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Preschool Parkland FL - Tour New Facility


Preschool Parkland FL - Tour New Facility

- Video Tour of our Preschool in Parkland FL. Due to our success with our other preschool on Coconut Creek (Providence Children's Academy), we decided to open this new location on Parkland FL Come and see why we are considered the best Preschool in Parkland FL. We serve Parkland, Boca Raton & Coral Springs.

For more information about our preschool at parkland FL call us @ (954) 688-5877 or visit us at

Preschool Parkland FL - This is Why We Opened a New Preschool!

- Little over 3 years ago we open Providence Children's Academy at Coconut Creek FL, we filled up very fast and we decided to open a second preschool at Parkland FL mainly because we positively affected many of the families, that's our goal now here at Parkland and we like to make a difference with the families and their children.
We are so proud of what we did at providence Children's Academy and we'll offer also the best education for the children at Parkland Children's Academy.

For more information about our preschool at parkland FL call us @ (954) 688-5877 or visit us at

Preschool Parkland FL - Professional Teachers (Early Education)

- All our teachers are professionals with their Bachelor's Degree on Early Education, this is key to develop the appropriate learning for the kids during the first years of their life, they learn their social skills, cognitive skills and emotional skills, this is when they learn to be the best they can be, whet they are one to five years old, and we want to teach our children with the guidance of professional teachers specialized on early education.

For more information about our preschool at parkland FL call us @ (954) 688-5877 or visit us at

Preschool Building Tour

Here's our new Preschool Building that will help us better serve the San Antonio community! For questions or to schedule a tour, please contact the Preschool Office at 210.878.1070.

Preschool Parkland FL - Preparing Child For Enrollment / Transition

- Adjust to preschool can be difficult for any child, even one that has been in the nursery for a while. You can help ease your child's transition to kindergarten with these ideas and activities.
The important thing is to keep any preparation fun time. At this age, learning should not be a chore. You do not want your child to feel as every activity is a lesson or an educational tour.

Plan social activities: All preschoolers must get along with other children. If your child has not spent much time in a group with other children, then activities such as sharing, taking turns and play cooperatively can be very difficult.
Help your child to get used to being part of a group, organizing playdates with one or two companions or enrolled in a music class or fall.

Give him a sense of what to expect: Never underestimate the fears or concerns your child. Instead, help calm their fears with information; talk to him about what to expect when you arrive at school - where you will go, what they will do, and who will be in class with him. Before classes begin, visit the classroom together at least once, preferably when other children and his future teacher (s) are there. You can also read stories about starting school.

Come up with a good-bye ritual: If this is the first time your child will be away from you, he may worry that you will not come back, or that you will be lost and will not be able to find your way back to school to pick him up at the end of the day.

Read with your child every day: Most preschool classes have at least one reading period each day. Setting aside at least 15 minutes a day for reading time make this a family ritual when school starts. Children who do not have their first experience with books often have difficulty learning to read later.

Practice listening skills: Ask him occasionally to sit quietly and close his eyes, and then ask him to tell you all the different sounds he hears. Talk about what's making the sounds and where the sounds are coming from.

For more information about our preschool at parkland FL call us @ (954) 688-5877 or visit us at

Video Tour: Preschool

A tour of the preschool program at the Dunbar Learning Complex.

Castle Hills Virtual Tour (Preschool)

Come take a tour of Castle Hills!

If you would like to connect with us and find out more about our Preschool, go to

Virtual Tour of Learning Links Preschool in Burlingame

Join a virtual tour of our inclusive Learning Links Preschool in Burlingame, and visit our website

Enrollment is now open for 2 to 5-year-olds. Our curriculum are designed to engage students of all abilities in each activity with the goal of developing a strong desire to learn within each student. Please call us at 650-652-0674 or email with any additional questions.

