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PennyMac Promise Commercial - Play. Gather. Work


PennyMac Promise Commercial - Play. Gather. Work.

Better rate. Never late. Guaranteed.
The PennyMac Promise.
Get offer details:

Offer expires 12/31/20.

PennyMac Promise Commercial - Decorate. Cook. Clean.

Better rate. Never late. Guaranteed.
The PennyMac Promise.
Get offer details:

Offer expires 12/31/20.

PennyMac Promise Commercial - Laugh. Smile. Cry.

Better rate. Never late. Guaranteed.
The PennyMac Promise.
Get offer details:

Offer expires 12/31/20.

PennyMac Cares | Thank You from President & CEO, David Spector

Right now, we realize the importance of home like never before. While the PennyMac workforce stays home to help flatten the curve, we know first responders, medical staff, delivery drivers, our essential workers and more, are out there heroically providing for those in need. So, from our home to yours, thank you!

Please take a moment to watch a special video from our President and CEO, David Spector. #PennyMacCares

Visit for details about how we’re assisting our family of customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

2016 Promise Run :30 Commercial

Join the heroes racing to conquer cancer at the 2016 Lakeland Regional Health Hollis Cancer Center Promise Run.

Inspire Tuesday - For Such a Time as This

RTF's Inspire Tuesday: Jaque Orsi's For Such a Time as This

PennyMac scales VDI environment with VMware Cloud™ on AWS

PennyMac, a top national mortgage lender, is committed to providing each and every customer with the right home loan and superior service long after closing. In this video, learn how PennyMac used VMware Cloud™ on AWS to migration their VDI environment to AWS.

Learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS at

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#AWS #AWSCustomer

TV Commercial: Our Promise & Dedication to our Customers

Since our founding, we’ve been committed to our community, and dedicated to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Nolan’s promise is to start and finish each job on time, with a strong emphasis on detail.

Our pledge of high quality, professional results, a neat, clean work environment and guaranteeing one hundred percent customer satisfaction is unmatched by any competitor.

Nolan Painting. Improving Homes and Neighborhoods since 1979.

How PennyMac Partners with Criteria to Hire Great Talent

Let's Talk Inclusion With Maurice Watkins

In celebration of Black History Month 2020, PennyMac Managing Director, Maurice Watkins, reveals what paved his path to success and what continues to drive his achievements as an African American.
Learn more about our culture:

Commercial: Airtel Uganda We made a promise (2019)

Directed by Kenny Roc Mumba
Shot in Ugnada

Class 7: Credit & Lending

MIT 15.S08 FinTech: Shaping the Financial World, Spring 2020
Instructor: Prof. Gary Gensler
View the complete course:
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In this video, Prof. Gensler discusses issues related to technology and credit and lending. Topics include: credit sectors & market design, fintech credit competitive landscape, and marketplace lending.

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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A new and dangerous predator is buying up subprime loans to allegedly keep people in their homes, but they're paying pennies on the dollar for them, and given the company the executives are from, there is no reason to believe they're simply not taking advantage of the disaster they helped create.

Training on How To Get REO Listings now and In 2021

A flood of foreclosures will hit the market in the next 12 months! I just saw an article that said that one-third of all Americans had missed their housing payment in July. This is unfortunate and it is sure to impact the real estate market eventually.

But there is one silver lining: A flood of foreclosures will hit the market in the next 12 months.

The agents that list them will have no problem surviving the coming market slowdown, that’s why I want to tell you about my friend Frank, the Nation’s leading expert on getting REO/Foreclosure Listings. I convinced him to put together a free workshop to show us how he got REO listings. Fortunately, he agreed to do that and he’s hosting a workshop titled, How You Can Get REO Listings.

KWSV Team Meeting-The Virtual Agent

How do you become a 'virtual agent' in this time of being separated physically from clients and potential clients? KWSV walks through a few steps to help you succeed at this time


Top performers in sports and in life, they know that the journey is the destination. You will never arrive. You work so hard to achieve success. Then you work even harder to maintain it and keep growing.

Check the full video about this subject in our Facebook, Youtube or IGTV.

