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Plate Tectonics Theory Lesson


Plate Tectonics Theory Lesson

A middle school lesson on plate tectonics theory for grades 6-8. #KAtalentsearch

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A little about me: My name is Cary and I'm an animator, motion designer, and FX Artist. When I'm not working, I love learning all about science, from the microscopic to the epically large.

I created this channel as a place where people can come to learn about science, share new ideas, and expand their knowledge of the world around them.

We explore everything from the foundations of earth science and biology to the vast mysteries of the universe and everything in between.

And as I learn new things, I look forward to sharing them here in a fun and engaging way that hopefully helps you learn something new and inspires you to pass it on.

Grade 10 Science - Plate Tectonics Theory (Tagalog Science Tutorial)

Tagalog Science Tutorial, Filipino Grade 10 Science Lesson

Pag uusapan natin ngayon ang Plate Tectonics Theory. Ang topic na ito ay para sa Grade 10, Science, 1st Quarter. Ididiscuss natin sa episode na ito ang mga sumusunod:

- History of Plate Tectonics Theory
- Earth Layers
- Convergent Boundary
- Divergent Boundary
- Transform Boundary
- The Big One

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Science 10: Lesson 6 Plate Tectonic Theory

Last lesson for Quarter 1, it also includes a simple lesson on family emergency bag.

Plate Tectonics

A quick overview of plate tectonics, including a look at the different types of plate boundaries; convergent, divergent, and transform.

Hey there! My name is Mike Sammartano. I'm an educator, instructional designer, and technologist. I spent 15 years teaching astronomy, oceanography, geology, environmental science and meteorology to students in middle and high school. On my channel, you will mostly find videos which explore these topics, along with a handful of instructional technology tutorials. Thanks for watching, and please feel free to connect with me with any suggestions for new videos, comments, or just to say hi!

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There's a continent called Pangaea?! Well, there once was. Hundreds of millions of years ago, Earth looked completely different from how it does today. All of the land was packed into a single supercontinent. Geologist Alfred Wegener theorized that this giant landmass split into chunks and slowly drifted apart. Rejected at first by the scientific community, Wegener's theory of continental drift eventually was proved correct: The earth's crust is split up into dozens of pieces called tectonic plates, which float on top of the mantle. Warmed by the blazing-hot core, the mantle churns in circular convection currents, dragging tectonic plates along for the ride. Today, plate tectonics is the unifying theory of the entire field of geology. It explains the rock cycle, the origin of Earth's surface features, and the cause of seismic activity, such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Get the drift? Watch this movie to learn more!

Plate Tectonics | Tectonic plates Theory | Video for kids

Plate tectonics is a theory of geology.
The plates move using three types of movements.
They are: convergent, divergent and transform movement.

Let's Learn all about the Plate Tectonics with this video.

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Lesson for everyone.
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Plate Tectonics Explained

How do plate tectonics REALLY work?

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Driving forces of plate tectonics (website):

Introduction to Plate Tectonics

I am pleased to offer a new HD motivational trailer choreographed to powerful music, introducing students to the Earth Science subject of Plate Tectonics. It is designed as a dramatic inspirational trailer to be shown by teachers in middle school, high school and college as a visual Introduction to this amazing geologic process on Earth. I promise your students will love watching it and will be eager to learn this topic.

Music is a blend of clips from Deathly Hallows part 2, and Transformers.

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Plate Tectonics - Gr 10 / 1st Q / Lesson 1 (Part 1 - Tagalog)

Grade 10 Science: First Quarter
Lesson 1-Part 1: Plate Tectonics / Distribution of Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Plate Tectonics Basics

Review of basic Plate Tectonics. This is a revised version -- cleaning up the graphics and the script/narration. I deleted the original version, which had 17,110 views, 4 comments, 81 thumbs ups, and 3 thumbs downs.

To access versions with CC and scripts, go to:

Part of a 7-part Plate Tectonics video series:
Part 1: Earth Layers & Isostasy
Part 2: Plate Tectonics Basics
Part 3: Plate Tectonics Global Impacts
Part 4: Plate Tectonics and California Geology
Part 5: Hotspots
Part 6: Paleomagnetism
Part 7: Hydrothermal Vents.

Plate Tectonics Theory: Complete Analysis | Physical Geography | Crack UPSC CSE 2020 | Ajit Tiwari

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Supplemetary Video Lesson
for Week 3- Module 1, First Quarter Lesson for Science 10
Based on SDO Caloocan City SLM


Sa lesson na ito ituturo ko sa inyo ang teyorya ng plate tectonics. Aking ilalarawan ang iba't ibang plate movements sa bawat plate boundaries. Lastly, Ilalarawan ko rin dito ang mga land formations na maaring mabuo sa bawat plate boundaries.

Plate Tectonics

Mr. Andersen describes how plate tectonics shapes our planet. Continental and oceanic platers are contrasted and major plate boundaries are discussed.

Intro Music Atribution
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Artist: CosmicD
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Plate Tectonics/Plate Boundaries - Gr 10 / 1st Q / Lesson 1 (Part 2 - Tagalog)

Grade 10 Science: First Quarter
Lesson 1-Part 1: Plate Tectonics / Divergent, Convergent & Transform Plate Boundaries

Link to part 1

Plate Tectonics Lesson for Grade 10 Students

A learning reference for Grade 10 students for Quarter 1 Lesson:Plate Tectonics.

Introduction to Plate Tectonic Theory #Plates #PlateBoundaries #Epicenters #TriangulationMethod

#Plates #PlateBoundaries #Earthquakes #Epicenters #TriangulationMethod
Good day. This video intends to teach students science lesson about plate tectonics. Plate Tectonic Theory suggests that the lithosphere of the Earth is divided into segments. These segments move slowly yet constantly. To learn about this lesson, watch this video.


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DISCLAIMER: The uploader of the video just made the lesson. All the characters and voice are generated using mobile applications. Also, all the pictures, gif, videos and music used to make the video plausible to learners are downloaded from different websites. All the links are posted here!

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Science10: Plate Tectonic Theory (video lesson)

SCIENCE 10 Final Output (S.Y. 2016-2017)
10-Galilei, Group 5




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