Preschool Parkland FL - Preschool vs Daycare

- On this video we explore the basic differences between a Preschool and Daycare. A lot of people have a misconception that both definitions are the same and this is not the case. A day care is basically where the parent drops the child and the teacher take care of the child physically and cognitively and a preschool is where the child is actually learning and gets assessed three times a year like we do here at Parkland Children's Academy, with this we find where the children's strengths and weaknesses are so we can move forward and do the best for the development of the children.

For more information about our preschool at parkland FL call us @ (954) 688-5877 or visit us at

Why did We Decide to Open our Preschool? Daycare Center in Coconut Creek and Parkland area

Prekindergarten School in Coconut Creek area: Providence Children's Academy. For best tips and a free report The Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Daycare make sure to go to our website.

Tour Enrichment Programs for Private Preschool & Childcare Center in Madison, Wisconsin

Kids Express Learning center makes full use of our abundant resources and learning environments to support specialist taught enrichment programs, such as Nature Studies (comprised of strong science curriculum and animal studies), Gardening, Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Culinary, Engineering, as well as an After School Program.

We provide care for children ages 6 weeks - Kindergarten during the school year, and through age 12 during our summer camp. We have several Enrichment Programs to offer including nature, science, Spanish, art, gardening, physical education, and more.

If you would like further information, please contact us at, or 608-845-3245.

Preschool Parkland FL - Thematic Themes

-At Parkland Children's Academy we have something called a thematic theme, each week there's a different thematic, it could be different types of animals, Letters (lower case and upper case), Colors and Shapes, and the books that we will read will contain the thematic of that week. The thematic are made at the beginning of the year so teachers and parents will know what kind of books to get or borrow from libraries.
We also have prom at the end of the year at the YMCA , at the ceremony we have a DJ, pop corn and wonderful things.

For more information about our preschool at parkland FL call us @ (954) 688-5877 or visit us at

Tour of the Newtown Discovery Preschool: Construction Update August 2019!

Want to be the first one up-to-date on all things new? Click here:

The Newtown Athletic Club (NAC), a true lifestyle club, is proud to offer the best in fitness, services, programs and facilities in a 250,000 sq. ft. facility on 25-acres in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania located at 120 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA 18940.


Best Parkland FL Preschool Center Affordable Low Priced Preschool Services Parkland FL

Best Parkland FL Preschool Center Affordable Low Priced Preschool Services Parkland FL. Are you looking for the best quality Parkland FL free VPK program for your child? Welcome to Parkland Children's Academy Preschool Parkland FL. Parkland Children's Academy Preschool has been providing the best quality child care services children from 6 months to 5 years of age in South Florida for more than years now. Parkland Children's Academy Preschool is fully accredited and has been awarded the Gold Seal of Excellence and is also an approved Parkland FL VPK provider. Parkland Children's Academy Preschool was designed, constructed and built from the ground up with two important things in mind. Safety and providing parents and children with the best quality child care services offered by any preschool in Parkland Florida. Our focus is education and fostering an early love of learning in a caring and nurturing environment. We emphasize the mastering of skills necessary for primary learning in order to give your child that additional leg up so he or she will be more than ready for kindergarten when the time comes. In addition to providing your child with an exceptional education, all of the caring staff here at Parkland Children's Academy Preschool understand that children need to be children. This is why we have not just one, but 2 playgrounds for the children to enjoy. One playground is set up for toddlers in order to cater to their pint size needs, while the others are set up for our older children. Your child will also love the time they spend participating in arts, crafts and story time while making new friends and learning how to get along with other children, forging relationship skills that will last a lifetime. Another big moment here at Parkland Children's Academy is graduation day. It's a big day for parents and even a bigger day for your child. We'll provide all the bells and whistles, because when your child leaves us, we want him or her to leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment and ready to take on kindergarten. So whether you are looking for our free VPK program Parkland FL, part time or full time child care. Give us a call or better yet, come on in and one of our caring staff members will take you on a tour and you can see for yourself why so many parents have chosen Parkland Children's Academy Preschool for their child care needs for years now. We're more than affordable and accept most assistance programs. Parkland Children's Academy Preschool Doesn't your child deserve the very best? For more information about Parkland Children's Academy preschool in Parkland FL simply click the link below this video and you'll be redirected to our Parkland Children's Academy preschool website where you will learn about affordable Parkland FL preschool centers the difference between cheap Parkland FL preschool centers and the best Parkland FL preschool centers. You'll also learn about Parkland FL preschools and why Parkland Children's Academy is the best Preschool in Parkland FL at providing Parkland FL child care services. Come on in and see for yourself that Parkland Children's Academy Preschool Parkland FL was designed, constructed and built from the ground up to provide children and their parents with the best childcare center in Parkland FL and this location offers Free VPK in Parkland FL.

