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Pourquoi les plongeurs commandos ne font pas de bulles ? - C'est Pas Sorcier


This Kid Runs So Fast, People Are Calling Him the Fastest Child in the World

On the internet a common viral trend is seeing people with amazing skills show off what a lifetime of training and dedication allows them to do. Most people would assume that you’d have to work well into adulthood to pull off some of these incredible antics, but those people couldn’t be more wrong. There are some incredible kids out there who have incredible talents, and in many cases could even outcompete adults in their same fields. Ready to meet these extraordinary kids?

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Editing: HowlingCreations
Music: EpidemicSound

Coolest and most amazing kids in the world! Featuring the world's most talented and fastest kids on earth. You better check out these incredible kids with your own eyes.

Barrels of Whiskey - The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats [Official Video]

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ON TOUR 2020:

16.07. Kesselhaus - Wiesbaden
19.07. Kulttempel - Oberhausen
01.08. Die Börse - Wuppertal
17.09. Musik & Frieden - Berlin
18.09. Moritzbastei - Leipzig
19.09. Club Puschkin - Dresden
25.09. Club Vaudeville - Lindau
02.10. L.A. - Cham
15.10. Backstage - München
16.10. Viper Room - Wien (A)
23.10. MusikZentrum - Hannover
10.12. Westpark - Ingolstadt
11.12. Club Cann - Stuttgart
12.12. Airport - Obertraubling
17.12. Knust Hamburg - Hamburg
18.12. M.A.U. Club - Rostock


Barrels of Whiskey
Produced, mixed and mastered in Principal Studios, Senden. (Jörg Umbreit)

Video by Wüstenberg & Römer:

SHOT AT Freilichtmuseum Hagen.


Barrels of Whiskey

As I stepped out me house I saw this man named Clyde
He took me by the hand saying I’ll take you for a ride
I said I cannot go there there are things to get done
He said boy you must cause I ain`t got a son

There’s a little secret no one should know
Deep into the forest we both gotta go
I show you the way I earn my daily bread
But dare not to reveal it or you gonna loose your head

I make barrels of whiskey it ain’t no champagne
It's served in our brothels to keep away the pain
What I share with you my lad
Is the biggest secret I’ve ever had

See the soldiers at war on the battle field
They've got more than a gun my whiskey is their shield
Look at the crippled and wounded down the street
A passport to hell and a bottle to their feet
You don’t leave a child or a sweetheart behind
This is our secret vow so boy don`t be blind



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