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Practise English pronunciation with speech recognition exercises


Practise English pronunciation with speech recognition exercises

Net Languages' 8-level General English online course incorporates a wide variety of speech recognition exercises to practise pronunciation, fluency, grammar, vocabulary, functional language and much more. Try sample exercises with feedback here: This sample from the General English Mid-Intermediate course shows how poems can be used to practise pronunciation. The student listens to the lines that rhyme and the lines that don’t rhyme and repeats them.

Learn English using speech recognition exercises

Net Languages' 8-level General English online course incorporates a wide variety of enjoyable and motivating speech recognition exercises to practise pronunciation, fluency, grammar, vocabulary, functional language and much more:

Velawoods English Speech Recognition

Velawoods English uses state-of-the-art speech analysis powered by Carnegie Speech.

You can practice as many times as you like and receive detailed feedback on your pronunciation.

You can also listen to answers from native speakers, and quickly build your speaking confidence.

In-course speech analysis is powered by Carnegie Speech, global leaders in assessing spoken languages skills.


Chrome Speech Recognition Add-on for Pronunciation Practice


Speech Recognition Practice Demo

Practice Blending Sounds for Reading- CVC Words

Check out our printable phonics resources and online games!

This reading machine helps children practice blending the letter sounds they've already learnt with simple phonetically decodable CVC words. The letters are from Phase 2 Phonics of the Letters and Sounds document s,a,t,p,i and n. Children in reception learn this sounds first usually in this order. In this video I sound out the words for the children and blend them together to say the word.

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Pronunciation Practice ???? Difficult Vowel Sounds [DIPHTHONGS]

Let's go over the correct pronunciation of some difficult English vowel sounds. These are tricky, friends - they are different to short or long vowels - diphthongs are TWO vowel sounds pushed together! Get ready to practice with me - improve your accent and sound more natural when you speak English!

Practise your Pronunciation with me here:

Read the full transcript of this lesson on my blog here:

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English Language Tools I recommend!
⭐️Improve your English pronunciation and expression by imitating a native English speaker:
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⭐️English Listening practice - Try Audible for FREE!

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Are you a WOMAN ???????? who wants to practise her English?

Check out The Ladies' Project to find speaking partners and build your confidence as an English speaker!

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Connected Speech & Linking | English Pronunciation Lesson

Many of my students say they want to sound just like a native English speaker. I understand the desire, but my answer to them is always the same. The goal is not to be perfect, but to progress; to be understood when speaking and to be able to understand English when spoken naturally.

One of the most important aspects of pronunciation and listening is to understand that Americans don't just speak fast--as many students believe--but that they connect their words and change the sounds of words.

This lesson will help you speak with connected speech and understand native speakers when they use connected speech in their spoken English.

Original lesson text:

Pronunciation Coach: Making recordings

Pronunciation Coach lets you record your speech so you can compare it with a pronunciation model. Each recording contains:

1) Audio, for listening to your pronunciation.
2) A video of your mouth and lips (this option requires a webcam).
3) Speech recognition result.
4) Speech intelligibility score.
5) Waveforms, for viewing timing, pitch and speech intensity (loudness).

To find out more about Pronunciation Coach visit:

Daily Practice 1: Scales and Triads

This is a Daily Practice video for early SightSinging Level 1. Singing these brief exercises daily will develop an ear for sound combinations that are key to successful sight singing.

Language Learning Speech Recognition - Pronunciation Test

Learn English with voice pronunciation assessment

Check our website for more information:
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Learn English Hacks: Voice Recognition Software

How can you use voice recognition software to help you learn English? Ali and Shivali explain in this great Learn English Hack.

Can You Pass this Pronunciation Test? Improve your Pronunciation

Can you pass this pronunciation test? In pronunciation video, I want to test your pronunciation skills and also help you improve your pronunciation.
That's why I chose 7 common words English learners mispronounce. So are you ready to test your pronunciation level?


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Syllables and Word Stress - English Pronunciation Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn about syllables and stress in English.
Do you know what stress means? It’s one of the most important pronunciation points in English.
When you speak English, do other people find it difficult to understand what you’re saying? If so, you might not be using stress correctly.
Pronouncing words with the correct stress can make a big difference to your English: your English will immediately sound clearer and more natural.

