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Phá Án #141 - Nở Rộ Group "HIẾN THẬN NHÂN ĐẠO", Lọt Bẫy Ổ BUÔN Khó Thoát | Anh Thám Tử @Vinh Trần ​


COVID-19: Americans in New Zealand

We originally weren't going to make a COVID-19 video. However, we decided we should. We make our videos to preserve our memories and COVID-19 is a big part of our lives right now. Here is our story from our perspective of COVID-19 in New Zealand. Stay tuned for Part 2 as so much has changed.

Epidemic Sound
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The Most Destructive Pandemics and Epidemics In Human History

The world is swarming with deadly pandemics, epidemics, diseases, and the history of humanity can certainly attest to this fact. There have been many instances spanning our existence of historic epidemics that threatened humanity.

While we are typically alarmed by more modern diseases and viruses such as AIDS or influenza, many scary health epidemics have been known to resurface over time. These illnesses that almost wiped out humans seem like something that could only happen in the distant past, but be warned: if we're not careful, future diseases could threaten to end humanity as we know it.

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