“A winning mindset is as present and predictable as the sunrise. It shows up daily.” – LeAura Alderson

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NITO Panel: Ted Kurland, Wayne Forte, Frank Riley

Join us for a conversation with Ted Kurland (The Kurland Agency), Wayne Forte (Entourage Talent Associates), and Frank Riley (High Road Touring).

Hosted by Ralph Jaccodine and George Howard, this panel of live music veterans will be discussing the National Independent Talent Organization (NITO), a new non-profit organization working tirelessly to advocate for the survival of the live music community as the nation and economy slowly recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about NITO:

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AWS re:Invent 2020 - Keynote with Andy Jassy

Join Us Now at, AWS re:Invent, our Free 3-Week Virtual Conference -

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, delivers his AWS re:Invent 2020 keynote, featuring the latest news and announcements, including the launches of Habana Gaudi-based Amazon EC2 instances, AWS Trainium, Amazon ECS Anywhere, Amazon EKS Anywhere, Lambda Container Support, AWS Proton, gp3 volumes for Amazon EBS, io2 Block Express for Amazon EBS, Amazon Aurora Serverless v2, Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, AWS Glue Elastic Views, Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler, Amazon SageMaker Feature Store, Amazon SageMaker Pipelines, Amazon DevOps Guru, Amazon QuickSight Q, Amazon Connect Wisdom, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles, Real-Time Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, Amazon Connect Tasks, Amazon Connect Voice ID, Amazon Monitron, Amazon Lookout for Equipment, AWS Panorama Appliance, AWS Panorama SDK, AWS Outposts in two new smaller sizes, and 12 additional AWS Local Zones. Guest speakers include Lori Beer, of JPMorgan Chase, Blake Scholl, of Boom, and David Gitlin, of Carrier.

Launch Announcements:
0:00 Andy Jassy Keynote
38:49 Habana Gaudi-based Amazon EC2 instances
39:37 AWS Trainium
43:53 Amazon ECS Anywhere
44:40 Amazon EKS Anywhere
48:59 Lambda Container Support
51:14 AWS Proton
1:00:10 gp3 volumes for EBS
1:03:01 io2 Block Express for EBS
1:08:54 Amazon Aurora Serverless v2
1:11:43 Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
1:19:01 AWS Glue Elastic Views
1:40:43 Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler
1:43:51 Amazon SageMaker Feature Store
1:45:34 Amazon SageMaker Pipelines
1:51:55 Amazon DevOps Guru
1:57:12 Amazon QuickSight Q
2:05:16 Amazon Connect Wisdom
2:06:51 Amazon Connect Customer Profiles
2:10:02 Real-Time Contact Lens for Amazon Connect
2:12:50 Amazon Connect Tasks
2:14:00 Amazon Connect Voice ID
2:28:52 Amazon Monitron
2:30:11 Amazon Lookout for Equipment
2:31:49 AWS Panorama Appliance
2:33:30 AWS Panorama SDK
2:42:53 AWS Outposts in two new smaller sizes
2:44:38 12 additional AWS Local Zones

Guest Speakers:
20:40 Lori Beer, of JPMorgan Chase
29:24 Jerruy Hunter, of Snap Inc
55:06 Don MacAskill, of SmugMug
1:22:05 Blake Scholl, of Boom
1:31:34 Marianna Tessel, of Intuit
2:00:04 Paul Cheesbrough, of Fox Corporation
2:20:04 David Gitlin, of Carrier
2:35:03 Zach Blitz, of Riot Games

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RONA Updates: New Projections, Lots of Poverty, Latest Data

Please Subscribe to this channel and hit the bell! Support the show by becoming a premium member: For one-time sponsorship: The audio version of this show is available on: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher: Spotify: Follow Kim on Instagram: @KimIversen Follow Kim on Twitter: @KimIversenShow Find Kim on Facebook: @KimIversenOfficial

Intoxicating Assets 2018: Sándor Lau on Note Investing, How to Be the Bank, Paper Source Conference Investor Sándor Lau of Noted Financial speaks at the Paper Source Note Symposium, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 2018. This talk, Intoxicating Assets, How to Be the Bank, Invest in Real Estate without Tenants, and Why Seconds Come First gives specific case studies of mortgages from Sándor’s portfolio of second notes. Including how to deal with bankruptcy, delinquent first mortgages and commercial second mortgage investing.

Find out about the next Paper Source Note Symposium here:

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