Continue working on your pronunciation, and get feedback from a certified English teacher. Try a lesson today:

 See the full version of this lesson on our website:

1. How to Count Syllables 0:40
2. How to Pronounce Stress 2:43
3. Stress in Two-Syllable Words 5:16
4. Stress in Longer Words 7:33
5. Contrasts and Vowel Reductions 11:16

In this lesson you'll learn:

- What syllables are, and how to count the syllables of a word
- Introduction to word stress
- How to pronounce word stress in English
- How to hear the word stress when listening in English
- Rules for finding the stress of a word in English

See more free English lessons like this on our website:

How do you pronounce anemone? Practice with Google Search

Practice makes perfect! Search now gives you live feedback on your pronunciation of words with the help of speech recognition technology and machine learning. When you search for a word like “anemone”, you can select practice and then speak into your phone’s microphone. You'll receive feedback on what, if anything, can be adjusted in your pronunciation. This feature is available in American English today, with Spanish soon to follow.

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Word Stress: Adult ESL Pronunciation Activities for Teaching Word Stress Fluency

Word stress plays a huge part in English intelligibility; it can be very difficult for people to understand speech with the word stress is misplaced or lacking. In this video, the teacher uses visual and hands-on activities as she introduces beginning level learners to the concept word stress and leads the class through a series of activities designed to 1) develop awareness of syllables and word stress, 2) produce accurate word stress patterns for weekly vocabulary words, and 3) group vocabulary words according to their stress to encourage pattern recognition.
The activities in this video can be used with any topic, and adapted for low beginning to high intermediate level learners.
For more classroom instructional videos, visit the Minnesota Literacy Council website at

Say-N-Play: The Fun & Interactive Speech Practice Game!

Say-N-Play is a computer learning game that provides a fun and visually engaging environment for children between the ages of four and nine to practice speech pronunciation. The game features voice recognition technology and was created to provide fun and motivating articulation drills that will have children asking to play again and again. Say-N-Play provides an exciting world filled with irresistible characters, enjoyable games, and multiple levels for children to explore while improving their articulation skills.

Secrets to Understand Fast-talking Americans : English Listening Practice

Learn 6 ways to optimize your listening practice and understand Americans who talk fast.
***Become fluent in real American English, with my free pronunciation video lesson & comprehension exercises:

Decode real, unscripted conversations by fast-talking Americans with just 10 lessons. Details at

Tame the Hot Potato: US & UK English:
Tame the Hot Potato: What do you think of the French?:

Understanding accents with

English Pronunciation Exercises, Part 1:
English Pronunciation Exercises, Part 2:

Exercises to Understand Real English, Part 1:
Exercises to Understand Real English, Part 2:

TuneIn Radio app:

All Ears English:

The Tim Ferriss Show:

How to Stop Feeling Embarrassed When You Don't Understand in English:
Reformulating to Be Sure You Understand:

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You'll increase your vocabulary in English, improve your pronunciation, boost your Business English, and become fluent faster.


Basic Phonic Vowels Sounds, Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu | English Pronunciation Practice | ESL | Learn The Basics

You will learn basic English phonic vowels: Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu. This is how Americans pronounce vowels. Each vowel is illustrated for better understanding. You will first listen to Mark pronounce each vowel, then you will practice on your own. This will help build your speaking skills. In the second part of this video, you will be asked what starts with ...(Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu)? You will then give the correct answer. This will help build your English speaking skills, confidence and fluency. This is an interactive listening and speaking video. Have fun learning the sounds of the vowels and speak English now.

Language in use:
Aa apple, alligator
Ee elephant, egg
Ii ink, insect
Oo on, off
Uu umbrella, up
What starts with Aa? Apple starts with Aa.
What starts with Ee? Elephant starts with Ee.
What starts with Ii? Ink starts with Ii.
What starts with Oo? On starts with Oo.
What starts with Uu? Umbrella starts with Uu.
What starts with Aa? Alligator starts with Aa.
What starts with Ee? Egg starts with Ee.
What starts with Ii? Insect starts with Ii.
What starts with Oo? Off starts with Oo.
What starts with Uu? Up starts with Uu.


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These videos also work great for icebreakers and class discussions.

Please have fun and speak English now!
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