun

How to make gun with nataraj

Only 10rs cost is required

Rat Hunting || Khmer Traditional Rat Shooting

This is a khmer traditional rat hunting, So the way for hunting rat has many types : shooting, trapping, Digging rat int the hole on this location at this season difficult to hunting rat because it's has a high grass so may be one month more it's great for hunting rat.

Get ready to the Rat Hunting!

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pcp caseira

Shotgun Shell exploding OUTSIDE a gun - What Happens?

This video illustrates what happens when a shotgun shell accidentally goes off outside a gun. It is surprisingly innocuous.
This was done under very controlled conditions - do not reproduce this yourself.

Be sure to watch what happens with a .50 BMG is set off under the same conditions.

We will be demonstrating the Fith Ops trip alarm more in another video but check out this site. They have a lot of cool specialty shotgun ammo too! It was nice of them to send us this to test out!
(link removed due to new YT rules)

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How to catch any animals safety from the wild injection the vaccine

This video will show the way to catch any animals safety for injection the vaccine and give the them free

Funny pipe gun

Be careful



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