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Putin's Extraordinary Alpha Male Walk


Why Does Vladimir Putin Walk So Weird?

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In this video:

While there is no single correct way to walk, most of us have a gait where we swing each arm forward when its opposing leg moves forward; likewise, as with the length of the stride, which is generally the same for both legs, the distance of the arm swing is usually about the same for both the left and right arms. While exactly why humans do this hasn’t yet been definitively proven (with the most popular theory being that, while not essential, it’s mostly about improving balance and decreasing angular momentum of the body), the fact remains that this is how the vast majority of humans all over the world walk… But not so with Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.

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Obama VS Putin: Who's The Dominant One?

Obama and Putin are very different, and the way they behave is very different.

Sometimes Putin and Obama shared a laugh, but most of the times their interactions have been devoid of jokes and rather tense.

Sure, Obama and Putin are just different, but that doesn't mean can't analyze their interactions.

Putin came on top from a dominance point of view most of the times.
Putin always showed dominant body language and Obama rather submissive body language.

This video is a brief analysis of the recorded encounters between Obama and Putin.
The aim is to assess who is the most dominant -or at least behaves the most dominant- of the two.

I picked a few interesting tidbits and of course, there would much more to say, but a 2h video would be too long :).

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Alpha Male Body Language - Sitting, Standing and Walking like an Alpha Male

Today we discuss how to master alpha male body language so you can attract more women, become more confident and reach your full potential. Standing sitting and walking are postures we all use, but how does an alpha male use these postures and how can we implement those patterns?

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Walking Display of Body Language (Putin and Bush)

EPQ - Alice Smith School

Best Vladimir Putin Style EVER! Coolest moments of 2019 Extraordinary Putin's walk #PutinStyle

How the most Powerful man on Earth walks. (Putin)

Gunmanss Gait.

Putin | Putin's Power Walk | International Agenda

This is a compilation of video clippings of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Russian & World Leader. President Putin's Power Walk, Style, Alpha Walk, Presidential inauguration and
Honoring the Fallen.

International Agenda is a Channel dedicated to International Affairs and World Leaders.

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Vladimir Putin - New Style 2019

Vladimir Putin - New Style

Russian military
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How To Walk Like a Man

Follow these easy steps and you'll be walking like a real human man in no time!


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Putin Walk


Alpha Male Body Language | Alpha Male Psychology

#alphamalebodylanguage #bodylanguage #alphamale

In this video, we are going to look at the Top 9 Alpha Male Body Language.

The way you communicate with other people has a tremendous impact on the level of your success. You’re always communicating your thoughts, perceptions, and ideas to other people—whether you realize it or not.

The alpha male is extremely aware that he communicates to the world chiefly through his body language, facial expressions, eye movements, and voice quality—studies have shown up to 93 percent—not the words he uses.

Your words alone will never make you an effective communicator or leader. If you have great ideas and opinions—but just can’t get other people to go along with them—you may be neutralizing your powerful words with body language that lacks confidence.

Now is the time to take control of the way you present yourself to the world.

#1: Alpha males are big. And if they are not, they make themselves look big. In animal kingdom too, alpha males were generally the big ones because they need to protect their group. And bigger sized males are perceived to be stronger than others.

#2: Alpha males have a firm handshake. It tells a lot about your confidence and self-esteem.

#3: An Alpha male will take up as much space that he needs. While sitting, he will lean back a little and is not afraid to expose his torso.

#4: Alpha males have strong eye contact. Eye contact is a major part of Alpha Male Body Language. Even if he is talking about some dull topic, he will hold everyone's attention by making eye contact.

#5: Alpha Males are not robots. They do not walk just with their legs, they use their arms and torso too.

#6: Alpha males use hand gestures while talking to emphasize what they are saying.

#7: Alpha male posture while standing: Upright, shoulder back, chin up, and chest out.

#8: Alpha males do not cross their arms, as it is a sign of weakness.

#9: Alpha males lean back while talking to others. others have to lean in to grab their attention.


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