Nature's Way Preschool Tour

A tour of the Nature's Way Preschool, a part of the Kalamazoo Nature Center in Michigan. This video is intended to inform the creation and design of other nature-based preschools.

Take a tour of The Rinx Preschool Academy

Take a tour of our facility! The Rinx Preschool Academy provides a safe, nurturing and healthy environment for children 2 to 5 years of age. The Rinx Preschool is a New York State licensed facility that meets and exceeds all state regulations and requirements. We provide high quality, creative,environmentally based learning and developmentally appropriate programs that lead children to lay a foundation upon which positive social relationships and strong self esteem are built with an appreciation for nature and our environment. Find out how The Rinx Preschool can help you provide your child with the Academic Edge.

Call today to schedule a visit!
631-232-3222 ext 260

Tour Raven's School Early Childhood Learning Center

Infant Program (ages 3 months to 12 months): Early childhood development is critical and our experienced staff members aid this key period of learning in our infant center. Our infant center is designed with love and warmth and nurturing caregivers that allow the infants to feel at home while the sound of lullabies and rocking chairs fill the air. We nurture and create a loving and trusting bond between infants and teachers. We promote eagerness to understanding your child's personality, likes, dislikes, and developmental needs. Teachers support the curriculum we follow which include growth of motor skills, reading, flash cards, alphabets, sing along, language development, early music, technology and learning through play.

Toddler & Nursery Program (1- 2 years): Nurturing our toddlers and guiding each child through the separation process, as well as introducing them to routines of a school life programs provides a caring environment in which our youngest students begin their education. We believe Toddlers are capable of focusing and absorbing knowledge through play. The classroom environment is designed to allow your Toddler to build trust while learning. This is a remarkable learning period requiring all of their attention. Teachers support the curriculum we follow which include hands on activities, growth of motor skills, flash cards, counting, alphabets, sing along, language development, math, science, creative arts, music, technology and social skills.

Preschool Program (2- 3 years): Our exciting Preschool program explores their independence enabling them to begin with building their own relationships with others, work through conflicts, and establish strong relationships. Teachers support the curriculum we follow which include tons of educational elements, hands on activities, growth of motor skills, language, math, science, sensory creative arts, yoga, musical instruments, technology and social skills. The academic materials presented, are designed to stimulate a child's senses as well as respond to his or hers need for order and a sense of leadership.

Pre- Kindergarten Program (4 years): This program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten- the journey to elementary school! The program focuses on building fine habits when learning literature, math, science, social studies, new language, technology, musical instruments, yoga and creative arts. In Pre-K, new academic and social skills develop that will unlock the imagination. By providing experienced educators that know how to engage curiosity, we build self-esteem and confidence. When children are genuinely involved in the learning process they are motivated, persistent and fascinated.

Kindergarten ( 5 years): Kindergarten is the perfect combination of friendship and learning. Your child learns to think reasonably, anticipates outcomes, analyzes objects and solves problems. We challenge our children during big projects and encourage them to display their discoveries. This program focuses on providing a structured curriculum that teaches higher level thinking skills. Some of our subjects include language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, yoga, Spanish, music, technology and creative arts.

Holly Preschool Virtual Tour

CDI Early Learning Center Tour

Preschool Room Tour- Children's Learning Adventure

Watch to learn all about our Explorer's Preschool program where our lifetime adventures curriculum focuses on developing their skills through interactions with peers, learning activities, and their environment!



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