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Prinsten Economics PhD First Year Skit 2018 - The (1st Year) Office


Stanford Econ First-Year Skit

Bad economics puns by the Stanford Economics 2018 Cohort

The Kennies (Columbia Econ PhD 1st year skit 17/18)

0:00 Economia Sense Colors (Sala-i-Martin)
2:42 It's the Same Guy (Cox)
4:56 Équilibre Générale (Salanié)
8:28 In Memoriam
8:57 L'économiste le plus intéressant du monde (Chiappori)
10:30 Buy Bai (Jushan)
11:23 Breaking Bonds (La'O)
14:39 inSPNEtion (Kartik)
16:06 Lifetime Achievement Award (Stiglitz/Naidu)
17:43 Macro Action Hero (Afrouzi)
20:02 Credits

Life of a First Year (Minnesota Econ PhD)

Winter Party 2016

Music Video - Columbia Economics PhD Skit 2016

Song for the Columbia University Economics first year PhD student's skit, 2016.

Getting my Phd

I am getting my PhD. Watch and find out why and how and where I will get a PhD in Economics. I have not applied yet but this is the start of the process. Follow along with my channel and you will find adventures in Macro and Micro Economics and how to study.

PhD in Economics Skit 2016 - Columbia University

First year PhD in Economics student's skit, Columbia University, 2016

Columbia Economics Skit 2017 - Music Video

Created by the Columbia University Economics PhD First-Years (2016-2017).

Columbia Economics Skit 2017 - Trailer

Created by the Columbia University Economics PhD First-Years (2016-2017).

BU Economics Skit Party 2019, Faculty Skits

Economics, PhDs, and my bathtub

It's not every day that you use a palace as your office...

As I say in the video, thank you to the ECB for inviting me to this conference. I do apologise for not getting answers to more of your questions on social media. I only put a few of your questions to the PhD students because obviously people would be more interested in the answers from senior academics, but unfortunately the opportunity to ask those questions just didn't happen! I hope that you learned at least something from the questions I did get to ask though.

Watch the video I made with the PhD students here!
And you can read their papers here:

What Sintra is supposed to look like:

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Econ Skit

Fancy getting a PhD?

Kai Huotari explains why he got a PhD from Hanken

If you have a passion to learn more, to explore new concepts, and wish to develop exciting breakthroughs in economics and business administration, the PhD programme at Hanken is something for you!

Hanken is a leading, top-5 university business school in the Nordics – featuring the triple-crown accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA). Our research ranks in top 5 among Scandinavian/Nordic business schools in terms of research published in top journals of business and economics, and in top 10 of all universities in the world in terms of research citation rate. We are located both in downtown Helsinki, and in the energy capital of the North, Vaasa.

Read more about the PhD programme at

Read more about CERS:

Duke University Video Tour: Places Every First-Year Econ Ph.D. Student Should Know

Duke Economics Ph.D. students Maria Zhu and James Thomas talk about the important places around Duke University's campus that every first-year student should know.

If you are interested in learning more about our doctoral program, please visit


Come to LSE with me! Day in the life of a PhD | Dr. YouTube LSE

I said I would do it, so here it is - a day in my life as a PhD student at LSE when I actually go to uni! Happy New Year all, enjoy ^-^

Here are the details for our PhD Symposium:

Lunch videos:
Lucy Moon:
Nathan Zed:
John Maclean:

Also, I was quoted in Wired magazine this week! 'YouTube's prank ban deepens the expanding rift with its creators':

Check out my website:
Twitter: @ZoeGlatt
LSE Profile:

I'm Zoe Glatt, a PhD Researcher at the London School of Economics conducting a multi-sited online/offline ethnography of YouTube creators. I'll be posting new videos every Friday to this channel as the autoethnographic part of my research!

I'd love to hear from you if you're a creator, viewer, industry professional, or researcher who is interested in my project and has some personal insights on the topic. Please get in touch with me via email, Twitter or in the comments!


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MacroEconomics Skit

Featuring: Eric P, Griffin, Kosta , Ben S

Economics | PhD

«At BI, faculty members publish in top journals, contributing to a global research network.” Øyvind N. Aas.  Research postdoc in Economics at the European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) at Université Libre de Bruxelles.

See more of our PhD offer at:


first year of PhD update (highs and lows)

Hey everyone! In this video I share an overview of the PhD program I'm in, as well as my experiences in grad school so far (both good and bad). I've been in grad school for almost 2 months now and I've had my share of great moments, as well as really challenging ones.

If you can relate to some of the struggles I mention in this video, just know that you can 100% overcome them... all it takes is patience and hard work - and that's something I have to keep reminding myself.


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#graduateschool #PhD #microbiology #UCBerkeley #challenges

TA Training -- 2nd year skit video 2018 UCLA economics

PhD Programs at SSE

Do you want to obtain your PhD degree from one of the best business schools in Europe? We offer three challenging PhD programs:

1. PhD program in Business Administration
2. PhD program in Economics
3. PhD program in Finance

More information can be found at



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